Madonna - From Safer Sex to Covid Denialist Bullshit
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: July 31, 2020 09:30PM

In the 1980s, AIDS/HIV was pandemic, no treatment, people were dying, and the Reagan Administration would not mention the disease.

In 1986, a young Madonna used her celebrity status to teach and normalize ways to prevent transmission of the deadly virus, incorporating safer sex information into her concerts.

Google search results.


Today, 2020, decades later, what is Madonna doing?

Spreading disinformation and BULLSHIT about covid virus!

Madonna, is this your idea? Or were you taught this by your gurus at Kabbalah Centre?

Madonna leads celebrity vogue for Covid-19 conspiracy theories

Singer’s claim vaccine is being concealed is latest example of stars spreading falsehoods during pandemic

Rory Carroll
Published on Fri 31 Jul 202


Re: Madonna - From Safer Sex to Covid Denialist Bullshit
Posted by: facet ()
Date: August 02, 2020 04:36AM

Hi Corboy,

I don’t think that this one comes from the Kabbalah Center.

It is a pre existing conspiracy doing the rounds, which likely came from another source or possibly one to one teacher.. they like this kind of thing because it gets people hooked.. the person then goes about sharing what they now ‘know’.

I would not be surprised if it came from a one to one type teacher who does the rounds with celebrity and wealthy individuals in the same circles.

As far as I am aware, Madonna fell out with the Kabbalah Center, something or someone will have needed to replace that.

Re: Madonna - From Safer Sex to Covid Denialist Bullshit
Posted by: facet ()
Date: August 02, 2020 05:14AM

Here it is, this was why Madonna fell out with the fake Kabbalah Center.. it was a while back now.

‘As the Bergs' fortunes increased, so did the scrutiny of their organization. The Centre has faced a number of scandals, the most damaging of which came to light, ironically, because of Madonna. According to a Newsweek expose, the singer raised $18 million dollars through her Raising Malawi Foundation, which she cofounded with Rev Berg's son Michael. They planned to build a girls' school in the small African country's capital, before folding the project after wasting $3.8 million on construction.

According to the report, $3 million of the money actually spent on the project was spent at the Los Angeles Kabbalah Centre and not in Malawi; the Centre also reportedly collected money earmarked for the Malawi charity that was never actually turned over to the foundation. The issues faced at the Malawi school eventually caused Madonna to scrap the organization's board and take over oversight along with her manager and accountant. The Centre soon came under investigation by the IRS for tax fraud, after more allegations came to the surface of the Berg family using the foundation for their personal enrichment.’


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Re: Madonna - From Safer Sex to Covid Denialist Bullshit
Posted by: facet ()
Date: August 03, 2020 04:00AM

Scrap my previous posts, somebody shared this article which was in April just last year.


I’d love to hear the story behind how she’s still involved with this trash.

I still do not believe that the conspiracy stuff is coming from the Kabbalah Center though. That’s got to be from elsewhere.

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