Re: Praise chapel...a cult?
Posted by: kingmankowboy ()
Date: July 08, 2014 11:42PM

So, Its been a while since I have been on here, and I see, the same old stuff is still going on with Praise Chapel, I am so greatful that I have nothing to do with this cult any longer, I see the cookie cutter process of making (so called pastors) is still in effect, Folk, these p c pastors that are responding on here are only parrots repeating the same old lies that started with mike nevelle, the nevelle dynasty is still alive and well,

So when these pc pastors talk, you have to remember, everything they say are lies, they are defending their earthly kingdoms and extravagant lifestyles they have become accustomed too,

As a side note, pc pastor jerome whymouth, anytime you want to have a debate with me here in front of God and everyone just let me know...since you seem to be the designated mouth piece for cult chapel, and remember the old pc joke, "you know where liars go?.....praise chapel"

Jeff Watkins
former pastor of praise chapel, West Sacramento California,

Re: Praise chapel...a cult?
Posted by: kingmankowboy ()
Date: July 08, 2014 11:57PM


You use words like offended, resent, you defend pc like it is the Kingdom of God itself, I resent and am offended, by:

1. you choose to defend the fellowship of the ring of neville
2. that you dont have enough intestinal fortitude to see things for what they really are
3. that your feelings and belief' are more important than the hurting folk on here who have been victims of this cult
4. that you use the title of pastor, when it is apparent you only care about yourself and not the sheep , you say Jesus has intrusted to you

Again, I lay down the gauntlet to any pc pastor who wants to debate the merits of cult chapel with me, and again I am not afraid of all of your blusterings, threatnings and attempted intimidations, I proudly, and rebellously sign my name, here so there is no misunderstandings who you bullies are dealing with,....

Jeff Watkins
Former Pastor Praise Chapel, West Sacramento California,

P.S.S. Nah, nah, nah, nah, lol,

Re: Praise chapel...a cult?
Posted by: kingmankowboy ()
Date: July 09, 2014 01:02AM


The Arizona church you are talking about is Praise Chapel Kingman, it was pioneered by Alan Cates who now pastors the pc bullhead city arizona church, He was outsted by his bible study leaders because of financial un-accountablilty, it was then taken over by a former ph pastor named howard pennington who was a leader and shaker in the ph cult, and some of the things you said about pc kingman were not true howard did until the day he died (a little over a year ago, in a motorcycle accident) ran that church just like a potters house with ph doctrines, to be honest , he did lighten up a bit, but his authortarian attitude remained in tact all the years he pastored pc kingman, and he remained friends with pastor larry huch who pastors a mega church in dallas texas, and has reportedly been reported as denying the deity of Christ the last couple of years, ( a house is known by the company it keeps) pc kingman is now pastored by john pool who has been my best friend for over 30 years, but john and I have agreed that our theologies are miles apart and that we agree to be friends while we disagree over doctrine. Praise Chapel is a cult, there is no scooting around that issue, after all if it quacks like a duck, walks like a duck and looks like a duck, It is in fact a duck,,,,,

Re: Praise chapel...a cult?
Posted by: kingmankowboy ()
Date: July 09, 2014 01:22AM

mocked and ridiculed, pc holds to ph doctrine about higher education, that it is not encoraged and to quote pc pastors, " takes away from serving God and being in the ministry"

Re: Praise chapel...a cult?
Posted by: CandyMan ()
Date: April 25, 2015 10:09AM

I came to Christ just before my sophmore year in high school. For the next three years I took a Bible to school with me everyday. Not for looks, I read it. Actually read thru the Old Testament once, and the New Testament 3 or 4 times. So I had a solid relationship with Christ and a strong foundation.

After high school I joined the Navy and was stationed at Pearl Harbor, HI. I arrived Saturday afternoon, and the next morning, within five minutes of each other, two members of Praise Chapel asked me to church. So it seemed GOD wanted me in Praise Chapel. And I would be there for nearly a decade.

