why churches should be TAXED By the Government
Date: June 13, 2018 09:43AM

i used to attend a church , its not like it use to be when i was growing up
we just tossed a few coins in a small plate right

Not today .. they pass around huge buckets , kinda reminds me of the slop buckets i feed my hogs on our farm !

and what Greed .. I have been to churches that will keep the doors locked until you put a " love offering in" No kidding churches like Hill-song should be TAXED
if they was think of how much we could feed the poor or those that really needed help .. lets sell a few lear jets of that idiot Kenneth Dopeland i call him that has a stinking fleet ... did you hear that a Fleet of them ... heck we could stop starvation in Africa with those sold ... it makes me wanna vomit we have churches right in my town that claim to love others and its all about the MONEY
and god help you if you dont give then your considered a rebellious person

im sick of it ..

this is absolute abuse and why i left , no to mention those who want to play god and build their own kingdom

i would rather live in a tent and share my faith than
sit in this kind of Hippo crit churches that are still allowed to get
away with this nonsense

if they earned their keep like everyone else
and learned to be humble instead of greedy
the world would be a better place

unfortunately we have to stomach places like Hillsong
that should be called HELLS GATE

i have been ripped up by their so called love donation lies
and the new thing is
Oh give online give give in a new way ! touts Bobby Houston
as she is dressed in her jimmy choo shoes , and givenchy dresses
daring to call herself a disciple ...

sorry folks got away with this thread
i hate Prosperity puke pastors

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