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Re: Oprah's celebrity doctors
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: February 06, 2010 01:31AM

Lancet formally retracted the 1998 Wakefield article. But unfortunately, this has entrenched itself deep into the lucrative cultic milieu. More people remember a charismatic TV personality than do a careful and mannered retraction by a British medical journal.

That is why folks like Oprah carry a responsiblity to use their media influence wisely and carefully.

We need to DEMAND that it become the Smart Tube, not remain the Boob Tube.




Lancet Medical Journal Retracts Wakefield Autism Study
February 2, 2010

Boston (DbTechNo) - The Lancet medical journal has retracted a published study linking childhood autism risk to the measles, mumps and rubella vaccine.

The discredited study was the work of Dr Andrew Wakefield who has since been proven to have undertaken shotty researching methods and whose work has been discredited by the General Medical Council.

After the 1998 paper was published, vaccination rates plummited in the UK, and not surprisingly, the rate of measles went up.

In the paper, Wakefield cited a risk between the MMR vaccine and autism, and also noted a possible link between the vaccine and bowel disease.

Lancet officials released a statement, saying: “It has become clear that several elements of the 1998 paper by Wakefield … are incorrect.”

Dr Andrew Wakefield now lives and works in the United States.



Brian Deer: the Lancet scandal
Following a Sunday Times investigation by Brian Deer, Britain's premier medical journal was forced to retract fraudulent research which caused a global health crisis by linking the measles, mumps and rubella vaccine with autism

Yet more citations here.


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Re: Oprah's celebrity doctors
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: August 27, 2010 12:07AM

Eat Pay and Love-Priv-Lit and the New American Dream--from Bitch Magazine

In depth analysis of Oprah and many of the self help gurus out there.


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Re: Oprah's celebrity doctors
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: August 31, 2010 12:09AM

In this weeks issue of TV Guide, O is on the cover, along with the grinning faces of Dr OZ and Dr Phil and some other guy.

Note: Here is a URL to a blog and more material by Robyn Orkut, who spent a year living by O-girls principles and found some quite helpful and that others actually undermined her confidence.


Which is the perfect RX to keep people hooked. Help them in one area and keep them feeling insecure and inadequate in other areas.

By way of context, Walter Alvarez MD, now deceased, had a syndicated medical advice column in many newspapers. However, he never appeared on TV or let himself be made a celebrity. And he was photographed looking like who he was, an unpretentious old gentleman, who got his haircuts from a barber, not a stylist, and whose face
had aged naturally.

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Re: Oprah's celebrity doctors
Posted by: yasmin ()
Date: May 29, 2014 12:23AM

Interesting article describing the attempt to take away medical choice regarding vaccines and the poor state of vaccine safety research.

In other news, one of the other Doctors who co authored the study, ( Dr. Walker, I think?) who was charged with Wakefield took his case to court and was completely vindicated by the judge.

Meanwhile, Dr Wakefield is currently sueing the British Medical Journal in Texas. He apparently hasn't chosen to go to court in England yet, though it appears based on Dr Walkers case that he would also likely be vindicated.

Interestingly, the parents in the Wakefield case were apparently all very sure their children had severe bowel disease; at least one of the children later went on to get a colostomy.

It is also interesting to consider that the word of a journalist with no degree in medicine is considered more valid than the word of a physician.

By the way, Dr Offit, often quoted in the vaccine safety discussion could definitely be held to have a vested interest, given his invention of a vaccine against rotovirus.

But of course we all know that Doctors are automatically saints, and are never influenced by vested influence.

Well, unless they question vaccine safety; at that point we automatically know they must be bad people. ( Cough; sarcasm)

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Re: Oprah's celebrity doctors
Posted by: knotty ()
Date: January 03, 2015 05:02AM

midwest.momma Wrote:
> I pretty much stopped watching Oprah, save for a
> handful of times, after her appalling callousness
> towards a woman whose husband had been killed.
> Her husband was a sheriff's deputy who was killed
> by some thugs. It was caught on his cruiser's
> her show. Then, when the poor woman began to cry,
> Oprah asks if she's "okay"? What the...? I lost
> so much respect for her in that instance. And
> before that was the many diets she was on....after
> saying her famous line that her personality wasn't
> in her thighs towards weight critics.
> I do have to chime in on the vaccination
> controversy, however. I am a mercury-poisoned
> person and mercury poisoning symptoms mimic
> autism. I believe people have confused a
> symptom with a genetic problem.
> My mercury poisoning mainly came from amalgams
> (so-called silver dental fillings), but I had been
> exposed to small quantities of mercury throughout
> my life--vaccinations, Rho-Gam shots, living one -
> block up from a coal burning power plant, and who
> knows what else. I believe it was a cumulative
> affect that broke my immune system after so many
> years of constant assault.
> Gary Null has a series of videos up on youtube on
> vaccines. He calls his documentary "Vaccine
> Nation". He was the one who first talked about
> mercury poisoning from amalgams. Regretfully, I
> didn't believe him. It took two different sources
> before I began doing my own research and
> discovered I had 90% of the symptoms.
> In this series of ten videos (ten minutes each),
> he explores the vaccines' history. He has lined
> up medical professionals who have seen the effects
> of vaccines on healthy people. He highlights a
> young man whose baby died from vaccines, and was
> charged with shaken baby syndrome. He was
> innocent of the charge, but no one would listen,
> so he began writing letters to anyone with an
> "M.D" next to their name. They took a look at his
> case, and found that the vaccine his baby had been
> given was a "hot lot" that had shown adverse
> affects to others, as well. He won a new day in
> court and was declared innocent.
> I think everyone should have access to information
> regarding the adverse affects of vaccines before
> submitting to them. And it's not just the
> thimerasol (mercury) in them that's the
> issue--people were still having reactions even
> after it was taken out. There's something in them
> that is causing people's immune systems to go
> haywire.
> Just my two cents.

