Warning about Hope City C3 church (UK)
Posted by: Tkalc ()
Date: January 07, 2019 03:08AM

Hey everybody, just writing a warning about Hope City C3 church in the United Kingdom.

The church has it's headquarters in Sheffield but also has locations in Leeds, Liverpool, Newcastle, Sunderland, Birmingham, York, London and some international locations. See wikipedia page...

I attended for 3 years and also worked for their charity. The church is run by Narcissistic leader, Dave Gilpin and it is my belief that this church is a cult.

Their charity was investigated by Channel four news earlier last year...

However, from speaking to many ex-members the report did not even begin to scratch the surface.

It is my opinion this church practices mind control in order to manipulate people to give far too much money whilst all the time the leaders are lining their pockets. The Senior pastor is on £100,000 a year and also charges his own church for services provided by his own business (See online financial reports) and also gets money from 'love offerings,' speaking at other churches. Whilst I was there I lived on hardly any money and could barely afford food and the pastor was driving around in a BMW with personalized registration plates. People were getting given jobs without interview in their charity and were not properly qualified for them.

I have heard reports of...
-People being physically threatened to keep their mouth shut about where money is being spent.
-Them using counselors to counsel victims of human trafficking who have absolutely no qualifications in counselling
-The leadership breaking up relationships as they see fit
-People having to ask permission from leadership so they can enter relationships.
-People being told they need to learn to submit to the leadership over their romantic life
-People being told that if they are in 'out of control debt' they still need to come through on their pledges of financial support to the church.
-Staff members stealing money from the charity that should be used for trafficking victims
-People cutting out family from their life by order of the leadership
-The church using government money for themselves instead of using it to pay to support trafficking victims
-People being coerced to share their private trauma on stage against their will.
-People being told that women must submit to men.

The pastors live a life of celebrity and the congregation worship them. It is very very unsettling, the pastors can do no wrong and you can't challenge them.
None of the people who were my friends when I attended will meet with me and all have stonewalled be for speaking out. They push and push people to give until they havent got anything left and will take everything from anybody without guilt it seems. They try and take over your life. it's scary. Please avoid.

If you have concerns about this 'church' or it's charity, please report them to the charity commission. A number of people already have and the more people complain, the more likely something will be done about them.

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Re: Warning about Hope City C3 church (UK)
Posted by: JOHN3V16 ()
Date: February 23, 2020 09:44PM

Hi there thank you for your writing on this... I used to go and be apart of portsmouth Family Church ( Andy elmes) I survived the rubbish this man pushes on everyone.. Im really pleased to read this today... God bless you... I feel more of us need to highlight this problem and dave gilpin and others are connected to Portsmouth... I found being apart of the team, I was threatened as well, and seen so much I could write a book on these things.. Thank you again... All I see with these churches is money money money... And this has nothing to do with our Jesus Christ..
If you no of any where or anyone that I can contact or connect to as I feel this needs to be exposed and as the truth will set us free.. From john

Re: Warning about Hope City C3 church (UK)
Posted by: Tkalc ()
Date: February 24, 2020 05:24PM

Hi John,

My number is...


If you want to chat. (it's my business number so I don't mind giving it out as it's in the public domain anyway)

I'd be very very interested to share stories. I can link you up with some other people who have encountered these people too.


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