Guy Ritchie (Mr. Madonna) and New Age guru David R. Hawkins
Posted by: PhoenixPotter ()
Date: December 30, 2005 03:18AM

Guy Ritchie interviewed David R. Hawkins. Hawkins claims applied kinesiology can calibrate the level of consciousness of everything and everyone in the universe. Kabbalah/the Zohar got a fairly high calibration from Hawkins, perhaps this is why Ritchie interviewed him.

[] (Under "Press Release" you will find a photo of the filmmaker with Hawkins).

More info on Hawkins:

Guy Ritchie (Mr. Madonna) and New Age guru David R. Hawkins
Posted by: BuddyBear ()
Date: December 30, 2005 12:35PM

If this is true. Will Guy Ritchie get Madonna to join Dahn Yoga?

Dahn yoga and Ilchi Lee have been using David Hawkins book "Power Vs. Force" for several years. They use him as an outsider to validate what they are teaching.

He is also on several promotional videos made at Dahn Yoga's Mago Garden in Sedona. It could be because David Hawkins was a student of Lester Levinson. He was the creator of the "Sedona Method" and is currently buried near the horse stables on Mago Garden property. His grave is supposed to be an energy vortex. He is referred to as Saint Lester Levinson by Ilchi Lee.

The story goes that Lester Levinson came to Lee in a dream and told him to buy the property.

I guess Madonna would make a good draw for the cult of Dahn Yoga. Do you think the Kaballah people will forbid it or do you think they will cross share their students like Neil Donald Walsch,James Twyman and Ilchi Lee?

My guess is that they will share her and get more students and their money into the Kaballah cult.

Guy Ritchie (Mr. Madonna) and New Age guru David R. Hawkins
Posted by: PhoenixPotter ()
Date: December 31, 2005 03:40AM

Hawkins did endorse Lester Levinson, though strangely he later "calibrated" Levinson as dropping in calibration from around "500" (loving) to below "200" (negative/"nonintegrous").

Here is what Hawkins' said, from Levison's site:

[i:850689df3a]“I had several physical ailments, including migraine headaches, diverticulitis, gout, and severe hypoglycemia, ant the week after taking the course was scheduled for surgery. But within a few days after beginning to release, the surgical condition disappeared and never re-appeared. My other physical problems cleared up. I believe these good effects are due to the stress reduction brought about by using the Technique.”

Dr. David Hawkins, Arizona

What's funny is that any violent movie seems to get a "negative" calibration from Hawkins, so he would probably not recommend any of Ritchie's films (except perhaps the box office bomb that starred his wife).


Guy Ritchie (Mr. Madonna) and New Age guru David R. Hawkins
Posted by: Vicarion ()
Date: January 01, 2006 02:11PM

So basically, this "calibration" nonsense is Hawkins' way of trying to lend some objective credibility to his own personal opinions?

Reading about his so-called "work" reveals that he passes personal judgment on everything from movies to churches to philosophies, disclaiming all responsibility for his choices and judgments, using a clearly disproven pseudoscience as his measuring tool. If he were a person of any credibility, he'd own up to his opinions. But he does the same thing that "chanellers" do, that is they make pronouncements and attribute them to "the Universe", "Ramtha", or whatever "higher" source will not be questioned by the readers or seekers.

Whoo-eeee! P.T. Barnum was [i:62e29d2f01]right![/i:62e29d2f01] :roll:

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