Oprah says Make More Babies
Posted by: marc landeau ()
Date: January 12, 2005 06:01PM

Ok, I don't want to misrepresent the poor lady. She did not use those words exactly. But she's definitely enouraging couples to get busy in the bedroom!

The book club is on hold folks. If we're going to win this never ending War on Terrorism we need your support. America is critically outnumbered by various shades of non-white people throughout the world. China alone has a 5 to 1 advantage over American honkies. Too many communists in the world. Oops, I mean terrorists, who hide in caves. Ruppert MADdock doesn't like it- it leads to unsustainable profit loses. Missile Defense? Well we're working on that. We'd hate to have the Chinese, I mean North Korea and Osama Bin Laden get the plans to one of our Weapons of Mass Destruction from the Los Alamos Laboratories. That would be terribly terrifying terricolous terrorism. We need a solution. We need to change from an Oil Economy to a Baby Oil Economy. Oprah to the rescue! Tell all patriotic Americans we need babies- lots and lots of BABIES. Consider it the new form of Social homeland Security. You're either with us, or against us. The Dollar can't last too many more rounds against the Euro. So we're going to spend spend spend in congress, and bill it to your children. And don't worry, we aren't stacking the draft boards with Conscription Judges, we just have to figure out how to keep Selective Service records of all these new BABIES.

Not so long ago, Oprah threw in with the national baby project. She did "The World's Biggest Baby Shower Show" to scare the cave dwelling terrorists who are on the loose.

"Sergeant Major Winfrey, reporting for duty! ([i:e4497c9719]in camoflague fatigues[/i:e4497c9719]) We're on location ([i:e4497c9719]at Fort Campbell Army Base[/i:e4497c9719]) with 640 pregnant ([i:e4497c9719]military[/i:e4497c9719]) moms-to-be!" The italicised is my own additional clarification since you can't see the cute camos she wore, unless you watched the episode.

640? That's the most pregnant patriots they could find? But we need MORE. Lot's more..... Come on people ORANGE ALERT!!! Make every ovary count!

Because we will REWARD you in typical [i:e4497c9719]Oprah[/i:e4497c9719]etic material fashion. Check out one of the many door prizes from the World's Biggest Militaristic Baby Shower: Camoflague Diaper Bags. Cute!

Maybe they're trying to hide the sh!*ty premise of the show in social camoflague. Hitler couldn't have convinced Nazi German wives to make as many babies for the Homeland, as smooth as Oprah can. She tells the expecting moms to be proud of "all the little unborn [i:e4497c9719]soldiers[/i:e4497c9719]" I'm not kidding around here....

I highly recommend ordering a tape of this episode (available at the first link). You should see with your own eyes, don't take my word for it. See Oprah in camos- doing the boot camp obsticle course. Then watch her throw the Worlds Most Insane Baby Shower.

Need more convincing that we have a terricolous turn of events on our hands? Check out the website that Oprah says inspired the show:

Here's a quote from that site....
"So do not fear for I am with you;
do not be dismayed, for I am your God.
I will strengthen you and help you;
I will uphold you with my righteous hand.
Isaiah 41:10"

Oprah says Make More Babies
Posted by: ULTAWARE ()
Date: January 14, 2005 07:43AM


That's a great take on IMO, appears to be prevalent in the USA and Mr. Shrub & his twigs are trying to spread.....lay-out any non-honkies (they are expendable!!!!! :evil:

A possible scenario could have been:

"Let's get into IRAQ whatever way possible (said the Haliburton god to the Shrub Puppet) and if OBL (Laden) is ready ,Thank god the CIA was training him to get his folks ready for the right moment...we could re-do the Kennedy - type thing and open ourselves up to a whole new playing, I mena business profit area...ya know, no - bid contracts, soldier-meal fraud fees, "mis-billing " the Military for anything (who's gonna check - up on us? AND if they do, who cares, we'll recoup the $$$ lost somewhere else.. Then later, Shrubbie, continue to present these numb-ones with the on-going chatter of how Social Security needs to be dropped-we need the money ourselves and so do our brothers in the Insurance companies and other Wall St buddies....."

So what did have to do with your post?

Perhaps in the future, to keep tax (sweat - fees) from our backs rolling in to pay them and their perks they need to insure future payers (sound like LEC a little?) For a thought...try www.parascope.com



Oprah says Make More Babies
Posted by: Lucretia ()
Date: January 14, 2005 08:01AM

Ya know what they say both Hitler and Jesus still have followers. Decisions decisions, decisions............................

