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Since when have I been banned and why? I have said nothing offensive, have offered information, have been accused, vilified etc and now you say I am banned. First I know of it.

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Excuse me.

My mistake.

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Dear Theimeites and Forum,

The sins, fallacy, fabrication, distortion, arrogance, megalomania, of the Father do not need to be “proved” though proof is proof. A is A. I spent this last year and a half listening to his son. I started attending Berachah on and off over 5 years, right when Bobby, his son, assumed the position. Whether for damage control, back pedaling, saving himself, or saving the organization… As a Believer, I hope humility and getting back to the Bible is what transpired. Because his style and what he focused on was very different than what the Theimeites and tapers were listening to, though his Father’s format he visibly fought, dropped at times and followed too. However, a son knows his father but Father? However, Theimites, Tapers, and “The Colonel’s” mark was such a strong undercurrent that I stopped going completely. Regardless of the group you immerse yourself in, and my intentions were also fellowship, their practices rub off on you even as you try to remain perched from a different view. What follows is lengthy and will not be in one post:

There is doctrine, politics, history, personality analysis, personal revelations, philosophy, Greek or Hebrew, and a bunch of everything for everyone who tunes into this forum. I am not a theologian. I read every book the Colonel wrote and listened to all his Basic Training tapes and others. I will go ahead and admit, some of my ways are more creative in making a point and I will not restrict and did not restrict my language to do so. The Pre-Theimeites I know were far different before they started tuning in daily for their lessons and making friends with people who were the Colonel’s friends or other Theimeites. I held my observations to myself as my concerns, this forum will see, became a daily duty. Either from a barrage of unprovoked attacks to infrequent visits because of attacks/observations, and basically, having to adopt another language. When I met “The Colonel’s” long time friends along with their other friends who were of course in the CIA, FBI, former Oil Tycoons at one of the outposts. The “outpost” I call the mini-me church I visited was nothing more than a recruitment center for military operations for the most part and my nickname for the friend’s of the Colonel’s there were “the gun runners.” They were easy to play and of course warmed up to me immediately. Scripture was never discussed just “The Colonel”. “One of your favorite painters is The Colonel’s…The Colonel….The Colonel….And everyone who attended was greeted by their military title. I simply told my Now Theimeite friends upon leaving the outpost, “They are really nice people.” “Yes they are! The best kind of people!” Knowing my friend a statement like that hung with me on my way back to my city and eventual move to Houston. It was not him…

Throughout the years I have been as critical of his followers as him. Who, possessing any semblance of decency or minimal Christian understanding would buy into swinging in essence “Perfect Man or Perfect Woman.” which occurred in the Congregation? Who, with any semblance of decency upon instruction of the Colonel or the higher echelon of “his flank” were willing participants in child abuse “The Special Paddle…Grab your ankles and the more you cry the more blows you will receive.”…? Some things you do not have to be told are wrong or right. Who in their victimization from the “Colonel” could execute such flagrant blasphemy and terror? Simultaneously ignore his lessons and or The Bible they were “always reading” regarding “Spiritual Gifts” and watch their Pastor drown, not exercising the gift of exhortation or even trying? It is crystal clear in Matthew what is to be done with a Pastor such as the Colonel. But we will get to that later. Someone with my experience knows what demagoguery is and the power of a Cult of Personality. It is assumed and fed. It was not Hitler who solely carried out the execution of the 6 million Jews. It was mostly hundreds of thousands of ordinary German citizens. Most of my critique however does revolve around the “Colonel” as he is according to the Bible held to a higher standard and, reaching out to his followers.

I started attending Berachah again a couple of years ago. I first went when Bobby III was in the book of Ester and I had to move. This is when I had the time to listen to all the tapes that were sent to me and read all the books by “The Colonel”. They had a virtual briefcase to hand-off too me. As a voracious reader I read all of them, some several times. I did not need to know as I knew what my they were part of but I had to assimilate, as I have done before and is my expertise, to attempt to unravel the Manchurian like brainwashing evident in the followers themselves. And, the material at first glance seemed impressive. As a blank slate just talking to the Themeites I could write a whole assessment on Cult Behavior and the character pre-deposition to this behavior. But, because this was 8 years in the making of these close friends, Themeites whose political views completely changed, their attitude toward others changed, and their Christian behavior became purely “academic “ I had to get with the program. Moreover, I was constantly being assaulted with a vengeful militaristic bent which was and is still the disturbing undercurrent of Berachah. A dangerous malady which has usurped Christ’s message for centuries… It was for my own protection and defense to put it as simple as possible and I cared.

I remember Bobby III explicitly stating this last year for the record as he knows…”It is better to come here than to listen to tapes or be a taper.” The whole notion of listening and continuing to listen to tapes made in the 60s, 70s, 80s, about the Bible seemed ridiculous to me anyhow as it was not in REALTIME or exercising the empirical notion which as a believes know, that the Bible is transcendent. “The tapers! “ I would eventually label zombies and cringe getting any mail from them. Upon several readings of “The Integrity of God” I warned and warned applying heavy pressure years prior, of this dangerous pseudoscience and its ramifications but a small Church with little influence why bother? Luckily, it did not take up to much time as a glaring red flag is a glaring red flag. But it was the few auto batons that was the pea under the Princess’s mattress. Seeing it many times as I am quite familiar with this Grendal before reading it… After reading it a third time and in discussion, I opened up my NASB to 1 John as I knew I could pin it on many historical trends and groups. But, the discussion of Gnosticism and “nosis”, “epinosis of doctrine”…ring a bell to any Theimeites? needing special teacher…”YOU CAN’T ADVANCE in spiritual maturity past your Pastor teacher!!!” and the Colonel made the statement on many occasions and regarding his “special role”, dualism (his pseudoscience) an Apostate heresy which lead to licentiousness was Berachah or Themeites…close to it.

Terms, explanations, dialogue, reasoning, and even funny banter to keep me laughing through the tears I have used to explain the divisiveness and alternate reality of Themeites and “The Colonel”.

