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Posted by: Sue Huyton ()
Date: March 07, 2007 07:00PM

When did you get so wise. I am so proud to say I know you and call you brother. Blessed by God, Id say!

Kirkby Christian Fellowship
Posted by: brokenbycheryl ()
Date: March 07, 2007 09:52PM

I do agree with you firefly I think the woman displays classic signs and symptoms of being a sociopath. There is an iteresting article I have been reading where members of a cult infiltrated a nursing home, and were spiritually abusing the elderly. Notice how they always pick on the most vulnerable...
have a look at this link........


Kirkby Christian Fellowship
Posted by: brokenbycheryl ()
Date: March 07, 2007 10:10PM

hi I think it was Trina who mentioned earlier about the intense end time///last days teachings that were given to her in Sunday school...Correct me if Im wrong?
The teachings were very intense based on the fellowships belief that we as christians will go through the great Tribulation and be persected by the ant-christ. I did find this frightening at the time and I was a young adult so goodness knows how children in the Sunday School felt. I think that kind of teaching is to traumatising to teach children .As I left and I was deprogrammed from all the false teachings that particular one I have totally thrown out. Now I concentrate on living one day at a time and not waste my life worrying about what is going to happen in the future. It was very scary Trina I m so glad that I dont have to think like that today .Projecting into the future all the time and worrying about what would become of us all was causing me to panic...

Love to you all


Kirkby Christian Fellowship
Posted by: brokenbycheryl ()
Date: March 07, 2007 10:25PM

What made it more scary was people said they d had visions and dreams about the whole of the fellowship fleeing in drove, running from the anti-christ to hide in Scotland because apparantly Scotland was a safe place not under the anti-christs dominion. I did have nightmares about that at the time....

Kirkby Christian Fellowship
Posted by: yetigoosemonster ()
Date: March 07, 2007 11:07PM

These are the days of the open hand
They will not be the last
Look around now
These are the days of the beggars
And the choosers

This is the year of the hungry man
Whose place is in the past
Hand in hand with ignorance
And legitimate excuses

The rich declare themselves poor
And most of us are not sure
If we have too much
But well take our chances
Because God stopped keeping score
I guess somewhere along the way
He must have let us all out to play
Turned his back and all gods children
Crept out the back door

And its hard to love,
Theres so much to hate
Hanging on to hope
When there is no hope to speak of
And the wounded skies above
Say its much too late
Well maybe we should all be
Praying for time

These are the days of the empty hand
Oh you hold on to what you can
And charity is a coat you wear
Twice a year

This is the year of the guilty man
Your television takes a stand
And you find that what was over there
Is over here

So you scream from behind your door
Say whats mine is mine and not yours
I may have too much
But Ill take my chances
Because God stopped keeping score
And you cling to the things
They sold you
Did you cover your eyes when
They told you
That he cant come back
Because he has no children
To come back for

This song kind of sums up how I feel after after KCF.....
George Michaels ... Praying For Time

Kirkby Christian Fellowship
Posted by: reverandlovejoy ()
Date: March 08, 2007 12:53AM

Hello all ,
I have been watching this forum with a lot of interest over the last week. I had heard rumours over many years that KCF is a cult. I have had people come to my church over the years and share some of their experiences. I think it is great that you have started a website Liverpool Writer. If people remain in denial because the leadership tells them that people are gossips and slanderers then it is really important that the real truth be exposed.
This has been a lesson in good for me to come on to this site. What I have learned as a minister is that if you dont let people share their opinions with you and their grievences this kind of thing happens. Problems which should have been sorted out decades ago are still coming to light on this forum. How easy it would have been for those leaders involved to have sorted so many problems out in a caring way . So many people in this forum have been stuck in the past ,their lives on hold through no fault of their own because they were not heard. But accused of being what they were not "Gossips and Slanderers " just because they had an opinion that differed from the leaders. That is called an autocracy God is not autocratic but loves us and supports us through are journey allowing us to make mistakes and learn from them .That is normal spiritual growth ,it seems the people of this fellowship, their spiritual growth has been stunted with their leaders keeping them as spiritual babies dependent on them for feeding and direction. It is normal to learn how to live and integrate in the world to know what is happening out there. To be in touch with what people are engaged with in the world how else can you help people if you are oblivious to what is going on out there. Any church that tells you to sever contacts with your friends in the world to cut them off and only be involved with their group is very dodgy. Thats why people on this site have had breakdowns and all kinds of other problems. Because spiritually they put all their eggs in one basket and when they were cut off from the church they lost everything in their life in one fell swoop. This is not healthy we all need a variety of everything in our life to stay balanced and not to go off beam. Also it has been mentioned earlier that this church is not accountable to anyone. This also is very dangerous there is no forum where people can comment or give constructive viewpoints. At the end of the day whatever role we play in church we musnt forget as Jesus said that we are human and are with sin and all of us need each other to stay balanced. Even the most stable of us become weird if we lock ourselves away with one other person in a knitted relationship. I would to know from where in the scriptures Cheryl can justify the forming of knitted relationships .If anyone knows I would be interested to see any papers on the subject. Dave you sound like you and your family have been through some terrible ordeals my prayers are with you , and well done all of you for standing up and being counted to share some very awful things to the onlookers.

God Bless You All,


Kirkby Christian Fellowship
Posted by: Liverpool Writer ()
Date: March 08, 2007 02:29AM


Its interesting that the KCF website has deleted all the latest news section...
Hi, Yeti! I don't think that section has ever had content. I guess "Cult-watching website exposes abuse at Kirkby Fellowship" wouldn't make a good headline from their point of view, anyway. ;)

Kirkby Christian Fellowship
Date: March 08, 2007 04:16AM

Dear Rev. I endorse completely what you have said here. I am also thankful that you as a leader can see the pitfalls of stifling honest debate and opinion. It is so sad, but you are abosolutely correct when you say, these things ought not to have happened, but could and should of been handled with care, compassion, love and mercy. I believe with my heart that if we could have come together 'early on' with the leaders of this 'fellowship' without predjudice, we could have had closure and move on. Thanks for your support. dave

Kirkby Christian Fellowship
Posted by: Liverpool Writer ()
Date: March 08, 2007 04:30AM


I would to know from where in the scriptures Cheryl can justify the forming of knitted relationships .If anyone knows I would be interested to see any papers on the subject.
Hi, Rev. Welcome to the discussion.

I have some literature from the Fellowship on this subject of "knitted relationships", which I will post to my website when I get the chance.

Kirkby Christian Fellowship
Posted by: bruisednotbroken ()
Date: March 08, 2007 04:53AM

I am very relieved that Rev has understood the pain and abuse we've been sharing here on this forum and recognizes the emotional and spiritual harm that has come to us.

It means so much to me to know that a minister (for I assume that is your vocation with the username you have chosen) can come to our defense and state so clearly the root of the problems with KCF.

I have already thanked God for your post, has blessed, or maybe I should say, comforted me greatly.

Liverpool Writer...could you not post the information about knitted relationships here on this forum? Just wondering???

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