Insanity, Spiritual Teachers and Blog Talk Radio
Date: November 18, 2010 11:10AM

Insanity, Spiritual Teachers and Blog Talk Radio

I first got sucked into the insanity of this New Age movement after seeing “The Secret”. After that, I told my sister about it and she then she got me my first psychic reading. I was really adamant about being a better person and took the course with Oprah and Eckhart Tolle shortly after that. I honestly held these people up like they knew more than I did and really just adored them. It’s over the last 2 plus years that I have really started learning about true ego and what truth really is.

I feel what I have learned in the past 2 plus years will probably help people more than how these ‘spiritual teachers’ have. To me, I feel that they pull us in with a little bit of truth and then steer us in a direction that serves only their own ego.

The Secret and Eckhart Tolle’s, A New Earth really changed my life, but not for the good. I think it is important to realize that our thoughts and emotions are not us, but the level that Tolle takes it, will only guarantee you insanity. Just ask my sister. She’s been admitted into a mental hospital at least 7 times over just the last year and a half. One minute she thinks she’s an incarnated angel, then the mother of Christ and then Christ himself. IMO, what these teachings are doing to the mind is deplorable. It seems to enhance the ego rather than subdue it.

I have realized, contrary to Tolle and many others' teachings, that you cannot deny your emotions. Whether they are based in reality, fantasy or delusion, they have to be acknowledged or you will go insane. Or, just continue to to follow “spiritual teachers” thinking they have all your answers, and then you will eventually be completely delusional and insane and not even know it, like my sister.

One of the biggest giveaways to Tolle is his statement about egos. He says that ego is what recognizes ego. So, Eckhart, since you don’t have an ego anymore, you must not be able to see ego in anyone, let alone to preach to others about it, right?

Hayhouse’s Doreen Virtue and Sonia Choquette also have a big part in creating more insanity, IMO. Doreen and Sonia say to trust yourself and your thoughts for they are messages from spirit. Well, do you have ANY idea, Hayhouse, how many people have been hurt by this identification with the mind? Hell, the Hayhouse authors constantly contradict themselves. Identify with the mind, don’t identify with the mind, do what you feel, don’t identify with what you feel. It will all make you go insane! One second you feel like you are a good person, then you feel bad for a thought that just comes through, then you feel as though you will bring in bad stuff due to the thought you had and feel guilty over it, and then more guilt for feeling guilt! It’s a never ending capitalist cult cycle!

Hayhouse, to me, is the worst of them all. They allow people to think they are doing divine work all in the name of Louise Hay’s profits. Louise Hay, Doreen Virtue, Sonia Choquette may have had good intentions at some point, but THEY are the ones who are run by ego and with identification with their minds. If they were spiritual at all anymore, they would know that everyone has their own life path and what works for them, WILL NOT be the end-all-be-all for everyone, and likely not even work for most. It’s amazing how these people seem to think they are qualified to tell others how to live. If they absolutely think they are absolutely right and do not doubt a thing, they have already gone insane and probably have no chance at becoming a whole person, IMO.

Doreen and Sonia have caused a really big level of insanity on this planet already. There is this woman named Carol Guy who studied their teachings and started a Blog Talk Radio Show where she can get her word out. IMO, Carol identified with her mind so much that when a thought came across her head saying “I am the angel Elijah. You are to awaken and call forth all other earth angels. You will be guided. We love you. You are the mother of all.” she REALLY believed it!! She was so convinced that she is “the mother of all earth angels” (which is PURE ego) that she started a ministry from Doreen’s Earth Angel books on Blog Talk Radio called “Earth Angels Radio.” She is also in an upcoming film similar to “The Secret” called “The Inner Weigh” where she and others talk about using the law of attraction for weight loss. What is really scary is that through with this film more people may fall prey to her schemes. I can see she is already working with a production company (con, again, imo) called “Masterpiece Productions LLC” where they claim to promote authors via Carol’s youtube page (in which the videos get very few hits.)

IMO, most people that work with Carol Guy are just as delusional and want to move up the monetary ladder via spirituality. I do believe that some of these people really think they are doing God’s work, but are becoming just as delusional as their teachers in Hayhouse. Carol lists her Earth Angels Radio Hosts (who IMO are not psychic or intuitive at all or they would see and feel her truth for themselves), as Karen Shoemaker and John Gadient. Some of her recent guests on Earth Angel Radio include Dr. Steven Farmer (one of Doreen Virtue’s former husbands), Author Arielle, Psychic Michelle Whitedove, Richard Stuphen, Diana Cooper, Dr. Steven Hairfield, Dr. Lawrence Bond, Dale Allen Hoffman, Mark Patterson, Raphael Cushnir, Paul Martinelli the CEO of Bob Proctor's Co. Life Success Consultants, Marty Montes, Sergio Bambaren, Scott Blum, Stephen Lewis, Dr. David Hamilton, Michael Schuessler, Ben Winkler, Jill Dahne, Cynthia Segal, to name just a few.

Carol, as well as a lot of other ‘readers’ on Blog Talk Radio, convince a caller or client through the readings, that they are to do something that really only serves the person 'reading'. In my own personal reading with her she gave very vague information along the lines of me doing things in accordance to the fluffy stuff Virtue and Choquette write about. If you listen to Carol, she really tells people almost verbatim what Virtue and Choquette say in their books. If you read those Hayhouse books, you will never look at a ‘reading’ the same again. You will be amazed at what a person can do with the info the received from books and the web. It is also common among BTR hosts to tell people that they really need a “full reading” during their free mini on-air reading (Carol’s site says she charges $200/hour, which she claims is 50% off what she used to charge. Some spiritual person she must be to charge so much for ‘help’!)