My comments ran/run along the lines with “Truthtesty” at Berachah at a first glance. No brainer. My knowledge and practicing of The Bible for years. No Brainer at my first impressions. But, this re-reading of 1 John and the purpose of 1 John being written was the “Aha”. For Theimeites, turn to page 1829 in the NASB Study Bible and read under the heading Gnosticism, then onto Occasion and Purpose….THERE YOU ARE. Then, turn to page 1835 and read 1 John Ch. 2 vrs 25-29 Then, follow your finger to the footnotes regarding this passage “John is not ruling out human teachers. At the time, when he wrote however, Gnostic teachers were insisting that the teaching of the apostles was to be supplemented with the “higher knowledge” that they (the Gnostics) claimed to possess. John’s response was that what the readers were taught under the Spirit’s ministry through the apostles not only was adequate but was the only reliable truth. teaches you. The teaching ministry of the Holy Spirit (what is commonly called illumination) does not involve revelation of new truth or the explanation of all difficult passages of Scripture to our satisfaction. (that be arrogance) Rather, it is the development of the capacity to appreciate and appropriate God’s truth already revealed—making the Bible meaningful in thought and daily living. all things All things to know for salvation and for Christian living. Then turn to page 1835 Ch. 4 vrs 16-21, crack a smile, hug yourself, and be genuinely nice or dare I say good for a change.

“The Colonel” took it upon himself to write a hundred odd supplements of unsourced, passing no theological academic muster, to give the Holy Spirit a run?!.

Not only do I believe the methodology of breaking something down, much like breaking down a sunset, means it is no longer a sunset, caused tunnel vision in his followers, but created a greater need for him, to spoon feed them as infants in his WORD. As I became more knowledgeable in the Colonel’s invented nomenclature, using more Bible doctrine out loud, and attending Bible Class at Berachah thrice weekly, the attacks only became more vicious. He also set up an arbitrary hierarchy for “spiritual growth and maturity.” And, of course followers beaten by the rod enjoyed using the same rod. “Thank you Sir may I have another!” Sweet Jesus, what a tactical course in BS and I could see the attraction especially for rank and file types and or people who lack internal discernment, self-discipline, and migrate to Authoritarianism for rationalization, resolve, and a sense of a grander purpose.

I took with me some great stuff regarding his son’s analysis and teaching regarding Corinthians as I was writing about it simultaneously. It was like hearing my words read back to me as a close friend of the Colonel remarked, “When he starts to speak, it is like he is talking directly to you.” Indeed. After making a request to the Church Administrators after 5 years of trying to figure out whom they were, which was nothing short of trying to request something from the State Department or CIA under the “Freedom of Information Act”….What’s that? … I juggled the hoops and even planted the hoops which were not defined, a surprise for a PROTOCAL environment. And, of course, DENIED. Though Bobby back pedaled about alienation and isolation and what it can do to a person…hint hint. No real change. In the Body of Christ, the mouthpiece is often, just the mouthpiece unfortunately. When told you can ask Pastor Theime in person as he makes himself available after Bible class, knowing this for five years, I made an attempt and one of his “Grace Bouncers” cut me off, “He’s not available for questioning.” (I know why he did not want to talk to me.) It only pointed out his FEAR, the walls closing in. Then months later, I logged onto this forum again, having once over a year ago on one occasion. Sodoni was a surprise but not…I hate being right.

“Do not participate in the unfruitful deeds of darkness, but instead even expose them; for it is disgraceful even to speak of the things which are done by them in secret. But all things become visible when they are exposed by the light, for everything that becomes visible is light.” Ephesians Ch. 5 vrs 11-13

Here you go my friends: Most of this Aug – Dec 2008

“This place looks and is designed like the Pentagon.”

“You know....I don't know why there is so much hype regarding "negative volition towards doctrine" or "you must have positive volition"… As if anyone who actually reads it could have anything but positive thoughts. I think its negative volition to the ones harping on the negative volition they have, and constant self rebuke turned outward, a desperate convincing of positive volition they do not possess because they just don't read it or when they do, they don't feel positive. They are negatively positive everyone else is positively negative. I have used it in every situation and when I read it or am reminded, "Well I was just thinking that....." or, "Well, Thank God you already said that...." But that just happens to be what I read. I don't know what everyone else is reading or what their attitude is. Some approach it with the attitude of a defense attorney, looking for a loophole, so literal cut texts and not context serve their need. I have come up with a new list of Berachah Buzz Words. I am a bit of a streamliner by nature and not a shock jock either.

Metabolization of Doctrine - Read the Bible. Apply it. (An important part of “physical metabolization in the literal is the passing of waste, right down the potty. Consider it fully metabolized and flushed! If I hear Metabolization of Doctrine one more time rather than anything from the Bible.)

Positive Volition Towards Doctrine - Apply the positive message when you read it.

Negative Volition Towards Doctrine. - Possessing a negative attitude towards the positive message when you read it and not applying it.

Left Lobe, Right Lobe Metabolization of Doctrine - Actively read the Bible to maximize comprehension.

Logistical Grace - Saving Grace of Christ at Calvary. Saving Grace. Grace.

Application by Grace - Work. Applied Doctrine or Works that naturally flow from the belief in God’s Grace. (Get to work you Grace Freeloaders! You actually need to do what it says.)

Scar Tissue of the Soul - Hardening of Heart or resident space not filled with Holy Spirit or able to even allow (Like Pharaoh), Tin Man Syndrome, Hard to scrub hard water stains of the Soul, Jaded Soul, Bunion of the Soul, Calcification of the Soul, Dick Cheney of the Soul.

Faith Rest - Remember your Grace lessons in the Bible and use in trying situations. Remember though, you are not running the gauntlet of tests from God at all times. God is not a jerk. A lot of it is human's with negative volition giving you a hard time and they will get their butts kicked. Stuff happens.
I am still working on this......”

“Routine Daily Intake of Doctrine" and "Everything in moderation" do not line up. Do you go with the transmission or source? If you want zombie nation, you go with the former. If you want fruitcakes rather than decent fruit "known by the fruit they bare", you go with the former. And, if you do not care about the character of your Pastor, you have a major problem. The Branch Davidians did not care about the character of their Pastor either. A Pastor's character as the transmission or teacher of God's word definitely affects the transmission. His character is a window into the transmission.”

