X-thetans: The Last Stand
Date: June 12, 2006 10:27AM

I love the X-men movie franchise. X-men 2 is the best. Then 1. Then 3, which I saw only very recently.

The reason I like the X-men movies is that it steers refreshingly clear of the VERY tired good/white/human versus evil/black/alien scenario utilised in most Hollywood movies (Harry Potter, Narnia, Die Hard, Star Wars...) and instead deals with a myriad of co-existing groups with different agendas. In X-men, there are humans who like mutants, humans who don't like mutants, mutants who don't like mutants, mutants who don't like humans, mutants who want to be human, humans who want to be mutants...

But while watching X-men: The Last Stand, I was disappointed to discover that being a mutant had suddenly become very similar to being a Scientologist. There were levels to be attained by the mutants. Phoenix was a level 5 mutant and so had harnessed all of her thetan,[i:c66d392b7c] I mean mutant[/i:c66d392b7c], powers.

I thought suddenly that perhaps Xavier's School for the Gifted (mutants) wasn't perhaps very much similar to L Ron Hubbard's Church for the Scientologists: a place to harness your inherent, inert powers over matter and space.

It was a vague sort of thought of mine as I watched the movie...until the end. The climatic last scenes of the movie take place at San Fransico bay. Magneto wants to pick up and plonk down a bridge that brings together man and mutant. The quest of L Ron Hubbard and his thetan followers, oops, I mean, [i:c66d392b7c]Xavier and his mutants[/i:c66d392b7c], is to stop this: harnessing your mutant powers requires careful study in a special environment, surrounded by your peers. The bridge must be crossed slowly and carefully, not just plonked down.

Is it paranoid to think Scientology might be promoting their beliefs by way of Hollywood? Does anyone else think [b:c66d392b7c]X-men: The Last Stand[/b:c66d392b7c] too closely depicts elements from Scientology?

Are Scientologists living and breathing this science fiction?

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X-thetans: The Last Stand
Date: July 03, 2006 09:29PM

Oh, you can do this for any movie. Superman Returns, for example.

Superman shuttles to earth on a meteor: Thetans shuttle to earth on a meteor.

"The world doesn't need a saviour": Scientology has its work cut out in a skeptical world.

Superman battles evil: Scientology battles criminals and psychopaths.

(Oh, you can do this for any comic book hero movie...? I am going to start watching dramas.)

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