Psychotherapy cults
Posted by: Lordship ()
Date: July 18, 2006 04:49AM

While everybody is focusing on 'New Religous' cults the psychotherapy cults are slipping us by.

Here in the UK we are doing all we can to bring a charlaten therapist by the name of Derek Gale to justice.

He has been operating for over 20years with his crackpot combination of psychobabble, 'voice therapy' and a bastardisation of Psychodrama.

Derek Gale has caused untold financial and psychological damage to his 'family' that centres on the Gale Centre in Loughton, Essex, UK.

If anyone has similar experience or knows anything of this charalten please get in touch.

Psychotherapy cults
Posted by: jendavis ()
Date: September 06, 2006 11:46AM

From the years 1976 through 1983, I was the victim of a criminally destructive mind control cult - the Chuck Hawkins cult. This cult started out in Honolulu, later fled and lived on a coffee farm on the Kona Coast of the Big Island , and yet later fled to San Francisco .

Chuck Hawkins was a psychotherapist.

My child was removed from me from birth through six years of age at which time I made my escape and rescued her.

Child molestation occurred on a daily basis.

One child, Andrea Altiery, was the daughter of then Hawaii state senator Mason Altiery (Altieri). Mason left his two preteen girls in the care of this cult and the guru, Chuck Hawkins, who sexually molested these two girls for years. Andrea later became a prostitute and eventually fell victim to serial killer Robert Hansen of Anchorage , Alaska .

The Hawaii Observer published an article dated 1.27.77 titled: "Psychological Warfare: Regulating The Therapist" in which Chuck Hawkins (Dr. Charles Hawkins) was interviewed. I have a copy of this article if you are interested. In this article, Chuck Hawkins discusses an investigation of him by the Hawaii licensing board which regulates psychotherapists on charges of psychological abuse of cult members, encouraging members to take LSD, and abusing the role of the psychotherapist.

In the fall of 1979, a very angry ex-cult member exposed the atrocious goings-on - behavior defying the imagination and the law - to the press in Honolulu and perhaps in Kona . One morning, the cult woke up to find news helicopters flying low over the coffee farm where they lived - a scene straight out of "Apocalypse Now." It was at this time that the cult fled en masse to San Francisco .

The story of this horrific mind control cult is told on my web site at

Psychotherapy cults
Posted by: jerry.smith ()
Date: September 07, 2006 06:34AM

We have a Son who is very much involved with Derek Gale and his family.
He has even married one of Gale's assistants. Unfortunely we are so far away we are unable to persuade them to to leave,
Our Son has totally banished his true Family for reasons we can't believe or even understand.

Psychotherapy cults
Posted by: derek.gale ()
Date: September 08, 2006 11:38PM

I am Derek Gale and am not posting under the protection of anonymity
because I have nothing to hide.
Lordship's post is complete rubbish. I have devoted my life to helping
people and the vast majority of people I have helped have been satisfied.

Lordship's post in my opinion contravenes this site's rules on flames,
but Rick Ross refuses to delete his or her post.

I am therefore openly posting my rebuttal of all he says and invite
anyone who is interested in my work to go to my website

I also invite anyone who thinks they have been harmed by me in any way
to email me directly.


derek gale

Psychotherapy cults
Posted by: Lordship ()
Date: September 09, 2006 01:10AM

Dear Mr Gale,

As you are very aware you will be given ample opportunity to rebut any claims made by your former clients and the families of current clients as you are currently suspended from your ethical regulatory body, the UKAHPP, and a hearing is pending with regards to your suitablity to practice.

You are also aware that the Health Professions Council is investigating your practice and that you will very soon be given a very public forum from which to state your case in open court.

The Charity Commission is also giving you plenty of opportunity to explain your failure to file accounts concerning the soliciting of contributions from members of your cult family, sorry, 'clients'.

I am also not hiding Mr Gale. You know that evidence provided to me by yourself and your colleagues forms part of the complaint from the UKAHPP.

But as you have chosen this public forum to discuss your practice please take time to explain:

Why do you openly refer to your psychotherapy clients as your Family?

Why do you take frequent holidays with your clients?

Why do your clients have to justify themselves to you and your Family when they wish to finish or reduce therapy through what has been defined by professional interogators as nothing less than a psychological inquisition?

Why do you sexually abuse female clients with threats and intimidation?

We look forward to your answers?