What antivaxers don't tell you is that the FDA removed the thimerasol from vaccines about a decade ago. Have you been tested for your mercury levels or just going by symptomolgy. I don't mean to sound dismissive, your experiences are real, but many diseases have similar symptoms. I have autism and we on the spectrum detest the whole autism cure hype. It's genetic, it runs in families and the genes that cause them have been found. It's actually not one gene but a large cluster of them.

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Current news on Dr Oz
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: April 24, 2015 10:53PM


More here:




Columbia medical faculty: What do we do about Dr. Oz?

Michael Rosenbaum, Joan Bregstein and 6 Columbia faculty members 11:52 a.m. EDT April 26, 2015

Oz is a good doctor, but his unscientific distortions mislead the public

Small excerpt quoted below.



We are members of the Columbia faculty who recognize that the Dr. Oz Show performs a public service by bringing alternative therapies which are generally under-researched and under-regulated into the public forum.

However, a 2014 report in The BMJ (formerly the British Medical Journal) reported that less than half of the recommendations on his show are based on at least somewhat believable evidence.

This report raises concerns that Dr. Oz's presentations of anecdotal therapies as "miracle cures" occur in the absence of what we see as obligatory discussions of conflicts of interest, possible side-effects and evidence-based medicine (or lack thereof).

Many of us are spending a significant amount of our clinical time debunking Ozisms regarding metabolism game changers.

Irrespective of the underlying motives, this unsubstantiated medicine sullies the reputation of Columbia University and undermines the trust that is essential to physician-patient relationships

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Protests Dr. OZ's possible conflicts of interest
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: April 27, 2015 06:39AM


More Than 1,000 Doctors Say Dr. Oz Should Resign

by Tanya Lewis, Staff Writer | April 24, 2015 06:44pm ET

At least 1,000 U.S. doctors say they think Dr. Mehmet Oz should resign from his faculty position at Columbia University in New York, a new poll finds.

Earlier this week, 10 doctors sent a letter calling for Oz, host of the popular TV show "The Dr. Oz Show," to be removed from his academic position as a cardiothoracic surgeon at Columbia. The doctors said that Oz has promoted products and made claims that aren't supported by medical evidence.

For more, read here:


Dr. Oz Blasts Doctors Demanding His Columbia University Ouster



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Critiques of Dr Oz' research
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: April 27, 2015 10:29PM

Green Coffee Bean Extract

Forbes Dr. Oz Tries To Do Science: The Green Coffee Bean Experiment


Garcinia Cambogia

Slate --Can You Trust Dr Oz?


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Dr Oz -- Wiki Leaks
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: April 27, 2015 10:53PM


Science Blogs


Comment #5


21, 2015

This is spectacular.
I imagine that many of Oz’ most ardent followers buy into the alt med ‘government-industry-media collusion’ meme but here he courts big business whilst evading investigation by both the government and the media.

I’ve always been certain that one powerful way to de-activate woo-based mesmerism over an audience is to illustrate explicitly how much they, the critics of Big Business, are truly the same. Avenues toward this goal include:
showing their earnings, mansions**, connections to other businesses and markup on their branded products***

Vox New WikiLeaks documents reveal the inner workings of the Dr. Oz Show



Dr. Mehmet Oz often appears on his popular show to promote new health products and devices. Most viewers are likely under the impression that he's doing this because he's closely considered their merits and decided the products are widely beneficial.

But newly leaked emails suggest that business considerations — not health or science — can be a driving factor in which products Oz decides to promote.

Last week, WikiLeaks released a series of emails sent between Dr. Oz, his staff, and executives at Sony (one of his show's producers). They shed some light on how Dr. Oz's daily talk show works behind the scenes...(For the rest of the story read here.

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Re: Dr Oz -- Wiki Leaks
Posted by: yasmin ()
Date: May 02, 2015 10:26PM

On this site, you will find a article about Dr Oz on the sidebar


I have never watched his show, but this article seems to think it is the fact he criticized round up that has started the campaign against him.

If he is purely financially driven, speaking out against pesticides in food and asking for increased safety would be a very bad move..

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