Berachah Church...Cult?
Posted by: rogdodge_99 ()
Date: November 15, 2010 07:02AM

I am starting a different discussion on one blog I read about concerning Berachah Church. Also, I am a newbie on here. First off, I am 56 years of age, got a college degree and had worked on my Masters but did not complete my training. I first read a booklet a friend at college gave to me that was written by R.B. Thieme, Jr. As a child I was forced to go to the First Baptist Church in Ashdown, Ar. I grew up and quit going from around the 7th grade until the 10th grade when my girlfriend talked me into going back to the same church. I participated in youth groups and the youth choir when we did two musicals which I sang lead in. Oh boy! I thought I was doing God the biggest favor in the world by helping him spread the gospel through me! As time went along after reading R.B. Thieme's booklets and listening to his cassette tapes I began to see how OFF I was on the "accurate" Word of God in which I thought the Baptists' were correct in teaching. How wrong was I? Cult? Berachah Church? NO WAY! If anyone had taken the time who has called this Establishment of God a cult worship center to dig into his teaching of the Word they might become enlightened by it. Colonel Thieme took the "Original Manuscripts" of the whole entire Bible and translated it from the original tongues it was written in and put it into English. That's All. Translations, along with all of the nuances and historical significance that related to any particular time period within the writing of each Book. The Truth. Cult? How about us being brainwashed by human viewpoint instead of "Divine"? Our politicians, bosses, workers, friends with all differing viewpoints. The Truth. That is what Thieme did. Translated from the "originals." No cult. Instead, I tend to believe the First Baptist Church in Ashdown is more of a cult than Berachah. Or, organized religion for that matter. Jesus never once called his being of Christianity to any of his followers, disciples, or anyone else a religion. In fact, He denounced religion when it came to the discussion with Nikodemus. And oh, by the way, if like many want to read exclusively from the King James Version of the Bible that is also a translation from the "Originals". 40 some odd English scholars in fact, minus a few from being sick or dead. How big a mess would that be when that many translaters are trying to decipher from the native languages? So, in closing, I dare say that organized religion is a cult. How many denominations are there? Too many for me to count. Most of them have different meanings from the King James Bible translations and over the years split from the main church and started their own church. Confusion remains. With Berachah, the Truth is revealed. Many Blessings to all and Thieme's son who is pastor of this church. And may many more people learn to understand more of the Essence of the Godhead and what the accurate Word of God really is.


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