Re: Kirkby Christian Fellowship
Posted by: I can see ()
Date: August 30, 2020 01:00AM

ALongTimeAgo Wrote:
> “Debate me! Debate me!” I scream as I, my
> amusingly p0rnographic username, and my stale
> memes become tinier and tinier until we shrink to
> the size of the world’s smallest violin, to be
> seen only in an electron microscope. My voice is
> so high and small it can now only be heard by a
> specialist working dog trained to hear the shrill
> noise of trolls who were refused a debate.

Hello A longtime ago. That pretty much sums that up
These trolls have a few profiles on here that only pop up when genuine people come here for help and support and maybe a listening ear and not anger and a lot of abuse.
She oops!the person can call me whatever they want its water off a ducks back,I've had much worse and I won't retaliate and name call in return. This place as the name sort of implies is a place for people to speak freely and not a place to be got at by angry people they've had enough of that from people that emphatically deny who they ARE!
I dont hate!
This is converse between hurt people and people who have been there and it does get better. Thank you so much.May you have a love filled life.

Re: Kirkby Christian Fellowship
Posted by: Tkalc ()
Date: August 30, 2020 01:07AM

FillMeUpJesus! It's clear what your motives were and that you don't understand what's gone on here. I just stepped in to be a supportive voice for everybody else as I know people who attended this place and feel sense of duty to use my voice, knowledge and experience to help, especially as I was in a very similar cult in Liverpool too. If you're intimidated by my knowledge and experience that's your stuff, not mine.

However, even though I acknowledge I don't everything about cults, I will flex my qualifications to help people, always. There's nothing wrong with doing that if your motives are good and it can help.

I can't see there being any point in responding to your comments any more though.

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Re: Kirkby Christian Fellowship
Posted by: ALongTimeAgo ()
Date: August 30, 2020 02:37AM

Interestingly, I've often wondered on and off if the rumours KCF has changed for the better are true. I've certainly heard it from one person whose opinion I wouldn't automatically discount (although it's a little more complicated than that - when isn't it?)

But encountering our little troll on here, assuming they're a KCF member (which seems likely), has made it pretty clear to me at least that any change they've undergone is highly superficial.

Of course, even if they have changed, they've never apologised. But looking at these recent comments, it seems they're still the same old "church of no compromise," new signage about "one generation undivided" notwithstanding. (Also, that new sign is a kick in the teeth to all those families torn apart by KCF rhetoric.)

Re: Kirkby Christian Fellowship
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Date: September 02, 2020 01:02AM

rrmoderator Wrote:
> FillMeUpJesus!
> Does Kirby Christian Fellowship now have
> meaningful accountability and financial
> transparency?
> 1. An independently audited and published
> budget/financial statement, which discloses all
> monies spent on salaries, compensation and
> expenses that is distributed to all contributors?
> 2. Does the fellowship have a democratically
> elected board voted in by all the members, which
> serves fixed terms and must regularly stand for
> reelection?
> 3. Does such a democratically elected board
> determine the budget, control all the finances and
> can it fire and hire staff, including pastors,
> evangelists, etc.?
> Please answer these questions.

Ahem!we're waiting!

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Date: September 15, 2020 05:43AM

Hi all
I'm back again,such a busy life! I hope you're all well. I know you enjoy reading these posts,if the views ate anything to go by. I'm mainly talking to those I know are entertaining doubts about kcf but of course anyone is welcome to come on here and read the posts. Most will just go on with life at kcf and that's fine but for those of you who know things are a bit iffy....
I know of course about doubts at kcf because I've been in that position. You,as you'll know attend a church that has a unique and favoured place in God's heart. I, in my ignorance believed that too. But...... I had a gut feeling early on but went along or so it seemed with things. You are not stupid but you do need to step back and look at things you know deep down aren't quite righT. The prophecies and and such at kcf have been gloriously wrong. People on the outside including other churches are against you. In this age of the internet full of help and information what's the harm in checking for facts it's all out there. I haven't gone away I never have and never will. I don't mind if its said I'm deluded,a misanthrop,sheep stealer hypocrite, a ninny or a bounder! I can take being scorned. Its yOu that concerns me. Dont waste what time you've got left.
Much love.

Re: Kirkby Christian Fellowship
Posted by: FillMeUpJesus! ()
Date: September 17, 2020 03:07AM

I hope everyone is well too.

It's unfortunate that Dave started this thread in 2005 (15 years ago) as it contains a lot of misinformation and hateful opinions from former members who feel the need to publicly vent their frustrations for all to see.

There's no way it will be taken down as the drama that unfolds when anyone new comes on is like sweet nectar to the site owner.

I urge anyone new reading, make up your own mind.

Listen to all the good that has been done and listen to all the bad that has been done, and make up your own mind once you have enough evidence. And learn to differentiate between fact and opinion again for both good and bad claims.

Remember both sides can overemphasise.

Nothing and no-one is inherently good or evil.

Again, hope everyone is safe, well and more importantly enjoying your lives.

“The past can hurt. But the way I see it, you can either run from it or learn from it.” - Rafiki, Lion King 1994

Re: Kirkby Christian Fellowship
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Date: September 17, 2020 04:52AM

Re: Kirkby Christian Fellowship
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Date: September 17, 2020 04:53AM


Re: Kirkby Christian Fellowship
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Date: September 23, 2020 10:34PM

Hi everyone
I hope you enjoyed the link,I am aware you probably couldn't get to the video directly by clicking on the link that's why I gave you the title.
I'm also well aware that no matter what I put up or write on this public forum will motivate the majority of you. But there is always the minority that will quietly do their own research.
Please,think for yourself. Dont take anyones word for anything. If you're happy in what you're doing go for it! I wish you well. Examine everything! I'm glad of the positive feedback from my posts. Use YOUR OWN MINDS.

Re: Kirkby Christian Fellowship
Posted by: Mork ()
Date: September 24, 2020 02:51PM

Thanks for the video, and thanks for keeping on posting. I thought I was going mad for a long time after leaving KCF and questioned my own experiences, my own memories. Reading others' experiences has felt validating. Sad that its all happened, angry that there's never been any acknowledgement, but there is a comfort in knowing that there are others out there too.

One of the things that has baffled me over the years is that KCF always set itself out to be something special, something more than other churches. They have had chance after chance to prove that they are something special. Even this forum is a chance to prove that, but they have behaved like any other self preserving, self seeking, bunch of humans. If you haven't already read it I can recommend Terror Love and Brainwashing by Alexandra Stein. It explains some of the reasons we get involved and stay involved with groups like this. There's a really disturbing testimony from someone who was in a political cult, not faith based at all. They were told to choose between the cult or their own child and they chose the cult. Its a stark illustration that this isn't anything to do with faith, religion, or special purpose but control and manipulation.

Glad the forum is still here as a warning to others, whether they take it or not. Best wishes to all.

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