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Posted by: bruisednotbroken ()
Date: March 06, 2007 01:43PM

Firefly, I was really upset to read how you and other small children were instructed and treated. One of the "brags" about the fellowship was how wonderful the morning Sunday School was. I never visited it so had no first hand knowledge but am certainly relieved I had nothing to do with that side of KCF! And what a relief also to know you are a survivor after all the stuff you've been put through.

It seems we've only just scratched the surface with KCF. I don't have contact with any of the ex-KCF memers but I sure hope the word gets out to any known to other forum members. It seems the "evidence", horrifying as it is for us to reveal it all, is mounting against KCF and that can only be a good thing. And of course I think we would all like to see ex members of KCF helped to recovery if they have come away from that place with negative baggage that they still are burdened by.

I didn't know Karen had been a part of the fellowship previous to her arrival on the scene in the leadership. I have a vague recollection of hearing little whispers about people not accepting her as a leader but never understood what they were talking about...national secrets act and all that at KCF!!! It seems there is more to her background in the fellowship than I am aware of.

I had a very upsetting day yesterday...all this recalling of experiences is sometimes too "raw" for my heart and mind....but I will not give it up because I have every reason to believe this exposure will only help with mine and others' healing. How I want to put all this negative/damaging experience well behind me! Thank you to everyone who continues to be honest and eager to share and offload their information about KCF. It is so good to be together on this.
(((((hugs))))) to you all....and God's peace for us all too. xxoo

Kirkby Christian Fellowship
Date: March 06, 2007 03:52PM

Just A quick Note,
I'll uodate you later today about: The other person involved with the 'stones in the bag' She's not on the web, so i'll need her permission. Also that 'cult note' that went arround the 'fellowship some years ago. I know who it was and contact them to see if they want to give their stories. The way this forum is going can only be good for all concerned. love David

Kirkby Christian Fellowship
Posted by: Liverpool Writer ()
Date: March 06, 2007 05:02PM

You're doing good, Dave!

Kirkby Christian Fellowship
Posted by: firefly ()
Date: March 06, 2007 07:17PM

The experience that i mentioned before- it really hasn't damaged me much, it was the other things that went on that did the most damage. I can laugh about some of it coz its so ridiculous. I do still have my pains like, i was hurt a lot but you leave, you grieve and you learn from it- otherwise all them tears were pointless.
I lost out on a happy childhood because of them and i am sad about it, but i'm determined to have a happy life now to make up for it- and so far I'm not doin too badly :wink:

Kirkby Christian Fellowship
Posted by: rrmoderator ()
Date: March 06, 2007 08:09PM


Please don't put your posts all in bold.

Bold wasn't meant to be used that way.

Kirkby Christian Fellowship
Posted by: brokenbycheryl ()
Date: March 06, 2007 09:08PM

Thanks for everyones comments there are some things I find I cant get the courage to share on here because they are so serious. Suffice to say I did in fact take an overdose with the intention to die because of Cheryl and Dave. 4 people left the fellowship immediatley when they saw what had happened to me. For the rest of the fellowship Im sure the real story was hushed up. But there is one member of the fellowship who knows the real truth about what happened to me. I wonder if that person would help me to heal by coming on this site and telling the truth about what happened. The bottom line is when the bottom fell out of my young world in a terrible way, Cheryl and Dave turned their backs on me when I was in a very desparate state because of betrayal, It was such a serious situation to me that death was the only answer......
If it hadnt been for one person in the fellowship looking after me when everyone else turned their backs on me including my family I wouldnt be here today to tell this story...

Kirkby Christian Fellowship
Posted by: oliverfabulous ()
Date: March 06, 2007 09:38PM

Ok Mod no prob....
Dave I would love to hear the story from the person who was accused of being a witch and what happened to them...
I cant believe the number of hits this site is getting...
I support Dave in what he said in his letter... Please if you are hurting because of this cult i would urge you to come and share on this site. The more dark secrets are exposed to the light the more people have a chance of recovering from their damaging experiences.....
bruisednot broken well done you are doing great ,you are in our prayers

You are all in my prayers all the time....

Kirkby Christian Fellowship
Posted by: rosebud ()
Date: March 07, 2007 12:35AM

I know what you mean firefly, I do try to laugh a lot of it off.Friends who have known me for yonks, when I would tell them about my family being in a cult they would all have a good laugh, but I am sure they would be sooo shocked to read this. I do agree that you should get on with your life you have done the hardest part and that is leaving that god awful place. The rest of your life is your own and it is an exciting big world out there full of oppurtunity. I am so very sorry you lost out on a happy childhood, I did too in a way,through no fault of my mum and dad. I wish I had told them sooner, but I felt they would never believe me. You have got the right attitude tho. I was the scapegoat when a lot of young people left at the same time as I did.It was easier to blame me than themselves.

Bbcheryl. Iknew of Karen before she went to the fellowship. All I can say is what a nasty peice of work. She was a well known Bully in Ruffwood school. Our poor Beck used to cross over the road when she saw her coming. She gave her life to the lord the night of that evangelical money grabbing event in kirkby stadium with Reinhart Bonkers. I know I digress but what a greedy greedy man. he was saying stuff like we take houses,cheques and jewellry. They wanted me to come back to jesus and took me there!!!! But to get back to the point I think that is the reason nobody would take to her was because her reputation preceeded her. But I suppose Cheryl needs another big bully to take her place. I remember a funny thing that happened when i was pregnant with Callum. Our Tina invited me to an alpha meeting( i am sure she used to check with my mum, Diane ,to see what I was craving. She will kill me when she sees this. Only joking tina). When I got there they sat me on my own with Karen, Jamie Fern, Marcia ,Maureen Mc,Marvin and my dad, Ted.Karen decided to lead a major bible bashing assault. I just kept asking why to everything she said. I got her so wound up she just wanted to smack me. I swear I brought out her bully face. I had a good giggle and good food that night.But that is all I know about Karen. Lol Trina xxx

Kirkby Christian Fellowship
Posted by: Liverpool Writer ()
Date: March 07, 2007 02:06AM


... that evangelical money grabbing event in kirkby stadium with Reinhart Bonkers ...

I remember that well. I was a member of one of the other main organising churches at the time (another abusive church, but not as extreme as Kirkby), and we were expecting an evangelistic event. The whole thing turned out to be just a fundraiser for Bonnke (what a name, eh). It was so embarrassing. We'd invited friends along that night, and they were disgusted by it.

Kirkby Christian Fellowship
Posted by: brokenbycheryl ()
Date: March 07, 2007 02:11AM

yes Trina all the ministers we were told to use as role models have all been exposed as corrupt havnt they, Benny Hinn, Rheinhard, Roberts Liardon came out of the closset bless....

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