Gibson's Passion
Posted by: Lakefield ()
Date: August 26, 2004 12:01PM

He's been dissected, ridiculed, praised etc for the work he's done on Passion of Christ.

What do you think of it?

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Gibson's Passion
Posted by: revshifu ()
Date: February 01, 2005 10:13PM

alot of the movie is unbiblical.

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Gibson's Passion
Posted by: hsuchij ()
Date: February 06, 2005 03:04PM


KANGXI - Emperor of China, 1654-1722


The link also talks about Gibson's film.

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Gibson's Passion
Posted by: nativeflower ()
Date: February 14, 2005 04:58PM

my friend and I had a big arument over that film....she said it was the best triology ever.

I tried to get her to use that 3 pounds of grey matter...she got real mad

I told her that it was very hipocritiical

1) christians claim that violence on tv is evil...but yet they honor a movie about slaying thier messiah
2)kids whom christians claim to be "the lost generation" are encouraged to watch the violent epic
3) some parrents make thier realling young kids watch it.....but dont let them watch spongebob

the fact that it has recieved such attention disgusts me


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