Any information on John MacArthur
Posted by: profnachos ()
Date: September 21, 2006 12:18PM

Please don't start preaching here.

McArthur is a fundamentalist Christian and has been controversial.
According to his book. [i:d1661a0a4a]Twelve Ordinary Men[/i:d1661a0a4a]Jesus' not picking any of the Pharisees, Sadducees or scribes to be his apostles was a "condemntation of the Jewish establishment of his day."

Richard, no offense, but I completely fail to see your point. My apologies.

Rick said that MacArthur is a "fundamentalist Christian and has been controversial."

So in response you said, in one of his books, MacArthur speaks about how Jesus condemned the Jewish establishment.

So that makes MacArthur non-fundamentalist? I am completely missing where you are going with this. Thanks.

Any information on John MacArthur
Posted by: shakti ()
Date: September 22, 2006 02:21AM


So that makes MacArthur non-fundamentalist? I am completely missing where you are going with this. Thanks.

I think he was backing up that point, he just happened to post as a reply to the previous statement. Macarthur is a fundamentalist, though it was news to me that he pushed any weird "Jew" stuff. Not surprising, though, in the least.

Re: Any information on John MacArthur
Date: January 02, 2014 04:19PM

Hello, I was on another discussion about Mac Arthur but now that the site has changed I don't know if it is still around. I am interested in learning more about what goes on "behind the scenes" particularly in the Masters Seminary and also if anyone has left the churches as victims. I can see the dates here are pretty old (2006) so I will not write further. Just add that my dad's church has been taken over by Macarthurists and he and my mum were thrown out. I am puzzled at their lack of love and respect.
I have lived through it first hand.

Re: Any information on John MacArthur
Posted by: Apostle Dog ()
Date: October 08, 2015 01:20AM

John McArthur has a video on Youtube where he plainly says that Christians can take the mark of the beast without ill effects, which is totally opposite of what the bible says. I would imagine that idea comes from the predestination, no loss of salvation TULIP theology of the Calvinists. That video can be seen on Youtube, just type in "Youtube: John McArthur says Chistians can take mark of the beast."

It is very easy to find.

Re: Any information on John MacArthur
Posted by: kr2726 ()
Date: February 07, 2016 06:49AM

Please go to for a long thread on people who have gotten out of both GCC and the Master's Seminary. I am so very sorry about your mother and father, but actually, such behavior is quite typical of MacGroupies, or MacArthurites, and I too have lived through it first-hand.

You see, last Easter I took a wheelchair cab 45 miles to the church at which I was baptized in 1974 (I am a disabled woman in a powerchair). I hoped to see the widow of the pastor who founded the church, and who baptized me, but she wasn't there. Their new pastor is a GTY insider; the man organized the Strange Fire conference.

I shared with another parishioner my testimony, which includes (gasp!), a dream in which Jesus came to me after I came out of severe trauma in my teens, from a mother who worked the Ouija board when I was 11. I had no idea, but that parishioner evidently wanted to rack up points with their new pastor (JMac DESPISES dreams of Jesus--which he derisively scoffs as "mystical experiences").

All I knew was Travis Allen invited me to Easter dinner. I thanked him but said it wouldn't be feasible in my chair. He insisted, saying his children could carry me into the house. I was SO NAIVE. I really thought he was sincere, and I was touched by his kindness. His son took my chair back into the church and I transferred into his car. His kids and I were laughing, but as we left the parking lot, the unthinkable happened.

Travis turned around, and with a vicious look on his face, said, "And I don't want you talking about a 'mystical experience.'" I informed him I won't deny that Jesus came to me in that dream, so he turned the car around and kicked me out of his car. As I sat in his parking lot awaiting my cab, crying and shaking, I asked him why he even invited me to dinner. He hatefully said, "Because I wanted WITNESSES." Then he informed me I have no fear of God, and said we're all going to stand before God someday.

Whoa. As the man who authored the website said, "Rather than rejoice that God rescued you from the kingdom of witchcraft and darkness, Travis mocked your conversion experience and set you up as a bad example before his wife and children--and this is supposed to be a man of God." I too am struck by the lack of love--and Jesus commanded us to love one another. Former members of GCC say that shunning and shaming are common there, so Travis wouldn't have any idea he'd just sinned against me apparently.

But I want to tell the best part. On the way home in my cab, I opened my Bible--right to 1 Peter 4:14, "If you are insulted for the name of Christ, you are blessed, because the spirit of God and of glory rests on you." Halleluia! What a God we have, but I am praying for not only Travis but his new church as well, because they have just opened the door to Satan.

And yes, I know all about JMac denying the saving power and efficacy of Christ's blood, as well as him saying we can take the Mark and still be saved, and am deeply saddened by it. He had identified himself as a false teacher--and this is interesting. 5 months after the Strange Fire conference, he held his 2014 Shepherd's Conference, with 3,000 plus pastors in attendance. Are you ready for this? The lights went out mid-sermon, and Johnny Mac had to finish his sermon in the dark, via flashlight. Incredibly, God's message was lost on him. He said, "I'm still trying to process why this happened. I'll just leave it to the Lord."

Re: Any information on John MacArthur
Posted by: kr2726 ()
Date: February 07, 2016 07:29AM

In addition to saying Christians can take the Mark, JMac also has identical views as Mary Baker Eddy regarding the saving power (or lack therof, in his view), and the efficacy of, Jesus' blood. He says we're saved by the death of Christ period, and when the NT writers mention blood in connection with his death, it's a "metaphor, a synonym, a metanym" for death--despite Lev. 17:11, and numerous other Scriptures, he says this.

Re: Any information on John MacArthur
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Date: February 07, 2016 12:56PM

And don't forget John MacArthur built a museum to himself--featuring first editions of his books.

Re: Any information on John MacArthur
Date: February 07, 2016 11:03PM

I am hoping other people in Europe who have suffered and are suffering from Mac's policies and teachings Will come out in the open,take a stand and stop This from spreading.I have had my story published online and can only pray it Will be of use.I am but a drop in the océan.Kr2726 thanks for sharing.

Re: Any information on John MacArthur
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Date: June 04, 2016 07:49PM

John MacArthur certainly DOES add to Scripture. He encourages people to take the mark in the Tribulation ("How else are you going to function?" he asks), claiming you can repent later, which is certainly NOT what is said in Revelation 16.

Additionally, he profanes the blood of Christ, saying, "We don't want to get caught in the bizarre notion that there was any saving efficacy in the FLUID that ran from Jesus' body."

He believes IDENTICALLY with Mary Baker Eddy, founder of the Christian Science cult, concerning the blood of Jesus. And he claims when the Bible talks about the saving power of Jesus' blood, it's a metaphor, a metanym of His death, which is indeed adding to Scripture.

The NT writers used the Greek word, "Haima" (blood) when talking about the blood of Christ, not "Muth," which is the word for death. So yes, John MacArthur is a cult leader.

Re: Any information on John MacArthur
Date: October 14, 2016 04:21PM

You can read my experience in the thread titled;
Ex members of John MacArthur's church (search for it)

I could share so much more, but hoped to nail the main issues
experienced. It takes years to really get an inside look to
this church. That must be understood. Anyone just listening
to Mp3's and sermons will never get an "inside look"

If you just want to argue theological positions, then that is
one topic. If you want to explore relationships and the inner workings,
then look at that thread.

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