Wayman Mitchell Influences My Former Church
Posted by: nitedork ()
Date: December 21, 2006 06:17AM

sorry - one more

i met with pastor rob today. we talked and we talked and we talked. sometimes we raised our voices, and we even had a few laughs.

we agreed on some things and disagreed on others. i apologized for remarks i made and asked his forgiveness. and i asked him to apologize on my behalf to anybody i have offended here.

do you have any idea how hard it was to confront him with the news that i was the guy posting up stuff about him? i did the right thing. i wish we had this talk years ago.

he was a gracious christian man. he took the high road and extended the olive branch in my direction.

i believe i did what the bible instructs me to do. your mileage may vary.

nitedork is dead
jesus is alive


Wayman Mitchell Influences My Former Church
Posted by: Frank Sumatra ()
Date: December 21, 2006 08:15AM

So let me get this straight... you owe Mr. Rob Scribner, a so-called Foursquare pastor an apology for your telling the truth on this message board about his involvement in a CULT and for his CULTIC behavior and activity in his dealings with the split in the congregation in the Lighthouse Church in Santa Monica, CA - a church that is still listed as a Foursquare Church on their website, (a denomination who also claims him as one of their pastors btw!) and a church which he has steered head-on into Wayman Mitchell's CFM CULT who also lays claim to that church and Scribner as one of his pastors?

I suppose now you will return to his church and sit under his so-called 'ministry' in a church that is under the influence of Wayman Mitchell.


Wayman Mitchell Influences My Former Church
Posted by: nitedork ()
Date: December 21, 2006 04:03PM

frank, i was going to bow out but let me clarify. i apologized for my unchristlike behaviour.

Wayman Mitchell Influences My Former Church
Posted by: Frank Sumatra ()
Date: December 22, 2006 07:53AM

I see. I feel for you. It's amazing to me the way these things get turned around where the abused falls so quickly into a guilt trip and then apologizes to their abuser. It's the Stockholm Syndrome all over again! Talk about enabling the abuser and making him feel entitled so then he can feel like he is doing his best for 'god' err Mitchell. Then again, there is no difference; they're the same.

Were there any apoligies from Mr. Scribner regarding his behavior during the past 5 years in regards to The Lighthouse Church? In particular I'd like to remind you of the letter of ultimatim that he sent the congregation in early July 2002? In case you have forgotten it's tone and contents here it is:


* * *

The Lighthouse Church

Our church has just been put through a very difficult and divisive time. The difficulty and division has been as a result of a few individuals who were in disagreement with and/or antagonistic to the vision of the church, its direction and its leadership. It became clear that the goal of these individuals was a complete disassociation with Christian Fellowship Ministries and/or the removal of Pastor Rob by the leadership of the Foursquare denomination. Public statements and criticisms were made by these individuals which, in many instances, did not reflect the truth or the motive, attitude or heart of the pastors.

It is our belief that these actions were wrong and were designed to divide with the ultimate purpose of taking the church in a different direction.

We believe that you were one of these individuals either by your statements or associations. * It is unclear as to whether or not you desire to continue to be a part of the Lighthouse Church. If you do, it is our position that you must recognize that your actions were wrong, that you repent of your wrons and that you can, with a pure heart, commit to the direction of The Lighthouse Church and submit to and support the pastoral leadership of Pastor Rob. Anything short of that would not be in keeping with sound biblical teaching.

This is not in the spirit of retaliation, but rather reconciliation, if that is possible.

If you are unable or unwilling to do what is set forth in this letter, then it is our position that you find another church where you will be able to fully support the pastor and direction of the church. We believe that this is the way that Jesus would have it and how He would conduct His church.

Unless you directly contact one of us to discuss your continuing association or membership at The Lighthouse within 3 days, we will understand that you either cannot or will not seek reconciliation and will no longer attend or have any association with The Lighthouse Church. In that case, we ask that you do not continue to speak against The Lighthouse or its' leadership as we believe that would be coming against a work of God. This would be of no benefit to anyone.

When Jesus prayed for His disciples, He prayed that they be one as He and The Father are one. Unless that unity is at the center of the church, we go against the Gospel and His will.

We stand firm on the essential of unity and hope that you can understand its' necessity and importance.

In His Grace,

Pastor Rob (Scribner) Pastor Harrison (Sommer)

* You are receiving this letter because you were at the meeting on June 3rd or if you did adopt the spirit of those that are spoken of in this letter then you too should acknowledge that it was wrong, repent and decide if you are going to stay at the Lighthouse in agreement with its current direction and Pastor Rob.

* * *

As a Christian I for one am highly offended at the tone of this letter and find it very Un-Christlike! I would never consider this person able or fit to be a pastor! The intention and the agenda behind this letter are both a clear reflection in the putrified waters of the Wayman Mitchell CFM Cult cesspool that he represents. I wouldn't consider him as a qualified person fit to sweep up the cigarette butts in the church parking lot or swab the stool or urinal in the mens room, much less pastor the church.

This my dear friends is how the cults proliferate!

frank, i was going to bow out but let me clarify. i apologized for my unchristlike behaviour.

Wayman Mitchell Influences My Former Church
Posted by: A Truth Seeker ()
Date: December 22, 2006 11:28AM

Stopping by for just a quick "hello". I am on my way to catch a plane to see my family for the Christmas holidays.

