Why Does Oprah.....
Posted by: inyoga ()
Date: October 29, 2002 08:27AM

Why does Oprah's magazine "O" promote Turlington's new book which promotes three yoga cults? Oprah gives one page to the book promo and a few pages to Turlington and her yoga ingroup girlfriends drinking herbal tea in very expensive groovy hippy chic clothes. The groupies won't drink alcohol or caffeine because it is not "Sattvic". A yoga term for food which is good for your spiritual life.

I'm all for yoga and beautiful clothes. I just hate to see cults glamourized.

Doesn't Oprah let Tom Cruise promote Scientology too????


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Why Does Oprah.....
Posted by: Lakefield ()
Date: August 26, 2004 11:59AM

Oprah has been Turlington's friend for years and years now. So maybe that would explain it? Do you think she's promoting more of the physical side though?

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Why Does Oprah.....
Posted by: revshifu ()
Date: February 01, 2005 10:01AM

she is a mixed up woman.

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Why Does Oprah.....
Posted by: Cosmophilospher ()
Date: February 01, 2005 08:37PM

Oprah rabidly promotes Cruise, Travolta, Kirstey Alley, all of who are rabid Scientologist progagandists.
She literally WORSHIPS Travolta, saying he is this amazing person, she just goes on and on about the guy.

This is astounding propaganda for Scientology, which they then use on countless people when they recruit them, mainly young people, and young women. Its totally evil.

Oprah knows damn well that Time Magazine proved Scientology is the CULT OF GREED, so she knows all the horrible facts.

So all i can think is that Oprah doesn't care.
She literally must not give two shits about what happens to all these people.
Or maybe she has that nutty New Age belief that God is in all religions, so all these weird cultic religions must be ok.
Or maybe she is in bed with these people somehow, or just uses them to get ratings.

Oprah indirectly promotes many dangerous cults, and NEVER EVER EVER would consider asking some tough questions.

She didn't get to be a Billionaire by magic.
If she asked tough questions, her ratings would drop tenfold.

Oprah announces a product, all these women buy it, no questions asked.
So its in her interest to get more ADVERTISERS, (which is how she makes her money), by making sure her audience is credulous, pliable, and an easy sell.
People who don't ask questions, they just "believe"....

Oprah really needs to be called to task for never asking these people any tough questions.
But what does she care, people worship her too, and she can do anything she wants. Life is good.


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