“You’re telling me!!! LOL! With all this time off I accidentally trip over the power cord, and watch what happens! Cheese and Rice!....Let me put a tape back in and plug the cord back in the wall....Hotel California by The Eagles is playing....Yikes! Let's try....Hmmmmmm… Cold Play? Ugh....Mozart? Ugh....The Clash???? Anyone?????? Come on help me out here!”

“I luv it! She really believed this crap..... No....Nope....Nah..... My faith in 2008 is not up for discussion with you guys and dolls, except within the Korean Military Hostage Handbook on Mind Control and Cult Jesus. "The word is alive and powerful, scar tissue of the soul, rebound so you can sin, faith rest, grace apparatus, positional grace, slave market to sin, faith rest, and then, artillery training, mile run, and back again for more spiritual testing.....then, divine dynasphere." That is nowhere in the Bible but does beat playing Halo 3 with the dorky neighbor.

Onward Through The Fog.

No one gives a hoot! It's a People sub-column "minor" sex scandal. And, do a Google to your heart's delight regarding rationalization...David. Yep. They all use that one. David from before The JC and thousand ions and years ago… What in heck does any of it have to do with Christianity in 2008? I have NO IDEA!!??? But, it's fun to run through it and point out the conflicts apparent in the Halloween Tracks disguised as Candy.

And the Preacher is a sharp dresser.

Just don't go to pieces like a group of trailer park junkies when they tearfully sob to the Press Corp that they had no idea "scar tissue of the soul" was a 9 year old Indonesian girl "The Colonel" threw meat at from behind the communion repository. Keep It Together. The Source Is Christ and you just took the tapes.

Okay? Good deal.

Read your Bibles for a change!” (Written Oct 12, 2008)

“I am afraid to disagree or even open my mouth for fear the “Grace Bouncers” will throw me out into the Men’s Club Stripper joint parking lot next door.”

“And yes, of course, those who lack any inkling of common decency or sense...Read it all the time, non-stop. Don't reflect or enumerate. Read it all the time. Nose down, face down, eyes on The Word. It keeps you tuned into what people got thousands of years ago, gift and all… “YOU just can't seem to get it can you with all your negative volition and scar tissue of the soul?!!!....So it keeps you tuned out or out of the hair of those who got it/get it. It's great Puff The Magic Dragon dust, sleeper dust, or fairy dust, in that application and regard. And if the Colonel blows his Pavlovian whistle, "Onward Christian Soldier", the sleeper is awakened.

Now that's not a positive thing is it? No....Not Biblical and I am sure that was not RB Theimes positive intentions. You think? Who knows? I am going weigh on the benefit of the doubt for a while…”

“I honestly do not know where you find the time to read Bible doctrine as you spend all your time talking about it..the phrase that is...It's like a little child when they first learn the word "no". Does it give you confidence to feel it roll out of your tongue or type it? It does not sustain though does it? Or else you wouldn't have to keep getting your fix and repeating it. Sustenance comes from actually reading it and practicing it. "Bible Doctrine" is just the label to identify. There is much more to it. But I understand the short lived confidence or fix you get by using the when a Jr. High kid insists on a "Nike" hoody.”

“My differences in Berachah or many Protestants is I do not hold faith and works mutually exclusive. They naturally flow by the virtue of their nature. The Hebrew word for it is Emunah. Belief in the Man God for salvation, and faith and application naturally flow. Works alone is moot because one must believe in Christ and it is only through his Grace we have salvation and sin atoned. Though we are to confess our sins for forgiveness. I also believe that the Torah is to be followed and observed. There are several scriptures in the New Testament that make this clear especially in Matthew and just because they are not repeated singularly by other Apostles as it was not their duty they are to be followed as Christ stated this several times. It is stated in many verses in New Testament. The Pentateuch is to be followed as Yeshua is talked about throughout Torah or Old Testament and therefore if you believe in Him, the Word In Flesh, then there is a conflict in not following and observing the Torah as his problems with Pharisees were them straying away from those practices, abusing them, and legalism. Jesus was God on earth for salvation signaling a new covenant and new age..the Ultimate Solve discussed from the beginning to the end of the Bible. I do disagree that the Torah and its immutability which Yeshua is discussed throughout, does not apply to Christians. I believe this is contradictory. I find there will be conflicts in anyone's study however Berachah attempts to cover all of Bible which is rare but I fear their trying to take the good from the bad is not enough. I am more pronounced in my application of Torah than most other Christians for sanctification and spiritual growth as well as New Testament. My focus Yeshua, Jesus Christ, God. One must not take that out of context as I am not legalistic as I am a Christian of New Covenant or Christ Church Age and not follower of Talmud but I observe the Torah for sanctification and training in righteousness as all scripture is God breath. I don't toss it all out like some Protestants or Catholics who believe that it does not apply to them. That is one little reason why I attend Berachah presently. Okay. Enough spiritual talk. I think that is where conflicts arise when there is not one. Presently, I like the walk through Corinthians but my fears do not subside...


“The Colonel did get one thing right which totally refutes his "science" up to this point. At our birth God breathes life into us. God does not have bad breath. And along we go remarkable, unremarkable, tempted, fail, succeed, and believe. And Christ has us in the palm of his hand the whole time. We are not here because of Lucifer.

Our imperfection and proclivities to sin are what they are. When one, genetically back tracks linearly, breaking things down, and puts them back together, what they arrive at, is not what is was, as that is impossible, from the mind of one like the Colonel's, and any imperfect mind.

I feel sorry for his son having to read what the Colonel wrote about him, "An unremarkable infant".