Oprah says Make More Babies
Posted by: hsuchij ()
Date: January 14, 2005 03:52PM

In I-Ching, its fundamental elements are represented by 3-bits binary: ground (000), thunder (001) , water (010), swamp (011), mountain (100), fire (101), wind (110), and sky (111). Since ground (000) is considered as the first element and there was no numerical system 5,000 years ago, it is counted as numerical 1. From ground to swamp, the numeric arrangement is 1 to 4.

Yin-Yang are reflective. That means whenever there is yin (0), the opposite yang (1) exists in the same space. So, one may look at the 3-bits patterns as below:

Left : Right
000 : 111 = ground (1) : sky (9)
001 : 110 = thunder (2) : wind ( 8 )
010 : 101 = water (3) : fire (7)
011 : 100 = swamp (4) : mountain (6)

The comparison symbol “:” that converts yin-to-yang or yang-to-yin was counted as numerical 5 while the number was also placed at the center of original compass graph on I-Ching. Binary value of mountain (100) to sky (111) will be counted as numerical 6 to 9.

If one adds the values of “Left”, “:”, and “Right” together, one may get a sum value of numeric 15 for all four cases. This arrangement was printed on the “addition” graph of ancient oracle.

However, there was also a “subtraction” graph of oracle. In subtraction, the subtracted value of two elements should equal to 5 in all cases. So for subtraction, the 3-bits patterns is shown as below:

111 : 011 = 9 : 4
110 : 010 = 8 : 3
101 : 001 = 7 : 2
100 : 000 = 6 : 1

Now, combining the addition and subtraction of oracle graphs, here is the numerical arrangement of element matrix:

2 9 4
7 5 3
6 1 8

Now link those pairs (4-9, 1-6) and (8-3, 7-2) vertcially and horizontally through 5. See any familiar symbol on the news lately?

So, this matrix system is the origin of Buddhist symbol "Won" which means omnipotent. Topics of omnipotent and ominous are discussed during my LGAT course as the guru is omnipotent but all participants shall feel ominous.

The normal thread by the guru is how one can become dissociative if attempting to leave. I classified such thread as undo influence. The guru wants people to feel inescapable.

When a German missionary discovered the matrix around 1662-1720 A.D., he brought it back to his country. Coincidently, just about the same time binary system was developed. The missionary was trusted by a Chinese emperor, a Manchurian. He and another famous missionary helped the emperor to recover from malaria disease.

Perhaps after the recovery from malaria, the emperor wrote a Chinese poem, The Passion of the Christ, to honor the church. Years later, after the news that Vatican had banned the worships of ancestor, the emperor banned the religion. Below are some info from Wikipedia:


Manchuria was known for its shamanism, opium and tigers. The Manchu imperial symbol was a tiger with a ball of opium in its mouth. Manchu Emperors were, first and foremost, accomplished shamans. By the 19th century, Manchu rule had become increasingly sinicized and, along with other borderlands of the Chinese Empire such as Mongolia and Tibet, came under the influence of colonial powers. England nibbled at Tibet, France at Hainan, Germany at Shantung while Russia encroached upon Turkestan and Outer Mongolia, having annexed Outer Manchuria.

The word shaman originated among the Siberian Tungus (Evenks) and literally means he (or she) who knows; the belief that it may be derived from Sanskrit may be due to a confusion of shamanism and shramanism, from sanskrit shramana, Pali and Prakrit samana; but the samanas were ascetics, not shamans. There is a strong shamanistic influence Bon on central Asian and Tibetan Buddhism which also uses Sanskrit, so perhaps there is an overlap from popular etymology, if not a direct linguistic influence. Buddhism became popular with shamanic peoples such as the Tibetans, Mongols and Manchu after the fourteenth century. Forms of shamanistic ritual combined with Tibetan Buddhism became institutionalized as state religion under the Chinese Yuan dynasty and Qing dynasty. Shamanistic practices are thought to predate all organized religions, and certainly date back to the neolithic. Aspects of it are encountered in later, organized religions, generally in their mystic and symbolic practices. Greek paganism was influenced by it, as reflected in the stories of Tantalus, Prometheus, Medea, Calypso and many others, as well as in the Eleusinian Mysteries, and other mysteries. The transsubstantiation of bread and wine in the Catholic religion can be seen as a shamanic relic, suggestive of the use of entheogenic (psychedelic) substances to attain spiritual realization.

