Wayman Mitchell Influences My Former Church
Posted by: Free Agent ()
Date: September 13, 2006 10:12AM

Really there is no need to write anybody. God Will and IS exposing these families and thier motives, The fellowship and its leaders.

One way or another The wolves are being stripped of thier sheep's clothing...for example...

One of the Wolves that first claimed to back John in the beginning... But figured once a wolf Always a wolf...saw a backslider that has been away from the church awile, And the first thing out of her mouth was "Did you here about Pastor John?" Not "how have you been?" or some encouragment..youknow...THINGS THAT BACKSLIDERS NEED! And all she did was push away this backslider from the LightHouse(PraiseGOD!!!!) and the backslider is now furious at The Lighthouse, No longer backsliden, AND SERVING GOD TODAY!!!

There are many others like this. The lightHouse is showing who they are....

Wayman Mitchell Influences My Former Church
Posted by: A Truth Seeker ()
Date: September 14, 2006 02:34AM

Free Agent,

I glad to hear about the spiritual restoration of this former Lighthouse member. It is always good to hear when one comes back to the Lord.

I respect your decision about not writing Dr. Hayford about Rob Scribner's shameful behavior. And yes, ultimately it is in God's hands.

However, I will continue what I believe is God's will to put pressure on Foursquare to deal with Scribner, and promote my letter writing campaign.

Keep up the good work.

Truth Seeker

Wayman Mitchell Influences My Former Church
Posted by: A Truth Seeker ()
Date: September 14, 2006 02:58AM

I have found more people to write in Foursquare who are overseers of Rob Scribner and the Lighthouse church. Special thanks to "Jane Doe" for her help.

Jack Hamilton, paaland@kingsseminary.edu - Phone: 818-779-8115
Fax: 818-779-8511. I am told this is Scribner's personal overseer and has heard a lot of the horror stories.

Rickey Trimble - pacificare@foursquare.org - Phone: 818-957-4000
Fax: 818-957-0896 - Another Foursquare overseer of Scribner.

Wayman Mitchell Influences My Former Church
Posted by: Frank Sumatra ()
Date: September 14, 2006 07:28AM

Truth Seeker,

I just joined after months of observation here in regards to CFM. I applaud you for exposing them as you do.

I agree Foursquare needs to do something about Rob Scribner. Either he and his Lighthouse church are Foursquare or he is part of Wayman Mitchell's CFM churches. I do not see how he and that church can possibly be BOTH! Yet, he and the church are both listed on Foursquare's database of churches and pastors and at the same time they are listed on CFM's webpage which lists all churches and pastors in Mitchell's camp.

Over two decades have passed since Mitchell was ordered by Foursquare to shape up or ship out and he chose the latter taking several Foursquare churches and their pastors with him as nulceus that made up his core organization.

I know for certain that Foursquare leaders who were in place at the time he was coming up in ministry in their ranks and those who were his superiors at the time he departed rue the day they allowed him to do the things he did. Jack W Hayford is surely aware of all of these things and is no stranger to Mitchell or his antics, tactics and ministry distinctives which have long set him apart from Foursquare.

Anyone and everyone who has an interest in Foursquare should contact Hayford as well as Scribner's Regional Supervisor Rickey Trimble at the Regional Offices at the Pacific Administrative Resource Center [www.foursquare.org] and his District Supervisor Jack Hamilton at the District Offices of LA North Coast District [www.foursquare.org] and let them know exactly how important it is that this situation is rectified. I personally know how some of these Supervisors from Regional and District can let a matter lay around on their desk, so it's my advice from past experience I have had to carbon copy any and all contacts with them so that all three of them get the same email or snail mail that is sent.

For Foursquare not to address this matter is certainly telling considering the history they have with Mitchell. He's been a black eye on their denomination in more ways than one, and for more than just the last 25 years. They should have dealt with him at least a decade before they finally did in the 80's when he pulled out and started his CFM org. For Foursquare to continue to allow him to influence their churches and pastors is incomprehensible!

I know Foursquare has no problem pulling a pastors papers when wrong doing has been proven or when Foursquare by-laws aren't followed to the letter. Why are they allowing this? Why did they allow Mitchell to be a pain in the neck for so long before they finally put some teeth in their by-laws? They should have jumped on him like Grant took Vicksburg as soon as he started acting up.

Wayman Mitchell Influences My Former Church
Posted by: Free Agent ()
Date: September 15, 2006 06:52AM


Just heard they are having a Bar-B-Que "In Honer" of John's wife who passed away a year ago.

These are a demented people.

Good way to rub it in....Lets have a Barbie Q in Honer of the Deceased wife of the pastor we ran outta here!

Good one Out-House!

Wayman Mitchell Influences My Former Church
Posted by: d0ub7ful0n3 ()
Date: September 15, 2006 12:46PM

Being away from the LH church has opened my eyes to many things, and while I don’t want this to turn into a Scribner bashing session (there is no room in my life for bitterness) let’s face it: The reason the Foursquare denomination has not pulled Rob from his throne is that he is a master manipulator - He tells people exactly what they need to hear to be alright with a given circumstance. Not only does he have the foursquare overseers so duped that they can dismiss any grievance brought to them against him, the denomination picked up the multi-million dollar tab of the Yale Street church.

Truth Seeker: Create a comprehensive petition to have him pulled and I will be the first person to throw his John Hancock on the X.

In Him,

Wayman Mitchell Influences My Former Church
Posted by: rrmoderator ()
Date: September 15, 2006 07:45PM

Please avoid name calling when discussing the group.

Wayman Mitchell Influences My Former Church
Posted by: A Truth Seeker ()
Date: September 16, 2006 01:57AM


Thank you for making even more clearer the picture of Foursquare's history with Mitchell and Scribner. This information is hard to come by from the average Lighthouse church member. I have been reading the Yahoo Group, Esacpe From the Fellowship and there are lots of messages about Mitchell and Foursquare there. I am getting quite an education there.

You bring up a good point about by-laws that I had never thought of before. I would like to get my hands on those and see if any of those have been breached.

Do you have an email address for Dr. Hayford that you could post? I think we need to reach him anyway possible about this tragedy.

Have a great weekend. TS

Wayman Mitchell Influences My Former Church
Posted by: A Truth Seeker ()
Date: September 16, 2006 02:01AM

Free Agent & Doubtful One,

Thanks for the update. A sad state of affairs to see this happen. What are people thinking? Oh yea, all their thinking has been done for them.

I will ponder the petition idea around and figure out the best way to do it.

Keep up the good work guys and help expose the darkness.

Have a good weekend. TS

Wayman Mitchell Influences My Former Church
Posted by: A Truth Seeker ()
Date: September 18, 2006 12:17PM

Here are a few web sites that discuss the Mitchell group that Lighthouse is aligned with.



Please read the visitor comments about the Mitchell group here at Rick Ross' site. After reading the comments, I felt even more convinced that this group is cultic.


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