John Alley " a heavy shepherd that smells like a wolf
Date: June 21, 2018 10:44AM

OK this is just weird . since when does one man that stands on a pulpit to preach to others "I was given a certain Grace and annointing to take the churches offerings and tell the members that God told him to go to the new car dealer's and write a blank check for a Brand new pathfinder . and a Mitsubishi . and have the balls to say to the rest of peace church " don't do this unless you have been established in a certain grace? Seriously since when was greed and coveting written of the 10 commandments ? I Smell heavy shepherd that stinks like a wolf in this church. And the gull to tell his members he has the right to buy a new car for his ministry . why not make them believe they need to cough up 16 billion for a Lear jet too. Then those who have left this church are told they are not chosen of God and are disobedient? Makes you want to vomit how they get away with it then will pass their so called anointing to his so called anointed ones . this man is a charlatan. Scribe and absolute hippocrite . feeds his self all the fine things and starves his sheep due to his greed

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