With the Mind of Christ, Hobbsian pessimism is impossible. As Christ saved us from these dark, evil, dalliances in ourselves. Jesus Christ, the ultimate Optimist. Poor Colonel, he owed his entire life to the snake, Lucifer perched in the tree. Then, in his back tracking he left the heart, spirit, joy, celebration, and optimism of the Divine out of our very Creation. Poor, poor, Tin Man. Such a Dark conception and Such a Dark Lord he chose. His thesis: Humans were a mistake and allegiance is to their Sin Nature. Their father, Satan. That is where back tracking linear; piece by taking piece of whole context of scripture leads one. When you break down a pen. It is no longer a pen. His instructors not only have doctrine which refutes his thesis in details but the Infinite Perfection of God would never make a mistake. And in his arrogance going against Bible doctrine he sought to impress his quest for understanding, which is a nightmare. (The Bible is a double edge sword.) That concept is also a rationalization for literalists of Genesis who unfortunately in their literal interpretation or misinterpretation give authority of their human existence to Lucifer. I am all too familiar with the Colonel's "science." It has so many holes to it. One major one being Sin Nature authored it. However, it after the fact loops around the necessity of Perfection as the connection to God. It is also in its human sin nature logical extreme the rationalization Hitler arrived at and (Dick Cheney). What humans fail to do time and again in their "reasoning minds" is to admit in their arrogance that they just do not know everything. I am very familiar with the "Colonel's Science" and it is all his interpretation which linearly from the ends to the means “makes sense” for his agenda. It is not Biblical doctrine. The Colonel I gather would not be a fan of "Intelligent Design" but more along the lines of a bumbling Lab Technician God who screws up and then must constantly engage in damage control. Basically, the philosophy of many scientists who spend too much time breaking things down and tend to miss the whole picture until it blows up in their face. Keep me in your prayers because at least the Colonel has everyone praying to the right Lord to forgive them from being born and giving allegiance to the wrong one. Poor Colonel. The road to hell is paved with good intentions. The road to hell is paved with hell intentions.


“His foundation is wrong as it starts with Perfection possessing negative volition towards Perfection and therefore negates his further appeals towards positive volition. Though, his analysis of parts of the Bible after this fallacy is good whether or not he, himself, is positive or negative. His character emulates the foundation, not the pith or message of Christ or analysis of some of the Bible. Many of his followers do the same. The result is many who do not embody the message or Mind of Christ. The running start provided, Negative Volition or Negative Incarnate as their origin.

The Colonel's flawed foundation furthers the mitigation of Perfect Grace, by making Perfect Grace dependent on Negative Volition, which negates Perfection as a constant without an end, or beginning and dependent on Imperfection. And, if human's purpose is within the context of winning the Angelic Conflict as Jesus as their Leader, then remaining in the Garden as two perfect individuals who fell from Grace by making a wrong choice, which is not consistent with perfection in and of itself, would mean no Angelic Conflict to win and no need for "dependent" Perfect Grace. Moreover, if humans were perfect in every way in the garden then there would be no need to test this perfection. Perfect in every way with free will never makes a choice other than perfection. And, if indeed, the Angelic Conflict is pre-human history then remaining in the garden was not the Plan of God. That is, unless, the Angelic Conflict was only born when perfect in every way made an imperfect choice, and therefore negates it as pre-history, and requires Perfect Grace and many followers to resolve it.

Do you see how many conflicts reside in the Colonel's linear thinking?”

“There are serious flaws to the Colonel's undertaking and it largely rests on the method he used. His attempt to balance the equation by starting with a linear conception, employing reductionism, back tracking linearly with the singular and reduced, then filling in the blanks to achieve a pre-determined solve. Only to further expose how his equation is not balanced nor sound by the theories he espouses. What appears to his followers is that he has faith reduced to a science. This man in all actuality has no concept of science. I would even say the very elementary basics he lacks. Then using different nomenclature to separate himself from other Pastor's, he presents something which appears unique although it merely is different verbiage. Though his whole cosmology is seriously flawed, if it is a method which is a catalyst for people to embody the solve, than this is positive. However, “a house built on sand” has many lasting problems.

Check your premise.”

“The "Colonel's Science" is very attractive to the sugar, spice, and everything nice, who love the bad boys through and through, snakes, snails, and puppy dog tails. It unfortunately leaves Christ out of the mix except to be the ultimate scapegoat and rationalization to keep up the bad work that feels so good.

Lies regarding the sexes and the complexity of both male and female under sovereign God.

Not to mention, all that discussion of Christ's life and that bit about growing up, "When I was a child I spoke as a child, I understood as a child, but when I became a man I put away childish things." 1 Corinthians 13:11

And that includes your first chemistry set, proclivity for bad, and enough sinning and leisure time to gum up the works with bogus science and Jr. High linear algebra.

Then, he trips himself up even further by stating anyone can be a believer even if they do not state it, and then draws line upon line regarding unbelievers and who they are. Then, he fills his diatribes with human viewpoint regarding politics of the time, and then makes claims that he is not political. Having the same effect as Bob Dylan had when he claimed he was not political to the Press after releasing his song, "War".

Then, he bites his own bullet regarding adultery as a Sin Unto Death so that the husband's of wives he may be interested in for himself, ...their husband's will keep to themselves so he can have free reign. And or have the congregation do a wife swap/husband swap swinging cult bonanza.

And then, what he failed to realize until too late is that the kernels of truth always usurp Colonels, Generals, Captains, and Majors. Jesus was a Carpenter's son and the battle is His.”

Bridget Jones takes on The Colonel’s pseudo science in “The Integrity of God.”

“And in essence, "Essentially", as the Bridget Jones of Theology, "Sin nature resides in the male, according to Colonel's text books, and is the Author of the Bible, following that logic. Therefore, I conclude that literalists keep the transmission within the conceptual framework they have constructed in their understanding and see if you do not reach the same conclusion!..Woops!?. Did that just out of my mouth!??....I mean the Bible in, well parts, are a good read...I mean, it's Great! Ester or is it Ruth? is rather dull but it kicks up a bit when you get to Matthew-John. Acts is boring and then by Corinthians things get interesting and then it ends on a terrifying note...Well, it's rather preachy from start to finish....What I mean is...It's good....It's... It's rather something isn't it?

Who I ask has a lot to gain regarding a book which recognizes him as the ruler of this world? Of course, he would be intimately involved, have a vested stake, in the lines and texts of imperfect sin nature man. Right? Even if he does not like his fate as he is always in denial of it. Right? Why was the snake in the garden to begin with? Because if he wasn't none of us would be here right? So of course a book which chronicles a world under his rule and people who exist thanks to his presence is going to be somewhat involved in it?

Again, that is why it is truly a double edge sword?

Anyways, I am not recognizing him for anything. "The devil made me do it." has yet to work for me.”

No Bridget!

