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Posted by: rosebud ()
Date: July 15, 2007 02:31AM

Who is god's Heart searcher?
I'm just curious who it is, that by god's decree, helps make the net and disapline those who break it. And who the hell are wheel leaders?
I thought churches read the bible and based teaching on that. I take it this is not scriptural? And what would the church of england make of obedience to visions?
And is there anymore where that came from?
Love Trina xxxx

Kirkby Christian Fellowship
Posted by: yetigoosemonster ()
Date: July 15, 2007 05:38AM

I see the old key words are used in this pseudo allegorical drivel from Cheryls dream life... OBEDIENCE and DISCIPLINE. The message of Jesus is simple, he died on the cross for our sins so that we might have life and be happy in that life. Oh how that simple message of the gospel has been distorted and twisted by by Cheryls bizarre dreams. Talk about off beam. Come on KCF wake up and smell the coffee. God does not make a simple message complicated so that we cant understand it. God word is light and life and easy to comprehend, it is about his unconditional love for us. Raising us up to stand on our own with him, sending us out in amazement to do greater things than he did on earth. It is not about being controlled by Cheryl. When are you people of KCF going to get back to the simple basics of the Gospel. And being led by the Holy Spirit as a unique child of God, getting out there and showing Gods UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, to a hurting needy world. Jesus did not intend for you to be controlled and held in spiritual bondage by a sociopathic pharisee. Only dare to break free and and experience spiritual growth that comes from walking with God as an individual. God madeyou to be you. You are unique and special everybody has a gift and a part to play. I challenge you to step out of the confines of this controlling teaching from Cheryl Doyles Fantasy World of dreams....

Kirkby Christian Fellowship
Posted by: dragonflyer ()
Date: July 15, 2007 08:05AM

Am sorry to laugh out loud kcf,but what a load of crap! Seriously ! you cant be going along with this rubbish can you?anyone outside of this cult can see straight through this.Are you sure J.K Rowling isnt doing these teachings,or are they off the back of a packet of fruity nut loops? Surely there is enough in the bible to be getting on with instead of these wacky teachings.Seems to me that doyley likes the old discipeling bit,ooh matron!

Kirkby Christian Fellowship
Posted by: rrmoderator ()
Date: July 15, 2007 08:30PM

Please don't engage in needless name calling.

Kirkby Christian Fellowship
Posted by: Crusader ()
Date: July 17, 2007 09:52PM

Hi I have only recently found this site. I too came under the abuse at KCF and can fully understand what all of you are talking about and how desperate and angry it makes you feel. My prayers are with you as I have found a great deal of healing for what happened to me. Unfortunately I cannot talk about them here as I have many family members who still attend KCF

With much love to you all xxx

Kirkby Christian Fellowship
Posted by: rosebud ()
Date: July 17, 2007 10:57PM

Hello crusader

Welcome to this forum. I know you can't talk much about what has happened to you. I had to wait to talk about it until family members of mine had left because if I tried to talk about it before they had left it would just cause arguments. People in there are so blind and deaf to what people who have left have to say, and that would just make me more angry. I am glad you have found healing, it took me best part of sixteen years to start healing and being able to talk openly about it on this forum has helped me a great deal in coming to terms with what happened. I would be a liar if I said I do not still get angry about things that have happened, but I believe it is righteous anger now rather than the bitter and resentfull anger I had carried around untill I could share and be heard.
Best wishes
Trina xx

Kirkby Christian Fellowship
Posted by: dragonflyer ()
Date: July 18, 2007 01:27AM

Hi crusader,thanks for your post,its understandable that you cant say much ,that doesnt matter you are very welcome here,stay tuned,regards dragon.

Kirkby Christian Fellowship
Posted by: onlyme ()
Date: July 18, 2007 04:29AM

Hi all, just some answers to what you asked Trina - please don't take my answers as my agreement with what is/was being taught - just how I understood things.

God's heart searcher is an angel from what I can remember. A messenger of god. From what I remember it was an angel that appeared to Elizabeth's husband Zacharias in the new testament to deliver judgement on him for not believing, so that shows angels have power to discipline. (Luke 1:19)

Wheels are one of the 'wineskins' of the fellowship. People who are 'partners', i.e. those who have made a commitment to the fellowship and to be partners of the vision are put into groups called wheels. This is based on Ezekiel's vision in the old testament of wheels that move god's throne (Ezekiel 1). They are for developing ministries and replace the typical ministries of pastor, teacher etc. So the wheel leaders are those who lead these groups. They used to meet about once a month - so a bit like house groups but less regular.

As for obedience to visions - Peter had the vision of the animals (Acts 10:9-15) and is told to 'rise.. kill and eat' animals which were against his beliefs to eat. But in being obedient to visions, that assumes, firstly the vision is from god and genuine, and secondly that the interpretation of the vision is right - god wasn't asking Peter to literally eat some 'unclean' animals.

I also read something recently that was very interesting (you may disagree!), and relates to things like the wedding dress... 'Religious symbols help believers to understand their faith... they unite the intellect and the emotions... they enable individuals to share certain commonly held beliefs... while also giving freedom to read private meaning into them. Religious symbols share these general characteristics, but are often even more intensely powerful, because they enshrine and express the highest values and relationships of life... If such symbols are attacked or desecrated, an intense reaction is felt by the faithful (haven't most of us experienced this?), which shows us how deeply symbols are embedded in the emotional life of believers. The power of symbols lies in this ability to unite fellow-belivers into a community. It provides a focal point of faith and action, while also making possible a degree of personal understanding which those outside may not share... Symbols serve as triggers of commitment in religions. The enshrine the teachings and express them in a tangible way. People can hardly live without symbols because they always need something to motivate life; it is as though abstract ideas (very abstract in some cases!) need to be set within a symbol before individuals can be impelled to act upon them.'

I know it's a bit long, but what it showed me is that all these symbols are very clever ways to get people hooked into something that may not necessarily make sense to people on the outside looking in.


Kirkby Christian Fellowship
Posted by: rosebud ()
Date: July 18, 2007 09:31PM

Hi onlyme

Thanks for the a's to my q's. It has been such a long time since I picked up a bible that i did not know wether this was all scriptural.

The last bit of your post was very interesting. It's also very true.

Again many thanks
Love Trina xxx

Kirkby Christian Fellowship
Date: July 19, 2007 12:42AM

The idea of symbols Cheryl is using is called "Restrictive Code". It is a secret way of talking that binds people together. Communties use it like in London there are words a cockney would use that someone in the North East wouldnt understand and vice versa. It gives people a sense of belonging to a group and makes others feel excluded. I dont believe Cheryls obssession with the old testament is anything to do with Christianity. Christianity is all about love and making people feel included... even stangers who visit KCF comment on how cold and ignorant people are when you go int a meeting...

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