Cult Entertainment
Posted by: Templar ()
Date: June 16, 2004 08:27AM

In specific I was meaning to start this topic long ago in regards to what others here may speculate as to the "Cultish" culture of the WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) and in what ways the WWE manages to keep a following of people entertained by the notion of outcome predetermined competitions.

My theory: Weekly televised WWE events are typically used for the build-up of monthly pay-per-view events. Each week 2 shows air with original content designed to set the stage for larger 'more important' events, throughout the course of which the pay per view event is advertized ad nausium ( did I spell that right wary? ). Is the repetitive "This is the event you have to see fans" a mild form of voluntary brainwashing?

I will flesh out this theory in the comming days based on relative interest and responses. Any fans out there have any thoughts on this matter?

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Cult Entertainment
Posted by: jsllim ()
Date: June 04, 2005 01:20PM

I'm not a WWE fan, but it sounds like what they are doing is called Capitalism. One of those "Read the fine print" gigs. I've never watched WWE. I'm more of a boxing fan.


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