The church called " Peace " that is really a Cult ! in Rockhampton
Date: June 09, 2018 11:04AM

we have come to find out our neighbors are in a Cult
and the Leader is called " Father John "
the church is isolating its members from other friends and family
these are people we used to be very close to but when their pastor
told them that "Jesus came to his office and told them to tell the church members that they needed to " think about giving more cause god told them to
to get a bigger church, they are constantly run back and forth to this church in rockhampton and the strange thing is they dont even talk to us no more .

He ' father John Alley " claims to have full Apostolic authrority over them
making it ok for him to use the churches money for fancy cars , trips and even building his new home grrrr ! the worst is that they used to be very good and close friends , even went to our wedding and the best man was her husband

well now ( here we go this lunatic is saying he is the spiritual Father
and has to have sons under him
so now our neighbor is led to believe he is spiritual over others
cause " father John made it so )

i came out of this mess and its nothing more than a ellen white trip
revisited with the word of Faith movement and this prosperity garbage
that is shoved down your throat to make you believe the more you give the more you will be blessed ??

we have been through hell for 8 years with this
this so called "faith healing " and one time i went to get what i thought was
prayed for healing ... and the pastors wife screamed " TAKE it in the Name of Jesus " and shoved her hand on my head , i feel back ward and hurt my back !
and i sat there and just cried , she said i did not get healed cause i did not have enough faith ?

and this Peace Church is doing the same crap to our neighbors
and now the kids are told God told them to do things that have nothing to do with the bible ..
its absolutely insane

i feel very embarassed but i am writing cause this is happing at a alarming speed in Queensland !

eventually we left got tired of the abuse
and now just read our bibles at home
which is far more safer than some church named "Peace "

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