No Seminary School for you! Big Fat F!

“Boys will be boys?”

Actually, Bridget, that is exactly right! It is in our very nature. You may have wandered off because you got bored or we don't know. But, you, can take no credit to rationalize you are quite as bad, though we joined you because....You don't know.......But we felt bad about you being cut out and off. That's our job.... So, your role is to keep your mouth shut and forgive, just like He did. And also, hold us accountable for all your screw ups.... Or, just wanting something cute and sweet like he whispered about.

"Bloody Terrific! You will always muck it up and have an excuse. And when I muck it up I can hold you accountable. How Tao! What happens if we minimalize the mucking up?”

Well, it is written that when there is peace and goodness, He will return. So, as you can see, We are having too much fun and a Holy Terror to let that happen.

"Well, Sod You! He's the only character in this bloody boring machismo dribble I love."

No Bridget!”

“I’m sorry. Let me simplify. How would you have the electricity necessary to flip on that switch and read your Bible?

What chapter in the Bible covers genetic mutation or regeneration, RNA and DNA patterns which identify adverse cell division lending preventative measures or methods to prevent birth defects, electricity, and the effects on water in relation to gravity and soil erosion? None. Although in James he says “We come from water.”
That would be in your Science section under evolution and genetics, history of electricity, kinetic energy, physics, velocity, gravity, and carbon based organism life cycle.

Now, send me one more impotent stab at science from the Colonel and all the funding, based on genetics and evolution, to identify and prevent Alzheimer’s and/or make his exit more graceful, so help me god, along with the Colonel's version of science, I will squelch. I will make sure the money is better spent on publishing his scientific findings.

In other words....Before the Colonel got swept away in a role which is not his, and that is scientist, as he was a minister, what he did demonstrate with resounding efficiency is the sufficiency yet at times does change, of conventional wisdom and then went nuts.

Gravity, Expansion of the Universe, Evolution, Scientific Laws, and Scientific Inquiry, do not always seek to replace God nor offset God's glory. In actuality, they reveal if only a glimpse, of his Infinite Perfection/Plan and provide solutions for mankind, like plumbing for example. Understanding evolution helps to identify patterns in human adaptation, change, and development in a static yet always changing earth, in order to develop cures, and remediate what ills us. Evolution is not a rationalization that we come from monkeys. It simply is a study of a process and does not identify origin. Therefore, it neither lends support to the creation narrative nor discounts it. Expansion of the universe or other scientific empiricism is simply the facts revealed thus far. If one is to say that some scientific laws are the work of Satan, then one must truly examine what it would be like without gravity, widespread polio, and no plumbing. Basically, it would be a reality very similar to that of monkeys without fire or tools.

So, before you go trashing the necessary equipment God has given us to advance and adapt by saying conventional wisdom and scientific law is the works of Satan because they discount God and glorify the monkey.... What would be your reality without them? (You monkeys.)”

” Scientists, Researchers, and Doctors glorify God's wonderment, mystery, and exalt our purpose as not a mere shuffle down a mortal coil that is supposed to be ear marked by the Dark Ages, mediocrity, and needless suffering. We are supposed to make things better and given the tools to do so....

Ahh a Godly life...It is with someone of like-mindedness with a virtue love and care for inquiry and exploration....Maybe a Marine Biologist or Oceanographer or Geophysicist or Immunologist, with two very tan sandy haired kids with sun block lotion on their little noses, collecting sea shells, and watching the migration of sea turtles. Godly living. And Tudor style home, big gardens, and music lessons, along with tropical bungalow and beach combing when we feel like it. Godly wonderful life. No time for hell raisers and fools.

“What did your heart and mind tell you when you held your baby for the first time? He was spiritually dead and evil. A totally unremarkable lifeless reproduction of sin passed on? He certainly may turn out that way with that negative volition mind-set."

"It is one thing to not worship a child which the scriptures are very clear about. It is another to distort that which is....All the Colonel's attempts at "science" and literal interpretations of Genesis combined with his non-literal interpretations of Genesis, then back tracking and tying them together?! We all have Rosemary's baby I guess?”

“Professing themselves wise, they became fools.”

(First Brush and Completion with “The Colonel’s” Pseudoscience)

Leviticus Series - RB Theime Ministries - Tape Number 69 A-E

A - "The word is alive and powerful. Sharper than any sword. Go to the kitchen pantry and get pearing knife. Stab husband. Piercing to the bedroom. Put on a black lace demi. No. Asunder the leather spiked heels. There you go..."

B- "The word is alive and powerful. Sharper than any sword. I have the button I am going to press that will take care of everything!!! Bobby, bring me a glass of water NOW!!! You good for nothing....Spent 10 years in and out of college ....You should be a damn doctor by now!!!! At least you did spend some time in the Army. Made a man outta ya....Where's my water!!! Sharper than any sword. Piercing. Asunder.....I need my glasses!!! Betty, fetch me my glasses would you dear!? Yes, that is lovely. Good girl. Those Scientists, bleeding heart Libertines in their tie dyes and sandals keep talking about the universe expanding and what not. That is because they have an agenda to spread their Commi ideas and we are not going to allow this expansion in the universe. That is why this tape covers the solution and my version of The Law of Thermodynamics and Quantum Physics …. A LOT OF MILITARY STRENGTH AND FIRE POWER!!! Bring me my water!!!! Alright you bastards! We Shall Rule the Divine Dynasphere won't we my brethren??!!! See you in hell, you Idiots!!!!!"

Presses button.

Thank God he was just holding his garage door opener. (Thanks Bobby for that switch-a-roo. You will never hear me say Army Intelligence is an oxymoron again.)

C- “The word is alive and powerful. Sharper than any sword swallowing Commi Bastard who dared cut the cheese during this recording!!! Piercing....ASUNDER THE DAMN SINK BETH!!! Bobby!!! You little poot!!!! That's not funny!!! These Commis are nothing to laugh at!!!”