Nitedork: Some times, some things need to be done in a face to face situation. Hopefully, some resolved and healing came out of your meeting. Have a great holiday. Thanks for stopping by.


Wayman Mitchell Influences My Former Church
Posted by: Free Agent ()
Date: December 30, 2006 01:55AM

Why apologize when all you where doing was telling the truth? Where you not? Like frank said I think that old Fellowship concious reared its head again in your mind and spooked you. Ive heard of the same thing from other poeple going to apologize to members of the LH, and either they ended up going back or got hurt again by the person they apologized too. I would understand if you were Lying about info you put on this board....Then ya its sin. But you were just telling the truth and exposing ths fellowship for what it is! Thanks to you and a couple of others, THousands of poeple with questions about CFM or LH got answers. Now you are apologizing? What are these poeple gonna think now? I STAND BY MY POST! THEY ARE ALL TRUE!!! If anything Iam sorry for, is poeple thinking John told me to write all this info...Because he didnt. Its not his character to lash back. But I for one cannot allow poeple to walk into a LH or CFM church blind folded.

But good for you Nitedork if thats what God put on your heart.

Wayman Mitchell Influences My Former Church
Posted by: pastorisnotgod ()
Date: February 12, 2007 01:45AM

I have been reading the messages for a while now. I just want to say it is true. Lighthouse Church is Foursquare in legal recognition only. It is CFM/Mitchellite church through and through. As such, it is spiritually abusive, controlling, manipulative, dishonest, aberrational and cultic. Need proof? Just look to see who comes to preach and what events they advertise. CFM is what it is. Claiming to be Foursquare is barely even a half-truth, showing once again their dishonesty and lying spirit. If you know what is good for you, stay away! If you are in that "church", then you can LEAVE! The pastor is not God. He does not hold your destiny in his hands. You won't be out from under your covering and the devil won't get you. Those are lies spawned by Mitchell and adopted by Scribner. Serve God, not a "pastor."

Wayman Mitchell Influences My Former Church
Posted by: Frank Sumatra ()
Date: February 13, 2007 06:23AM

Foursquare has enough bad history without leaving this situation with The Lighthouse Church in Santa Monica and Mr. Rob Scribner flapping in the breeze like a twisted flag. The very fact that Foursquare chooses to do absolutely nothing about this speaks VOLUMES in mega-decibel high definition quality sound. Foursquare nurtured Mitchell and enabled him to become what he did and they empowered him to do the things he has done and continues to do today. They chose to help a loose cannon in their denomination run amock and only when the matters of MONEY ie the god of mammon began to run over seven figures back in the early 80's THEN they finally decided, sadly much too little and way too late to do anything about it, that it was time for Wayman Mitchell and Foursquare to have a parting of the ways. There is bad blood between Foursquare and Mitchell and it isn't going to end by Foursquare looking the other way and turning the other cheek.

The way Mitchell has cursed Foursquare openly for over 25 years also speaks volumes for his so called ministry. His so called 'prophetic utterances' cursing Foursquare and predicting the denomination's demise which he has spoken over Foursquare ever since he first spoke this the last time he was in a Foursquare pulpit at their annual convention in 1983 when their parting of the ways occurred has not proven to be true, but instead has continued to brand Wayman O Mitchell as a FALSE PROPHET who should be ignored by all who claim to be part of Christendom! For Foursquare to continue to 'entertain' Mitchell is a sad commentary on them as a Christian denomination.

This should be cover issue news in every major Christian publication that Foursquare is taking the do nothing stance in regards to the so called dual citizenship of the Lighthouse Church, Rob Scribner and the flock at the church... what's left of it. Foursquare should be embarrassed publicly for allowing this to occur. I personally cannot believe Jack Hayford is allowing this! What's next, will some Foursquare pastor hook up with the LDS/Mormons and Foursquare will allow that pastor and that church to remain as a Foursquare LDS Mormon Church? Get real!

Wayman Mitchell Influences My Former Church
Posted by: Frank Sumatra ()
Date: May 02, 2007 02:29AM

So... what's going on with Foursquare's Wayman Mitchell ran Lighthouse church in Santa Monica? Or should I say Mitchell's Foursquare church in Santa Monica pastored by Rob Scribner, the man who is not only a Foursquare licensed minister but also listed on Mitchell's list of CFM pastors?

What a barrel of snakes this deal is! Foursquare needs to either grow a pair and demand Scribner to get in line and then take their church back or send them both packing and send Wayman Mitchell a bill for the property!

Wayman Mitchell Influences My Former Church
Posted by: les3370 ()
Date: May 09, 2007 02:29AM

Hi There,

I have a friend who attends the Lighthouse Church in Santa Monica. While I don't think he is completely "brainwashed", he may well be on his way. I haven't confronted him on anything, only because I'm sure he won't listen to me because I'm a "non-believer" (I'm Agnostic). Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to get him out of this church to become Agnostic, I would never do that. I know he is a Born-Again Christian, and I would never take something so important to him away. He spends a lot of time at this church and its related functions (revivals, outreaching, attending meetings, going to the Pastor's house, etc). I know he is easily manipulated and I think he most likely believes everything this pastor is preaching, which after reading several of the posts on this forum, worries me. I don't know if he's talked about me to his pastor or fellow brothers & sisters in the church and they have told him to stay away from me, but he is calling me less and less. Any suggestions on how I can talk to him about this would be greatly appreciated.

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