I felt this is the place that I belonged my first time there. The people were diverse, they were excited about the things of GOD. They were not quite like any other churhc group I had seen before. I soon found opportunities to get involved with outreaches, street preaching, (of which I was a natural,) Bible studies with other believers, skits and dramas. I made friendships and relationships that would last the entire time I was a part fo Praise Chapel. And being the "Ilsand Church", through out the year people and preachers and evangelists would come over from the Mainland. I would say that my experience there was positive; though, it raises the question of why I am here.

The problems that I had were not necessarily with the leadership, but with people who attended there. I was a non-conformist, dissident, skeptic, and iconoclast. This did not go over well with some and there was almost immediate pressure brought to bear to "fit in". Failing that I was ostracized, isolated, insulted (not infrequently to my face and in front of others), kept from participating in various activities, or just flat out ignored . This while proclaiming how much they loved GOD and HIS people. Some of these people were rude, obnoxious, abrasive, insulting, ill-tempered, patronizing and insulting; all the while considering themselves, and being considered by some others, to be upstanding and godly Christians. Interestingly, some of those same people came upon some personally trying times and abandoned their faith. Meanwhile, I still stayed true.

One night, a large group of the men got together for an outreach and to do some witnessing and passing out tracts. Somehow, while getting the tracts ready and figuring out where we would be going and how to get there, what started out as just "kidding around" took an ugly turn into being personal and offensive insults and attacks about myself. I let the group know that it was getting really, really, really offensive and hurtful, which only fueled them further, and so it went for the rest of the night. When I pointed out the Biblical admonishon to stop offensive behaviour when it caused problems for fellow Christians, they just doubled down on the insults. When the next morning I wasn't sure if I wanted to be a part of that church, these same men told me that my being hurt and insulted was the problem, not how they treated me. A friend's wife at church got wind of what happened and laid into them for several minutes, and shamed them into giving a meaningless apology.

My last several years at Praise Chapel I was going through what was then, and probably still is, one of the single most trying times in my life. I spent the better part of a year, at one point, mired in depression, questioning why I went on. It was at that time the problems I was having with the church and the people came into sharper focus. Still, I was there to serve Jesus, not to satisfy them.

Eventually, I left the Island and returned to where I grew up. Being away from Praise Chapel helped me to see a little more clearly some of the things that had happened, and a root of bitterness sprung up. Soon I started attending the church that I had attended while in high school. And after awhile the same crap started to happen again. I did not meet up to someones expectations. A kid who just graduated high school and was in his first semester of Bible college kept trying to counsel me on how to act and what to say/not say. Some guy just knew GOD was bothered with something about me, because the guy was bothered by me, and he had the mind of GOD. And so he pulled me out of church services several times, or jumped on me every time I passsed him so he could tell me what little thing bothered him, and by extension GOD.

I had enough, and said screw it all, and walked away from GOD. And stayed away for almost 12 years. Eventually, Jesus got a hold of my heart again. I am now with another church fellowship. However, it has not been all easy going. I am still a non-conformist, dissident, skeptic, and iconoclast. There has been some pressure put on me to be more in line with others, but I've dealt with that.

So, as to the question of whether Praise Chapel is a cult. I may not be the one to ask. Some of my experience with them was good. Equal parts were bad. I sat under both Pastor Mike Stephens and Pastor Jack Neville, developing quite the relationship with both Pastor Jack and Clarice. I met and heard the preaching of many good pastors and preachers. I met the occasional preacher, evangelist or pastor that left me wondering. I found encouragement and opportunities and growth. I found disillusionment and despair at times. There were brothers and sisters whose memories and friendship I cherish. There were people who made things difficult for me. Interestingly, being in a totally other, older, more mainstream church ogranization-- I HAVE HAD SIMILAR EXPERIENCES!!

Pastor Jack Neville once said that you can take 10 people from anywhere in the world, put them in a bag, shake them up, pour them out, and they will still be poeple.

Over many years I have come to realize that unless an intentional effort is made to maintain orthodoxy, people can fall into cult like practices. And while they may engage in some otherwise cult like actions, or just fail to serve Christ the best way possible, does not mean they are a cult. So, find a differnt church, get fed and follow Jessus.

