HILL-SONG a story about the rich church and the poor beggar
Date: June 13, 2018 09:30AM

THIS is Not a Church i Repeat
And has been proven over and over time and time again
its all about passing the buckets around 3 and 4 times
its a prosperity Cult and this is what makes the Church look so bad
this Charlatan has tax free on his 3 billion dollar business

You might as well call it a polished up peoples Temple
for Jim Jones , all you need is another Jones town and W a La

Im suprised that most of the people that flock there don't see
the kaballah signs and shakra colors of Hinduism
that is embedded into it

so why not sign a multi million dollar contract with Justin Beiber
cause thats how you become so stinking , filthy , dirty , rotten rich

while there are homeless by the thousands living under a bridge ...

the old story

the once was a rich king that had everything a nice big church
lots of money , lear jet and even a famous idol to place in his house of worship

and at the same time there was a hungry , cold , and homeless starving
little boy that slept under the Sydney Bridge

The Good book says
the first shall be last
and the last shall be first

those who are rich and selfish with greed
will be last

Lets just say .. Those who support a place like this
must be Blind to see while they clap their hands
and speak from their lips

their hearts are really far far away from HIM
Scribes , Pharisees , and Hippocrates

they appear so beautiful on the out side
but n Truth they are FULL of DEAD MEN'S BONES

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