Someone else had posted a page online about their experience with Carol Guy after my suspicions have been raised about her and I thought I would see if there was anything out there on her. The page was up for a while, but it has been taken down a few months ago. I, however, saved the page to my computer and contacted the victim to find out what had come of it all. I was given permission and actually encouraged to tell the story. Here is a short version...

Carol Guy gave a ‘psychic reading’ and said that the victims were to give $5,000.00 towards something like a pyramid scheme that was for women only. After they declined she said they were to move to Colorado where they were to build the “Earth Angel Network” with her and that it was part of their life purpose to do so. Carol said that she saw them being really happy in Colorado, too. When they arrived, Carol told them she didn’t have any money and that she would have to move out of state to her mother’s home if they did not get her into a house within days. She took them to a very expensive house in a very expensive neighborhood and said the angels led her to it and that it was where they were supposed to be. They rented it and it didn’t take long before they saw who she truly was. She literally kicked them out with psychotic behavior and had them pay her rent because they were the ones on the lease. They, along with others, ended up suing Carol to try and recover the money they had lost. She then skipped the state, leaving the victims behind and ran to Florida where she is currently working with “Masterpiece Productions LLC”. She apparently went back to Colorado for the hearing where she claimed domestic violence against the victims and was exposed as a liar by the judge.

Around the same time, Carol’s family got in contact with the victims to help them with their ailing mother and court proceedings that Carol had initiated to gain control over her mother’s estate after Carol had no home and no money. The family confirmed that Carol’s behavioral history was manipulative, destructive and sometimes violent.

The victims also stated that not one thing that Carol had ever ‘channeled’ or ‘read’ for them had ever happened. In the victims words... “She told me my grandmother was dead. She wasn’t. She is in fact still alive. She told me I was going to get pregnant before we left Colorado, I didn’t. She told me she saw us being really happy in Denver. It was the worst time of our life! She tried to break me an my boyfriend up by telling him I was crazy. She tried to make ME seem crazy to him by belittling me, scowling at me and pushing her chest up towards me like she was about to be violent, making me fearful for my safety, then, when my boyfriend would come around she would be be overly nice. It was really scary and creepy. Carol also said in court at the last minute when she realized she wasn’t winning the court case, that my boyfriend domestically abused her! I think that is the lowest of the low. She was willing to put someone in jail over her love for money!” They added.. "whomever is hosting her on their couch or in their guest room, or has her driving their car, this woman doesn’t have one ounce of truth in her and will likely cause you great distress. I honestly think she is very mentally ill and needs to be institutionalized. She will suck you dry, not only financially, but mentally and emotionally, too."

From what I have seen happen, this is not the only person like this out there. I really think Doreen Virtue, Sonia Choquette, Louise Hay, Eckhart Tolle and Oprah all need to take a look at what they are creating. Monsters.

Blog Talk Radio also, IMO, should take some responsibility for what they are creating. The victims of Carol Guy’s delusions mentioned above met Carol Guy through her Blog Talk Radio show. BTR does not do any quality control anywhere, let alone in the spirituality category where many are giving spiritual advice. The victims said that they had contacted BTR about her and BTR never even gave them a response. I was really surprised to hear that about BTR. On Blog Talk Radio anyone on there can claim whatever they want and do a show without any disclaimers. I have seen some of the worst con artists (psychic and spiritual frauds) there. People are claiming they can heal others with a blessing, telling their callers happy things that they will have in their future that makes the caller feel really good and more likely to buy a reading from them, telling people they have dark energy and need a cleansing, etc.

I am not saying all BTR “spirituality” hosts are frauds, but a lot of them are delusional, if not, down right fraudulent. I encourage anyone who has ever been sucked into a BTR host in the spirituality section to post their story here. No one has done anything to get the word out there on these specific people yet. I know me and the victims I have spoken to would have really liked to have known about these people and their schemes before we all got involved.

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Re: Insanity, Spiritual Teachers and Blog Talk Radio
Posted by: Christa ()
Date: November 19, 2010 11:45AM

It's not the Internet's fault that there are a lot of nuts out there.

Your post is not entirely fair. BTR is just a platform; anyone can use it. You could use it. Have you thought about starting a BTR station to talk about cults?

Here's a link to a series of extremely informative, interesting interviews with ex-Scientologists, critics, and Anonymous. They're on BTR; the host is Dawn Olsen of Glosslip Radio. Marc Headley, Andreas Heldal-Lund, Gerry Armstrong, Mark Bunker (Wise Beard Man) Arnie Lerma and staffers from (now are among the interviewees. I highly recommend all of these in-depth interviews.


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Re: Insanity, Spiritual Teachers and Blog Talk Radio
Date: January 05, 2011 02:10PM

@Christa: Thanks for your response. I apologize sorry for my (super) late response.

I wasn't at all criticizing the Internet or free speech. I was, however, strongly implying that BTR should take better responsibility in informing the listeners about the risks involved and that credentials that hosts claim are not verified in any way. If I was told correctly, BTR will be charging hosts for shows starting sometime in Feb. That should help limit the amount of trash on there, but I still do think that BTR should really consider disclaimers.

Also, I did have a BTR show, I can honestly say it felt good to stop doing it.

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