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Posted by: rrmoderator ()
Date: May 20, 2015 10:44PM

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does anyone know anything about teleletsai church in new kensington pa
Posted by: lookingup ()
Date: March 18, 2017 09:29AM

I am new to the forum. I don't know if I am doing this correctly. A young friend of mine met someone from a church I had not heard of. They told her she cannot read the Bible on her own but need a teacher who knows greek and Hebrew, trying to persuade her to go to their church. They spoke very sarcastically when she tried to question some of the scriptures they used saying that most churches aren't teaching correctly. I looked up the church website and watched some videos. I found the teaching very different than any church I have been to. Unless I am truly in the dark, it seemed fine in parts, and then some remarks seemed downright ridiculous or heretical but the people in the pictures seem very nice. I drove to look at the building on a weekday. It looked like a compound and was gated. I have been reading the message board here. my question is this the same Rick Knapp of bible speaks and is his teaching the same? Why the name of the church and he is a spin off and on his own. I did not have a good feeling about it but maybe I don't know the Bible well enough.

Victory Outreach is a cult
Posted by: Mindblown4 ()
Date: September 22, 2018 06:20AM

I was part of Victory Outreach for over 15 years with my mom and 3 sisters. For a very lomg time I did not see anything wrong with the church. But slowly I began to realize who they were and what they stand for. Overall, they are a church who are money hungry. I know this because I was very close to the inner circle and also knew not only Sonny Arguinzoni Sr., but also knew rhe rest of his family and was best friends with his grand daughter. This church is more than jist money hungry, but they abuse the spiritual word to brain wash their followers to do what they want. At this point now, Victory Outreach is able to rent out the entire Los Angeles Convention Center (one of the largest convention centers in the United States) for an entire week once a year which cost about over 2.5 million dollars. Moreover, they continue to open new chur h and purchase more buildings like the ones on North Hollywood and in Montebello California and house new pastors in fully paid homes to relocate them.
Like i said before I had been part of this church for over 15 years, and tell me why not once have I seen these churches give to charity or to the homeless or the city? I know all the ins and outs of this church, even how they quickly after offering time during services they take the money upstairs to be counted, and it takes them hours to count the money most times. The is spread out to all the leaders and Pastors of this international church and to fill their pocketbooks and satisfy their needs. I knew Sonny very well because I was best friends with his grand daughter, I got to see that he owns a 3 story home in West Covina California, as well as a 2 story beach house in New Port beach, and other properties around the US. Furthermore, he owns a private plane aloong with a large assortment of vehicles. Next door to his home in West Covina is the pastor of my old church of Uptown Whittier where he is married to the daughter of Sonny. This "church" is nothing but greedy money hungry people who suck the money out of its own congregation to gain millions. I say this because I have seen it before my own eye of how they tell people if they dont pay their offering then they are "robbing" God of what is his. They speak of how "God will pay you 100% in full" if they give their money. Sometimes they even encourage their followers to not pay their bills because "God will take care of it". Its amazing the things I have seen and heard from this church.
In my own experience; i was not always into church, more like forced to go by my mother. But just 2 years ago, our family was having a crisis where my mother kicked me out for being gay, and my mom started up again a few months later doing drugs. When I asked for the churches help when kicked out, i was turned away and asked to quit school and work to go to a mens home. When we asked for the church to help my mother they did nothing. How messed up is it for people to have committed 15 years of their lives to what we thought was a church that would treat us like family, to turn their back. For a church to talk so highly about how family is important, and for them to shun me and my family away and for what and why?
After all i experienced, seen, heard, and went through; I can conclude that this church is nothing but a money hungry cult.

Re: Upgraded Message Board is now Responsive
Posted by: Ntccvictim ()
Date: August 03, 2019 09:35AM

Hello,,new here but i sure wish i would have been made aware sooner.

After 9 years of myself my 2 children (15 and 11) now im sorry to say that my wife,,my childrens mother was turned. It has only been 4 months since she left us, to soon to even be able to repeat the whole horrible story, she is already attending that church with her new and approved fiance,,and were not even divourced yet,,,more to follow just to much pain right now,,i so need to talk to someone who inderstands.
The attack on myself and children was as comete as could be everybody that matters has shunned us even my childrens grandparents who are members also

Bakersfield ca NTCC
Timithy rossie is the cult leader there,, me n him got some business to finish

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