D- “The word is alive and powerful. Flip the switch Bobby! No! ON Bobby! ON! Flip that bastard up and give The Colonel some punch!!! What in the name of Peter, Paul, and Mary did you do to your hair, Beth?!! TURN OFF The Birds...Yard...That hippie Mary, Homo Paul and Homo Peter tape! TURN OFF the tape Bobby! TURN ON THE PRE-DOOMINIZER MACHINE! I like it piled high on your head but the skunk streaks??! Damn this Exodus for the sake of these hicks and varmints running around! It's rubbing off on you Betty! Sharper than any two tone Cadillac just wiped down by 15 beaners for hire across town. Piercing and Pre-Determined with Free Will yadda yadda. You see Bobby…God Pre-Determined in History Past that you would turn off that damn hippie cry baby music. If you keep listening to THAT, you will not get your Spiritual Gift until your 60 or something!!! Everything follows a timeline, straight up linear. AND FOLLOWS MY ORDERS!!! God thinks first, then acts. PERIOD!!! Only Perfection could follow an anthropomorphized view of Perfection and associate Pre or Free. Perfection could not act in the NOW as Perfection is dependent on a plan...You see...Pre-Determined. And yet you are free to screw up His plan and not turn that damn Season Turning, To Everything, Turn, Turn, Peace Commi non-Biblical crap off!!! Perfection had no beginning but dependent on a before, logistical, tactical plan!!! Aforethought always. No other type of essence in the mind of God. What do you think? That Perfection doesn't need to practice? Perfection and instantaneous???!!! God never does Free-Style or Who's Line Is It Anyways! Asunder what? Beth, you did not tell me you were going to change your hair!!! Go metabolize on some doctrine longer and change it back! Bobby! Flip it on! NOW! “

E- "Well now......What do we do with these Frankensteins Dad?"
"What? They are not Frankensteins! It's quite simple my boy. The word is alive and powerful, sharper than any sword, piercing and can change whenever it wants to like situational ethics! Objectivity is something we just underscore from time to time to bring in the nerds. They can recite, live it, love it, long for it, and have it in a manner of speaking. But the minute they get it or if you feel a little troubled by their independence in the Word of God, hit um with a number! Go with odd numbers like in decorating! Right Betty??!!! 3,5, and 7s. (I was told by Themeites that I could not discuss biblical doctrine until after three years at Berachah)

“And before I turn on another Leviticus Tape Number 69 RB Theime Ministries, let us reflect a moment on two trends in human viewpoint that conflict with Divine Viewpoint, which I have discussed at length for years.....You will recognize the phrases and I will not draw lobes of the brain or Madden style arrows on wide screen transparent projectors, which cover up the entire choir, all of whom are bound and gagged in the inner sanctum chambers getting electro shock therapy like the Colonel received for his schizophrenia. Pain addicts tend to share the wealth...

I believe in your reasoning ability and recall.

"No profit motive" and "No process controls" is a dangerous human trend. The Colonel has to give his publications away. Let me state that again. THE COLONEL HAS TO GIVE HIS PUBLICATIONS AWAY.

No reputable publishing company with a standard of ethics and diligent "process controls" would publish and market his swill and actually charge people for it. He has no "profit motive", attaching scriptural morays or pedaling the Word of God for profit to his books, which are NOT the Word of God. This falsely misleads many, creating a faux importance and selflessness, when the standard for books among the public is profit. Would you buy it? Would you purchase it to read? Would you read it if it was not free? He has no profit motive because it is tripe, not worthy to stand shoulder to shoulder with theologians of doctrine, hardly academic or appealing, and not worthy of the built in scrutiny of Capitalistic Competition. And, he is able to avoid the ethical morays and standards a publishing company whom employs process controls would subject his books to. His flank coverers and dupes pass out his books for free, attaching the moray of the Word of God to their actions and his words, by-passing all standards of scrutiny from authorities and pedaling, just free of charge. His profit is influence, attention, and self-serving glory. If profit was subjected to Capitalism, he would have had to instruct his congregation turn to the Hymn Chapter 11.

No profit motive and no process controls. Bad news. Truly two of the most dangerous trends, which follow the most dangerous in human nature, arrogance. Arrogance leads one in the direction that they are above scrutiny, in any form, from the public exchanging their hard earned dollar for a good product or by-passing a consensus of standards, which helps to insure a good product.

However, he does not slip past the least me.

He may be a few rungs up in his writings from Jehovah's Witnesses or Mormons or other Churches or Cults who pass out their publications "free of charge" and do not pay any taxes, nestled quite nicely ironically, under our Constitution, a document the Colonel has no love loss for. However, is the same operation.

If the books the Colonel writes which are not the Word of God are indeed profound works worthy of all his self-serving glory, put a price tag on them and see how many he sells. Let his books stand in the realm of all other authors and among the scrutiny of others. The Colonel scared of criticism? That is the last thing a good writer fears but a con artist does. Then, take the theoretical profits from the sale of books, assuming he sales any, giving Joel some competition if “his flank” is any good at marketing or executing, and use proceeds from the sale of his books to make necessary repairs and expansions to the Lady's Rooms for starters.

Completely halt the warehouses of printed free material that is taking up too much space, reserve that for those who attend the Church or actually send their children to the Prep Schools and only pass out the books to regions in the world or markets or bookstores that will pay for them. Charity can be good ole' fashion food drives and medicine for the indigent and poor of the world. They need to be healthy and self-employed, able to purchase the book and or books out of free will and not compulsion FIRST!

After all, I thought Berachians/Themeites and its leaders were not socialists. There was one leader who deplored "religion" like Berachians do and leaders teach, who passed out a book that spoke to the masses in terms of a utopian equality that is available to all, before he made sure they were fed, clothed, educated, sheltered, and independent. His name was Karl Marx and his book was called, "The Communist Manifesto."

“What have these Canaanite braying ass pirates done to me? Brainwash? Of course! Chicken Little!....Any time I want to gage something awe inspiring awful, the reception, rather than the transmission per say...All I have to do is tune into a perpetual poisoned Kool-Aide drunkard! Thanks guys! Will your Manchurian Method of Christ control or being controlled, flipping on the record that always plays backwards ever end???

Mother of a babbling Judas! The joint is built like the Pentagon, Pentagram? The Deacons move without feet as if on a moving walkway, slipping through rain drops, carrying red rounded bags drooping with money OR SKULLS?