Re: Praise chapel...a cult?
Posted by: rubiejulz ()
Date: September 09, 2015 12:28AM

I knew a guy 30 something years ago from that church impregnated a 13 year old girl.

Re: Praise chapel...a cult?
Posted by: silentnomore ()
Date: September 19, 2015 01:03PM

It's been a long time since I've posted. I feel the need to once again say how dangerously false and deceiving praise chapel was and is. It's not a church its a cult and a business depensing false doctrine. They are also becoming more entrenched in the hebrew roots heresy. Which shouldn't be surprising considering they both teach that Salvation and Grace are conditional.

All you need to be in ministry is to be related to someone in leadership or just prove to them you are willing to give them a lot of your time and money. Morality is pushed aside. It can be a well known fact that people are fornicating, committing adultery, pastors living off the money from their church offerings, attempted murder, fist fighting on church property, covering up child abuse, divorcing a spouse if they want to leave the church and these are just the leaders and the pastors I'm talking about. I wish I was being sarcastic but these are well known facts and a lot of them are a matter of public record. This place is a haven for con artists and charlatans. It perpetuates insecurity in oneself and mental illness.

Run don't walk away from this place. If someone invites you do not go. As some who gave away over 20 yrs of their life to this place take heed.

Re: Praise chapel...a cult?
Posted by: silentnomore ()
Date: November 10, 2015 03:57PM

Once again without even trying more unfortunate information comes my way. I feel that this has to be said in more detail. I always knew that most of the leadership did not have any formal training or formal education. I had finally figured out that most of them had not truly studied the Bible for themselves and that any understanding of it was spoonfed to them by the nevilles and their inner circle. But what is even more disturbing to me is that these people are not in denial about it but rather glory in it. Their authority is their pastor more than the the Word of God.

Praise chapel has not only embraced the hebrew roots movement, messianic judaism,and the sacred name movement. But they have also promoting the Emergent church movement, contemplative prayer and the purpose driven church movement. Just check out their recommended reading list promoting authors such as leonard sweet, richard j foster and Mark Driscoll. Pc is literally touting every wind of false doctrine. On Sundays once a month at the Azusa st church where the Azusa st revival started. Which in my opinion is idolatry. They have multi denominational and we support israel on the flyer for the prayer meeting. All of these are red flags that pc is part of the one world church movement that will usher in the false prophet, the one world government and the antichrist. Maybe people should find out about the authors of the books their reading and what they stand for. Find out who they are listening to from the pulpit and their BibleSchools. I can tell you for a fact that these pastors aren't even aware of who and what they have invited in.

Re: Praise chapel...a cult?
Posted by: silentnomore ()
Date: November 15, 2015 10:29AM

I take it back I think they know exactly who they have let in and know exactly what they are doing. You know what's interesting? Words like globality, church multiplication, multiplicity, cell groups which are better known as sheepfold or bible study aka high demand small groups that control small groups of people in order to bring them to a collective mind to create a mega church fellowship. What I also get a kick out of is potters house roster of former pastors is now a current roster of praise chapel pastors. Their names are everywhere in pc fellowship. But nothing has changed not their doctrine, not their behavior not their doctrine. Praise chapel and potters house have very similar eternal flame logos for the fellowships. Pc and ph biggest fault is how they think they are smarter than anyone else. That no one can put the pieces together or they are so arrogant that they think no one is paying attention.

Re: Praise chapel...a cult?
Posted by: silentnomore ()
Date: February 16, 2016 01:07PM

Do you believe in coincidences? I don't believe in coincidences. Especially, when it comes to pc. When you have two different militant pc-ites contact you on the same day when you haven't spoken to either one in several years; it means something is brewing. Probably sounds paranoid but if you were part of this you'd understand.

By saying this I may no longer be anonymous but I'm at peace with it. I saw a couple of new Kingman cowboy posts and what he says is absolutely true. Mike Mastin has been very present in different pc's. He's wayman mitchell's ex son in law. Not to mention many other ph pastors making the pc rounds.

Nothing ever changes.

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