The New Age movement imported some ideas from shamanism in general and core shamanism in particular. As in other such imports, original users of said ideas frequently condemn New Age use as ill-understood and superficial.

At the same time, there is an endeavor in occult and esoteric circles to re-invent shamanism in a modern form drawing from core shamanism, various indigenous forms of shamanism, and chaos magic. This is mostly focused upon in Europe, where the ancient shamanic tradition was exterminated by the Christian church (see Inquisition) and where people compelled to be shamans often find it improper to use shamanic systems rooted in other parts of the earth. Various traditional shamans express respect for this endeavor and in this, separate it sharply from "light" New Age shamanism.

Sometimes people from Western cultures claim to be shamans. If a self-described shaman isn't speaking of a Tungusic-speaking ethnic group, he or she is probably a huckster preying on New Age followers. Most commonly they will claim Cherokee or Sioux ancestry, the former because Cherokee ancestors are a common story in one's genealogy, and the latter because of familiarity due to portrayals in Western movies, especially Dances with Wolves. The risk for studying under such people varies from simply losing money to rape and even death. For Indians, the danger is that their voices will be drowned out by self-styled "shamans"; in fact, Lynn Andrews has sold more books than all Indian authors put together.

The matrix was displayed as stones and still remains in Henan Province in China. It is the original calculation of Lunar calendar. Full moon appears on the 15th of each Lunar month. (if one checks, the Asia Tsunami also happened on the day of full moon.)


Oprah says Make More Babies
Posted by: marc landeau ()
Date: January 29, 2005 09:04PM

Ummm, Ok. Thanks Hsuchij. Not quite sure what you're going at, but you sure are going! Glad someone's listening!

Let me clarify- I'm trying to raise some not-so-comfortable topics in light of the ongoing war over.... what? Oil? Democracy? WMD's? Saddam bullied my daddy? I don't think the answer is as simple as the sound bite nuggets which are thrown to us to scrounge over. Oil is a very very strong motivating factor (the marines did sneak in to capture the oil fields one day before formal combat was declared) but is it the only factor? And are we really all so insulated 'here' from the war 'over there', or are there trends and forces at work within our own neighborhoods and common daily lives that drive the war machinery? I think so. ALOT.

Some say that the difference between the Soviet Union and America is that in Russia you know when you are being propagandized- someone stands in front of the red flag and delivers the communist party message, and there's no doubt you're seeing propaganda for propaganda's sake. The difference is, here in America, the propaganda is implicit- not explicit. Most of the time we aren't even aware that what we watch and hear does in-fact have threads of propaganda sewn into the message. We just call it entertainment. But we did win the cold war, right? (well... maybe check back in a few years to see if that holds true). So, could you entertain the idea for just a moment that maybe a sneaky, flashy, sexy, exciting, marketably implicit propaganda system has beaten the iron curtain version? Hang with me here.

If you have an important message that you need to get into EVERY household in America, how do you do it? The men are busy and preoccupied with their job responsilibilities most of the time. And I don't know about you're family, but in mine it isn't good old Dad who wears the pants in the house, it's Mom. Yes, the women make [u:493f17ff7b]many[/u:493f17ff7b] of the household decisions here in America (sorry guys, I'm just calling it like I see it). And what do most stay at home moms do around 2pm? Watch Oprah! Hmmmm... So, Oprah has a 'direct' line of communication with nearly half the American population? Or in other words, Oprah has her foot in the door into nearly [i:493f17ff7b]ALL[/i:493f17ff7b] American households? Or in even more words, Oprah helps a huge number of the household 'decision makers' make the decisions? Think about it.

But, she seems so nice Marc, why don't you like Oprah? You're a loonie, Marc. I'll tell you who I don't like, Dr. Phil. That guy is the most authoritarian Doctor I've ever seen in my life. The way he puts his 'patients' up on stage- badgering and embarrasing them into conformity infront of hundreds of onlookers- kind of gives me the creepies like I'm in Berlin 1938- watching Himmler's Happy Homeland Talk Show. Oprah gave birth to the Doctor. The Doctor with that oh so sexy flashy trashy no patient-doctor ethics. Bad news for democracy. Bad news I say.

So what does this have to do with the war you say? Oh I don't know... it's all so messy you know with all that oil on our hands. (a possible estimated 60% of the worlds remaining oil reserves are located in the Tikrit Triangle area) hmmmm...