Surfing Jesus disappears into a side door, through a maze of catacombs. Do I dare follow him in search of another Lady's room? Or, is there some secret door to the Bat Cave at the end of a hall that just keeps getting longer and longer, like in a horror flick? That is, until one figures out or receives the special bulletin on where the hidden lever is.....

If I flip the lever, and the door goes swish, will the sound of The Beach Boys hit me before Surfer Jesus spins around, hands folded, and says "You didn't really buy all this crap did you? You see, my dear underling, when the Hillbillies moved to Beverly Hills we decided to pack up, move and settle down with The Hillbillies. One may run out of water to filter and the overhead from growing pollution is tedious. But, one never runs out of "The Slave Market To Sin" especially, here. The business of America is business my sweet! Now, come, let us enjoy this Boogie Woogie. May I call you Gidget? How about a glass of Hawaiian Punch?"


(Christians in Politics, Law, Fascism/ Military Christmas Socials, Sin Unto Death and Other TBC…)
In Christ,


Re: R.B. Thieme Jr., Berachah Church Houston, Robert B. Thieme Jr.
Posted by: Truthtesty ()
Date: August 28, 2009 01:30AM

To sister:

What does Dr. Waite and the KJV only crowd, say the "Christian" is to do about bearing false witness, making false allegations , and lying to others?

Once you have made a false allegation a lie what does Dr. Wall say you are supposed to do as far as the Bible is concerned? Are you to be responsible to reality ? Or are you allowed to just continuouly to lie one lie after another without correcting the lie?
Does it matter who you hurt? Are you responsible to reality? Or are you only responsible to the "KJV only" crowd?


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Re: R.B. Thieme Jr., Berachah Church Houston, Robert B. Thieme Jr.
Posted by: sistersoap ()
Date: August 28, 2009 03:44AM

Welcome, thereporter,

I think I am going to nick name you BRAIN SALAD.


Re: R.B. Thieme Jr., Berachah Church Houston, Robert B. Thieme Jr.
Posted by: sistersoap ()
Date: August 28, 2009 04:01AM

Anyone can get Dr. Wall's dissertation FOR FREE. You did not obtain it at any cost and pass it on to us freely, as you said.

To sister: This is a lie. You know it is a lie. You had no idea what happened in reality. You just made the bluff up to fit your vitriolic embittered attack on me. You discredit yourself. If you had integrity you would apologize. And? You accuse me of vitriloic attacks? I have not had any problems with several members on this board ie: orange, kc, truthsetsufree and others.
I "test" "unknown" new members especially those who present false Thieme information.

Another thing if someone has personal information about their personal life they don't owe it to you. So you shouldn't try to bully them, exaggerate, or make up stories, because you want to hear more and/or to cover up your false accuusation.

I am not going to allow people to pass false Thieme information. Which? They have been trying to do since this thread began. I would rather have a forum of truth and integrity, even if? some of my testing runs a few people off. I doubt it runs people off at least in the "forever" sense.



I questioned your claim of bringing Wall's work to us all on the Internet. I did not understand how this could be true. Since you will not explain how you did this I don't owe you any thanks.

Furthermore, what I said in claiming you did not obtain it and supply it to rhe rest of us could have been better worded.

Perhaps I should have said I DON'T BELIEVE YOU DID THIS. Please explain.
I told no lies.

You need to explain this connection, but you won't and I really don't understand it for you gave me a reason in a private message that said you made certain suggestions to a certain author that he might make his work more widely available on the Internet by a certain method. That is the only connection I can see that you have made, and why you won't just say that in the forum is anyone's guess.

I am always willing to give credit where credit is due. Just because I did not unqestioningly accept your initial claim doesn't make me a liar.

The moderator has asked me to drop this topic and you should too. It beats me how the moderator considers what I have said as a PERSONAL ATTACK. That is something I would like to have explained to me. To question someone is not an attack.


Re: R.B. Thieme Jr., Berachah Church Houston, Robert B. Thieme Jr.
Posted by: thereporter ()
Date: August 28, 2009 10:10AM


Thank you for the sophomoric welcome, necessity of a nickname and all.

I doubt any attorney would say on the cross examination "To question someone is not an attack."


Re: R.B. Thieme Jr., Berachah Church Houston, Robert B. Thieme Jr.
Posted by: prebound ()
Date: August 28, 2009 10:47AM

Hey Truthtesty, I responded to your earlier message several days ago, but it didn't seem to go through. I was going to let things be, but since you've addressed me again I will give this another shot.

Regarding the incorrect info in the obituary, I think you are right; Pastor Thieme was not a Lt. Col. during the war. However, I have looked on some of the back page blurbs of his older books, and this information does not appear to be wrong (although it is slightly ambiguous) in regard to timetable of his military status:

"Nine months before Pearl Harbor, he transferred to the Army Air Corps. He was placed on reserve status in 1946 as a lieutenant colonel."

Since this is such a critical issue to you, I read through some of the Wall Diss. Dr. Wall, in his footnotes (page 13) indicates the incorrect info on Thieme's age at the time of his promotion originated with a 1973 Katie Tapping interview. Pastor Thieme apparently corrected this in a 1977 interview, in which he claimed to have been 28 at the time of the change in rank. If my math good, this would have occurred after his birthday--in March of 1946. So at the very least, I suppose you should admit that Pastor Thieme did not always lie about his history. Now, may I respectfully request that we be done with this issue? Or must we continue to shoot spit balls into the void? ;)

Since you ask proof of my pedigree (or lack thereof), here's a brief account of my Berachah experience. I warn you in advance---you should probably drink a cup of coffee before reading this---it's nothing earth shattering:

I am familiar with Pastor Thieme because my parents (primarily my Dad) had been "tapers" throughout my youth. I didn't become a believer until just before my college years. After graduation, in the very early 90's, my wife and I lived in McAllen, Tx. I happened upon what was then called an FX hookup group less than 2 miles from our home. I attended sporadically for several months. My spouse, a good Methodist girl, wasn't involved. At that time the Col. was teaching Moses and the Exodus generation. Something about his methodology was sticking in my craw, but it didn't become completely clear until he visited the Rio Grande Valley for his annual "face to face" Bible conference. Pastor Thieme had evidently picked up some sort of psychology/psychiatry book that he found impressive. The thrust of his teaching at that time was to impose the framework (including terms such as dissociation) that he found in this secular book INTO the Bible. I became convinced this was not only desperately wrong, but utterly silly. After that point my attendance at the study group dwindled, and I was mostly content to spend the rest of our time in the Valley attending a Sunday evening service with my wife's Methodist church. After we moved to Houston I visited Berachah once, in the late 90's, but for various reasons I just could not tolerate it. By the way, that evening I witnessed the "Colonel" publicly excoriate himself because he had recently made a MISTAKE---so I won't let anyone tell me Pastor Thieme didn't openly acknowledge his ongoing status as a mere mortal.

