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CS with "Mother Church" in Bawston" (purposel
Posted by: Cosmophilospher ()
Date: June 03, 2005 04:46AM

The facts are very simple.

In order to PROVE a type of health practice works, you need to TEST it properly, in double-blind placebo controlled tests.

People like Christian Science REFUSE these tests, as they know damn well it will show IT DOES NOT WORK.
There have been studies of CS people showing they die SOONER than the general public!

As far as the body, MOST HUMAN ILLNESSES HEAL BY THEMSELVES. The body is always fighting off viruses, and the like.

But those who make money, or Believe in some type of Mind Healing are terrified of science, as it will show that their Moneymaker does not work.

There are some limited effects of self-suggestion in health, that is one thing.

But CS is a total lie, and a farce, and is damaging for people.
It does not work.
CS AVOIDS doing tests, as they fear the result.

I bet ya a million bucks they did tests years ago, and were shocked it did not work, and then stopped testing.
If the SCIENTIFIC tests worked, they would be screaming it from the housetops.

So what they do is get ANECDOTES that are the body healing itself, or even people seeking outside treatment.
Without proper scientific tests, then CS and other methods of healing are a lie.
After 100 years, you'd think they would have ONE proper test carried out by a medical university?
These CS people are complete frauds.
What are they afraid of?
The facts.

Then we have the last refuge of a scoundrel, as explained by Timmer.

This is VERY dangerous and damaging thinking.
They even go as far as to say,

"if you DOUBT while you do the experiment, it will not work".

That is insanity, and literally is the last refuge of a scoundrel.


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