Church of Shambhalla & Buddha Maitreya
Posted by: H2OCO2 ()
Date: March 22, 2011 02:03AM

If your first impression of this group is to doubt its mission you are correct.
Its Western nuns and monks are very nice and persuasive and firmly believe
in their teacher, Buddha Maitreya or Ronald Spencer. The more open you are
the more vulnerable you are to their constant calling. Their job as nuns and monks
is to sell as many "healing tools" as possible in order to fund the projects of
Buddha Maitreya. However, after many years and millions of dollars collected
there is very little to show for it. This Buddha has lost his credibility to the
few Tibetans he hoodwinked. As for the American followers they are starting
to also drop away as his teachings are becoming more and more bizarre.
His Dharshans may or may not happen and your money is not refundable.
You could also be out your airfare. You will pay $300 for snacks, 2 lunches
and 2 dinners which are no more than home style cooking. You will spend
alot of time listening to his CDs as meditation time and plenty of time
browsing the "tools and jewelry". You will also be exposed to his personal
anti-homosexuality talks, anti-pets, live ecologically (although the monastery
is on the grid, the wind turbines don't work), at one time he was going to sit
with the Dalai Lama, but now the Dalai Lama is very bad and the reincarnation
of Ghangis Khan: President Obama and Mrs Obama are evil....Mrs Obama
wore a black and red dress so she is also evil......these
and many more rants are in all the Dharshans. If you are expecting to go to
a Dharshan with a Buddha and hear enlightening discourses you will not find them here.
You will walk away very confused about everything you were ever taught , and
any religion you ever practiced as he has no use for religion or education.
Simply listen to his music and his teachings and you will live a special life.
There are lots of buss words here too so that you can be part of the group.....
"renting" of the etheric field, " recapitulate", your" processing", de- possession,
So, if you truly want to do something good with your money find a legitimate
group with a truly loving nature and harmless outlook.

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Re: Church of Shambhalla & Buddha Maitreya
Posted by: bluebird ()
Date: March 29, 2011 06:54AM

I have had some contact with this group and feel there is some mind control going on here. IO think he is a self proclaimed Buddah Maitreya and you might not want to play with them.

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Re: Church of Shambhalla & Buddha Maitreya
Posted by: H2OCO2 ()
Date: April 01, 2011 12:24PM

I would agree with you and have no plans to return. Time will tell and "you can't fool all the people all the time."

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