Large scale study on former members of the Exclusive Brethren
Posted by: JillMytton ()
Date: June 11, 2012 03:23PM

I have just joined this forum.
My name is Jill Mytton and I was born and raised in the Exclusive Brethren in the UK. My parents decided to leave back in 1960 and being still a teenager I simply left with them - I say 'simply' but it was anything but simple!

Since then I have had a number of careers ending up as a counselling psychology. I am currently running a large scale study of former members looking at a number of factors, seeking to understand why some have more problems than others, and trying to answer a lot of questions. The results will be presented at one of the ICSA conferences and through publication in academic journals.

As is usual, participation is confidential and anonymous. As an ex member myself I do understand the real importance of this when dealing with a litigious group and with a group that divides families.

I don't know if there are any former EB on this forum but I thought it worth asking. Also of course, some of you may know former members through your church or otherwise.

The website owner of [] has kindly set up a banner on the page (green and near the top!). Clicking on this banner takes you to a new page where the research is described and where there is a form that can be used to contact me. You can also use the email address if you prefer - research at (don't forget to remove the spaces and change the 'at' to the usual @ symbol)

Currently I have about 160 participants - I need 300 so your help will be much appreciated.

Many thanks
Jill Mytton

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Re: Large scale study on former members of the Exclusive Brethren
Posted by: Servant Victoria ()
Date: August 09, 2017 01:24AM

Hello, Jill. I just came across this post. A couple weeks ago, I posted about the Exclusive Brethren concerning the recent publication of a book on the cult and an interview with the author about her book "In the Days of Rain" about growing up in the Exclusive Brethren.

Here's my post, which contains a link to the article:

I would have posted on the same thread as yours, had I seen it. I would love to hear any update about your study and a link to any published results.


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