But I wouldn't stop there. I'm one liberal who gives Bushy Shrub more credit then just being a greedy little weed. I [i:493f17ff7b]have[/i:493f17ff7b] to ask, [i:493f17ff7b]why [/i:493f17ff7b]oil? Why lie for war? Why do it pre-emptively? Why continue re-writing the mission statement? Why not just go home? What's so darn important about that oil that we just gotta have it [i:493f17ff7b]soooo[/i:493f17ff7b] bad? I'll give you the clue to finding out what this 'war on terror' is really all about. Go get yourself a copy of the book that they told you not to read. The 2000 Almanac. (remember they said you might be a terrorist if you drive around with one in your car?). You might also want to look at an atlas map and see if you can find the 'axis' of the [i:493f17ff7b]axis of evil[/i:493f17ff7b].

Yes my friends, the 2000 Almanac. Good reading.... really good reading. I don't want to spoil it for you. But I will give you a little prelude to what you will find:

*You [i:493f17ff7b]will[/i:493f17ff7b] find where those pesky weapons of mass destruction really are..... (biggest news story of 1999) I'm not joking. Wolfowitz go change your underwear you scaredy cat.

*You will find who has the most automobiles now in the world. Drives the Governator in his Hummer mad, mad, mad!

*You will find America is not so big as we like to think. Stop crying Chenney, I know, it's ok, no one ever loved you, yada yada.

*And you just may find out why Oprah says, "Make More Babies!!!!"

And you might start wondering like me, what's all this creepy 'group think' doing here in America, land of the not free to think for ourselves? Hmm, I see. Oprah, Amway, Scientology, Landmark heebie jeebies, don't call me!!!!

Oprah says Make More Babies
Posted by: Hope ()
Date: January 30, 2005 04:53AM

You lost me here.....

Now, combining the addition and subtraction of oracle graphs, here is the numerical arrangement of element matrix:

2 9 4
7 5 3
6 1 8

Now link those pairs (4-9, 1-6) and (8-3, 7-2) vertcially and horizontally through 5. See any familiar symbol on the news lately?

Since there was no numerical system thousands of years ago, the matrix was displayed as stones and still remains in Henan Province in China.

Oprah says Make More Babies
Posted by: Hope ()
Date: January 30, 2005 05:21AM


Okay - I just came back from the library and won't be able to get back for a few days, so I won't be sleeping well. China (weapons), Russia (oil, weapons). Long, long time ago - well about 4 years - a person online talked about the US blowing its way to a pipeline in the former Soviet Union somewhere, only accessible via Afghanistan. He was waved off as promoting conspiracy theories.

I really don't know where you're heading with the Oprah making babies links. However, she makes such an impression on so many women that it has become frightening. Many, many women on an abuse forum look up to her and her version of spirituality, forgiveness, etc., that they are letting their abusers get away with murder (almost) and forgiving. They have been totally sucked (by Oprah and Dr. P.) into trying to figure out if they have made a sacred contract with their abusers somewhere along the way, and what they need to learn from it, because everything is a lesson, according to Oprah. Yet, with the recent election, they're calling it a mandate for GWB to bring religion into policy-making. Talk about crazy-making! The forum went right-wing-evangelistic literally overnight.

Perhaps we need a new category on the menu for mass mind control\propaganda\critical and analytical thinking.

Oprah says Make More Babies
Posted by: Hope ()
Date: January 30, 2005 05:58AM

Removed by Hope

Oprah says Make More Babies
Posted by: rrmoderator ()
Date: January 30, 2005 08:55PM

I can see a discussion of the mechanics of propaganda being on topic, but going back and forth over US politics and supposed CIA operations is not the focus of this message board.

The Ross Insitute is a educational nonprofit and is not about US politics.

Persuasion or "brainwashing" techniques would be relevant. And also the seperation of church and state, as the so-called "cults" and others seeking to proselytize and persuade may receive government funds.

But political discussions would best be done on another board that is focused in that specific area.

I don't know how the numbers discussed on this thread by hsuchij are relevant to anything.

This is a very difficult thread to follow.

The Forum rules are now quite explicit regarding the issue of political or religious preaching and staying on topic.

See [board.culteducation.com]

Oprah says Make More Babies
Posted by: Timmer ()
Date: June 02, 2005 06:18AM

Well, in fairness to Oprah, we are not reproducing in this country at the replacement rate. That is one of the reasons we find a need for so many immigrants, legal and illegal. (Of course, the fact that our government refuses to do a darn thing about it is a major factor, too.)

So making more babies is not a bad idea.

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