Why I left the church building for true peace
Date: June 30, 2018 10:26AM

I truly believe that all the things I went through . even the insanity and humiliation I endured as a cult survivor . it maybe was for a reason I am reminded in the book of Jude we are to try and have compassion for those innocent people that are being brain washed into a life of isolation and control . and I have noticed most will not reply on this forum . if I was to remain silent and not share what hell and spiritual bondage i have been through . then how can others come to find they could be walking blindly in a cult that may appear to be a place of spiritual guidance . just because its a church does not mean its a place that helps heal a soul . I hope that through my experience I can be a beacon of hope for those that refuse to step foot in a house of God . I have left the church system . I am now apart of what is called a ekklesia. We just read the Good book . no frills. No fog machines. Or healing tents . no hot dog teachers . and after 35 years I have been set free from the cult life and its lies . We all have been given a choice. Who or what religion to choose.and noone deserves to be spiritualy abused and controlled . its abuse. To anyone that has survived this type of abuse I wanted you to know youvhave a right to be mad. Feel embarrassed I was for a long time . your all in my daily prayers .shalom .. Peace

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