Psychotherapy cults
Posted by: Lordship ()
Date: September 09, 2006 02:00AM


Sorry Derek I forgot to add that it is duly noted that you encouraged any complainants to contact you directly and not follow the procedures laid down by your regulatory bodies with regards to complaints procedures.

Sure that was an oversight and you meant to say "If anyone feels they have been harmed by me they should contact my
ethical regulatory body which is:"

United Kingdom Association of Humanistic Psychology Practiitioners.

They can be contacted at:

The complaints co-ordinator for Derek Gale's case is Ms Bee Springwood

Those concerned should note that Derek Gale also calls himself Hirsh D. Gale when it suits him.

Oh yes and one other thing while I am on and you seem to be in a communicative mood; Why did Infosekta, the Swiss cult information and monitoring service intervene to prevent you running workshops in Switzerland in February 2006?

Psychotherapy cults
Posted by: Lordship ()
Date: September 12, 2006 12:22AM


I have now updated my membership to allow e mails to be sent to me directly. Anyone that wishes to discuss Mr Gale in private can now do so.

We would particularly like to hear from any families that have had difficulties with Mr Gale or any former clients.

As a member of UKAHPP Mr Gale is obligated to abide by their code of ethics and consumer responsibilities as laid out here: []

If you are a current client of Mr Gale you may want to ask yourself the following questions;

How long have I been in therapy with Derek?

How much longer do I expect to be in therapy with Derek?

When will my therapy come to an end?

Have the issues I initially came to Derek with been resolved or have they just manifested into ever deeper and more complex problems?

Did I realise I had these deep seated problems before Derek helped me to discover them?

Do I feel that I am as mad as Derek and the group say I am?

Do I often feel depressed about being around Derek and the group?

Why are positive experiences outside of therapy and the group often turned into negatives, particularly when they involve my family?

Why does Derek encourage divorce and the breaking up of families instead of reconciliation, particularly where there are children involved? Why (in direct contravention of his ethical obligations) does Derek recommend Sheila Rose to be your divorce lawyer?

What happens to people that leave the group?

Why are so many people in therapy with Derek for so long?

Why don't many people progress with Derek beyond the need for therapy?

Why wont the group allow me to get a second opinion from an independent councellor and why do they say doctors are crap and discourage relationships with GPs?

Why do members of the group (that are supposed to be my friends) always support a view that keeps me in therapy?

Why do I feel that I would have to go through hell from the group if I wanted to stop my therapy with Derek?

Does Derek really know me better than I know myself?

Why do I feel that I have to constantly impress Derek and meet his approval?

Over the years how much money have I paid Derek (and People Unlimited) for sessions, workshops, psychodramas, social events, presents, charity contributions, holidays, food kittys, my labour for working on the centre...etc etc......?

How much more money will I have to pay out before my therapy is completed?

If just by asking this question I feel like I am being negative and obsessed with money, who benefits from those feelings? Who rounds off his group sessions with; "Now pay up and f***K off "?

Why did the group continue to pay Derek for sessions even when he was ill and didn't attend them? Was this fair and reasonable?[/color:eb7bc31080][/color][/color:eb7bc31080][b:eb7bc31080][/size:eb7bc31080]






Be strong

Abigail / Lordship[b:eb7bc31080][/size:eb7bc31080][/b:eb7bc31080][/color:eb7bc31080]

Psychotherapy cults
Posted by: Lordship ()
Date: September 22, 2006 05:13PM

Thank you to those people that have been in touch.

It has been pointed out that we have made I factual error and we would like to correct that to avoid any confusion.

We apologise to Sheila Rose for misrepresenting her as a divorece lawyer. She is in fact only a legal clerk and has no law qualifications whatsoever.

However it is noted that she does charge an hourly rate for her services to Mr Gale's clients in excess of that charged by many divorce lawyers.

Thank you also to the former client that sent us a copy of "What Is Psychotherapy?" by Derek Gale.

This book was published by Mr Gale himself in 1989 and he still offers it for free to new clients via his website so it can be taken that his views and opionions stated in this book are still the views that he wants new clients and the rest of the world to have of his work.

We would like to draw Mr Gale's current clients to page 26. Derek's list of DON'Ts for a good psychotherapist:

1. [b:6d09529f3a][/b:6d09529f3a][/size:6d09529f3a][b:6d09529f3a]Don't give advice
2. Don't tell people what they are feeling
3. Don't talk about your own experience
4.Don't devalue symtoms
5.Don't give or make value judgements
6.Don't take criticsm personally
7 Don't assume that you are in some way superior to the client
8 Don't blame the client[/size:6d09529f3a][/b:6d09529f3a]

There you have a test provided by Mr Gale himself as to whether he is in fact a good psychtherapist.