Many people who were formerly associated with RB Thieme's ministry are understandably full of bitterness about their past. Yet even Thieme always insisted the focus should be the message--not the man. In this case, I am convinced the man was wrong about a lot of his "breakthrough" doctrines. Unfortunately, many involved with Berachah got caught up in a cult of personality around their teacher. And that's never healthy, even when the doctrine taught is correct.

An example of a healthy Thieme influenced church (yes, such a thing can exist) is the West Houston Bible Church. One of the reasons Dr. Robert Dean is successful is that he is "his own" man, as it were. He doesn't use the invented vocabulary, which taken to the extreme, has a tendency to alienate the Berachah camp from the rest of the body of Christ. I do not know Dean's positions on all of these issues---but since 2005, I have not heard him teach the peculiar doctrines associated with Pastor Thieme, such as right pastor, right man/right woman, client nation to God, privacy of the priesthood, royal family honor code, etc. . .

Nevertheless, Dr. Dean also teaches many things with which I disagree.

The "non-clone" church, to which I referred in the earlier post is here:

Grace Bible Church of Willis, Texas

Our doctrinal statement is on the website. It is identical to that of the Berean Bible Society.

(now please don't accuse me of being British),


Re: R.B. Thieme Jr., Berachah Church Houston, Robert B. Thieme Jr.
Posted by: prebound ()
Date: August 28, 2009 11:43AM

sistersoap said to the reporter:


I think I am going to nick name you BRAIN SALAD.

Thank you, sister. After ploughing through three quarter of that post I definitely needed some comic relief.

I mean no offense to our latest participant, but I think possibly both camps (pro/con Thieme) might agree that this is a case of "post salvation epistemological rehabilitation" gone awry!


Re: R.B. Thieme Jr., Berachah Church Houston, Robert B. Thieme Jr.
Posted by: Truthtesty ()
Date: August 28, 2009 12:07PM

Anyone can get Dr. Wall's dissertation FOR FREE. You did not obtain it at any cost and pass it on to us freely, as you said.

To sister: This is a lie. You know it is a lie. You had no idea what happened in reality. You just made the bluff up to fit your vitriolic embittered attack on me. You discredit yourself. If you had integrity you would apologize. And? You accuse me of vitriloic attacks? I have not had any problems with several members on this board ie: orange, kc, truthsetsufree and others.
I "test" "unknown" new members especially those who present false Thieme information.

Another thing if someone has personal information about their personal life they don't owe it to you. So you shouldn't try to bully them, exaggerate, or make up stories, because you want to hear more and/or to cover up your false accuusation.

I am not going to allow people to pass false Thieme information. Which? They have been trying to do since this thread began. I would rather have a forum of truth and integrity, even if? some of my testing runs a few people off. I doubt it runs people off at least in the "forever" sense.



I questioned your claim of bringing Wall's work to us all on the Internet. I did not understand how this could be true. Since you will not explain how you did this I don't owe you any thanks.

Truthtesty: I wasn't looking for thanks for all these years. If I was I could have claimed credit years ago(at my old MSN site). But it was not about me, it was about getting the truth to everyone. I never mentioned what I did to orange, but ask orange if I have not particpated in gathering much other information. Ihaven't posted what all I have done. I was not looking for thanks but I didn't expect to get punched in the face for it either, at least not by an ex-thiemite. You did not just question you made an emphatic statement that I had not done something in which you were in no position to make a real judgement call. You had no facts. You just made it up that I did not do it.

Truthtesty: If I were to look for your thanks(I am not), how do I know you would not say that whatever explanation I gave you wasn't in complete enough detail and not meeting your full understanding therefore not worthy of thanks? Someone could go on for years and never get a thanks.

Sister: Furthermore, what I said in claiming you did not obtain it and supply it to rhe rest of us could have been better worded.

Perhaps I should have said I DON'T BELIEVE YOU DID THIS. Please explain.
I told no lies.

Truthtesty: Well sister you were on a roll until you said "I told no lies", I see your self reflection was working. I think what is going on here is for whatever reason you are so offensive about "blaming" or defensive about "being blamed". I'd find out what the "whatever the reason" part is. It seems to be in the way of your self-reflection, because you are still unwilling to admit you technically lied.

Sister: You need to explain this connection, but you won't and I really don't understand it for you gave me a reason in a private message that said you made certain suggestions to a certain author that he might make his work more widely available on the Internet by a certain method. That is the only connection I can see that you have made, and why you won't just say that in the forum is anyone's guess.

Truthtesty: Why? I don't understand why you have to know every detail.

Sister: I am always willing to give credit where credit is due. Just because I did not unqestioningly accept your initial claim doesn't make me a liar.

Truthtesty: Here you are just so defensive, it blocks your ability to self-reflect and communicate with others. You know better than to mention "unquestioningly" to me. And you know I expect to "be challenged, but with facts not fiction. And you make yourself a liar when you "create fiction" and then project that fiction onto someone else..

Sister: The moderator has asked me to drop this topic and you should too. It beats me how the moderator considers what I have said as a PERSONAL ATTACK. That is something I would like to have explained to me. To question someone is not an attack.

Truthtesty: sister most of the time you are a valuable addition to this forum, but you make attacks too, yet you only seem to "count" attacks made against you. The moderator has probably warned me as much as any other long time member of this forum. For you to say that I somehow am receiving special allowances from the moderator or that the moderator is on my payroll, are simply incorrect. I say it will not harm you to spend more time in self-reflection. Especially, before your are going to accuse some else of an attack.


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