The International Church of Christ
Posted by: richardmgreen ()
Date: July 14, 2002 12:39AM

I've noticed that a number of these cult/churches like to build themselves up to be Christianity as it was originally practiced by Jesus and his disciples or by the churches immediately after.
My old church, the Hickman group, was keeping orthodox Torah laws in an attempt to replicate the first church. ICOC takes a somewhat different tack.
A few years ago, I saw two people playing the guitar outside of the Rutgers Student Center, in New Brunswick, NJ. I struck up a conversation with them and found out they with with the ICOC.
As I knew of this church from Rick Ross's site I wanted to do some spying on them because I also write to the local Jewish paper.
I had a musical gig going with one of them, DI. I told him that music about Jesus was out but "spiritual" music was OK. He agreed and we played together for awhile. But eventually, he tried to convert me and I reminded him of our agreement but he went back on his word. You can't be friends with people in groups like this unless you're in the group. Everyone else is just a target to be converted.

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