If anyone has any similar information or any experiences with therapists that have been associated with Mr Gale we would like to hear from you.


Psychotherapy cults
Posted by: Lordship ()
Date: September 28, 2006 01:23AM

[b:8c50c7e5f1][i:8c50c7e5f1]"We are not a cult because a cult is about enforcing dependency, Derek gives us independence.

Any religion could be defined as a cult, after all wasn't Jesus himself a guru?

To be in a cult you have to be brainwashed and live in a commune wearing crap clothes.

Derek is not Rasputin or Charles Manson, we are not loony criminal murderers.

Rick Ross, the Cult Information Centre and Infosekta exploit former clients and probably brainwash them so that they will launch legal actions for large amounts of money (of which they will take a share). They are just ambulance chasers creating 'victims' for their own exploitation.

To the outside world we may appear to be a cult but that is because you do not understand Derek and his methods. You cannot regulate for genius.

Derek has worked for over 20 years to help people. Therapy is not easy and it takes a very special person to guide people through it when the going gets tough and they want to quit. If a client is feeling low and depressed, possibly even suicidal, how are they going to solve their problems if we just let them go to wander the streets without help and support?"[/i:8c50c7e5f1][/size:8c50c7e5f1][/b:8c50c7e5f1]

In the interests of being fair and balanced we will leave the above comments from an anonymous e mail to stand as Derek Gale has declined to comment further since his previous message.

We will also leave his current clients with another quote from Derek's own hand:

[b:8c50c7e5f1][i:8c50c7e5f1][/color:8c50c7e5f1] "I advise caution of a therapist who cannot let go of his clients. Some therapists become extremely possessive about clients and find it hard to let go or even countenance letting go of a client. I often find that if I can honestly tell a client that it is up to him whether he leaves or stay and that I will respect his decision and support him in it, this gives him a freedom which helps him to view the problem much more clearly"[/i:8c50c7e5f1][/b:8c50c7e5f1][i:8c50c7e5f1][/size:8c50c7e5f1]"

[/i:8c50c7e5f1][What Is Psychotherapy by Derek Gale - page 48

Clients may want to draw Derek's attention to that passage when the group are pressuring them to stay in and Derek is offering his "I am the only one on your side....." routine.

Be strong


Psychotherapy cults
Posted by: Lordship ()
Date: January 10, 2007 02:54AM

[/size:d2580a2aca] In response to bb01234

Derek Gale operates his psychotherapy practice out of the Gale Centre in Whitakers Way Loughton. The centre was renovated at his clients expense and using them as 'volunteer' labour during summer 2004.

Derek Gale has a small psychotherapy 'family' of between 15 and 20 people that meet fortnightly as a group on alternate mondays and individually every week for their 'sessions'. As well as regular weekend workshops and residentials. He disguises his 'family' group as a 'voicegroup' although very little voice training or therapy goes on at the group meetings.

Derek Gale is listed with the Cult Information Centre in London and Infosekta in Zurich as a known cult leader.

Derek Gale utilises a bastardised form of psychodrama, co-counselling, quack psychoanalysis and 'voice therapy' as the core elements of his techniques.

Derek Gale specialises in confession, verbal abuse, extreme peer pressure and constant criticism which he calls "loving criticism". He also forces his client's through "wonderfully difficult experiences" and openly refers to them as his family.

Derek Gale defines anyone that leaves his group as "mad" and those that lodge formal complaints against him are "violent alcoholics".

Derek Gale claims to be a world renowned psychotherapist yet he is currently suspended by his ethical body (the UKAHPP) and is refusing to participate in their formal complaints procedure - he would rather claim that he has resigned while taking legal action to try to force them to let him resign.

Derek Gale complains that none of those that have spoken out against him have spoken to him about their complaints. However every time a former client has tried to arrange a meeting Gale has found excuses not to attend as soon as he finds out they would have their own professional support with them. He even expects former clients to pay for him to have his lawyer present at meetings!!!

There is an open invitation from specialist councillors and former clients for Gale to arrange a meeting with his "family" present to discuss the formal complaints, impending court actions or any other matter. He has (surprise surprise) declined to take up this offer.

bb01234 - Hope that helps you a little with your query. If you need any more information please do not hesitate to ask.

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