"The Source" -- Actors group reportedly linked to NXIUM cult
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: June 01, 2017 09:30PM

This entire article is a detailed lesson on the importance of fact checking
and how to do so.

"The Knife of Aristotle"


The author checked out an organization he wanted to work for.

He kept digging until he got enough evidence that it was tied
to a cult called NXIUM.

But...this group has a multitude of front organizations under different
names and has one set up to attract yoga practitioners.


Rebranding NXIVM as a news outlet makes sense, but also seemed overly specific. But checking in with the cult’s dedicated watchdog shows that they have diversified into a number of specific audiences.

The Source is designed to involve actors with this program, Exo/Eso is built around yoga, JNESS is a support group for women, and Society of Protectors is an analogous group of men defending the honor of men. God, they’re just terrible at names. It feels like they were always in a rush to get a new company out the door.

And that’s the cracked code. A cult knows that it can’t keep being a cult under the same name anymore, so it is quickly becoming too many different organizations to track, all built around getting people to spend a month in Albany. And maybe it doesn’t take a full-on detective to know that you shouldn’t keep considering any job where your boss can’t answer your questions about the job.

It’s a fake news site that is, itself, fake. It’s staffed by people that we could not prove existed in the first place, doing work behind a paywall that requires real money.

There’s nothing left to satirize. But if you have an account there, please let me know if they think this news is fake too.

Edit: The Knife of Aristotle took down most of its staff pages shortly after this story was published.

Information about NXIVM



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