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Date: November 18, 2022 07:47AM

God, and look at these posts from this thread:

8 mo. ago
Hi, I have been Victimized by the cult after and recently found the solid evidence that the Seedy Brainwashers, were indeed attempting and succeeded in ruining my family. Attempts on my life force me to ask those interested, to PM me. Short answer CC is that it, is sick, dangerous and has no interest any anything good. That’s all I can Handle saying. Do not listen to anything from that group.


7 mo. ago
Unfortunately I have. My aunties got deeply involved with this group. One still is. We lost my other Aunty a few months ago. What started as a fixable skin cancer ended up killing her. You see the crimson circle forbids interference by mainstream medicine. My aunty was told that the lesion was her emotions coming out and to leave it and it would balance out eventually. She believed them and their stupid mantras and tapes. A tragedy that I don't wish on anyone's family but sadly there will be others.


Re: Geoffrey Hoppe & Crimson Circle Cult
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This cult has it's own lingo. For instance followers are called "shaumbra". They are told that 2000 years ago they first all came to earth as human angels. They would wear red clothing to indicate to each other secretly that it was time for a meeting.

Modern day followers are supposed to remember that they did that, that they made an agreement to be family to each other. Regularly they are told to wear red.

I see quite a bit of emphasis on cult = love. Cult = home. Cult = family.

So much drama. Followers are supposed to breathlessly await messages from whatever Hoppe pretends to channel.

In July 2009 Hoppe put his followers through an emotional roller coaster. During a weekend of channeling performances, "Tobias" tearfully said farewell. I still see references to this event, looks like it was designed to shake everyone up.

After a deeply poignant weekend of channels by Tobias, Adamus Saint-Germain, Kuthumi, Kryon and others, Tobias gave his touching and tearful farewell message. He shared that his shell body, a boy he referred to as “Sam,” had been in an accident and was currently unconscious in a hospital. And it was during this time of openness that Tobias’ full energy of To Bi Wah was merging fully into Sam.

Tobias also shared that the character of Tobias, while it included that of To Bi Wah, was also made up of the energy of each individual Shaumbra as well. He related how “Tobias” was a character in a story that we all agreed to create long ago as a means of one day bringing Shaumbra back together at this incredible time of transformation. As the energy of To Bi Wah embodies within Sam, we are each invited to bring back our own “inner Tobias” as well, and become all that we truly are.

Perhaps the day will come when “Sam” will find his way to the Crimson Circle and reunite with his dearest friends, also known as Shaumbra. He will walk beside us as we all work to manifest the New Energy era on Earth.


Hoppe, performing as "Tobias" narrated Time of the Sixth Sun ( [] ). He promoted and fund-raised for the movie. The cult newsletter "Shaumbra Monthly" has several essays on the movie, including one by Nikki Williams in which she refers to "the dulcet velvety tones of our beloved Geoffrey Hoppe of the Crimson Circle". []

Re: Geoffrey Hoppe & Crimson Circle Cult
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Geoffrey Hoppe and Linda Benyo Hoppe look to be raking in lots of money from their cultists.

They now have a "Tuscan style villa" in Holualoa, Hawaii. This is used for events, to rent out to followers and also to the public through Airbnb. The Hoppes use acquisition of this place as further proof of their prosperity message.

In the tradition of Louise L Hay, Chuck Spezzano, and other purveyors of "New Thought" - they blame people for experiencing health challenges.

They claim that one of the causes of "mental imbalance" is:

Self-inflicted karma from past lives (this includes mental retardation)



After reading all of this, I'm not feeling very good about the safety of redsed the way he's defending these people, let alone my wife. I just cannot believe nothing can be done. The laws honestly need to change with regards to cults in the US.

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Date: November 18, 2022 08:56AM

Crimson Circle main website:

Crimson Circle store:

Just for fun, from the store:

Christ Consciousness in a Hopeless World

During the extraordinary Dream of the Merlin event, Beloved St. Germain announced the imminent opening of Heaven’s Cross, a welcome crack in the tight encasement around Earth and human consciousness. This planet has always been isolated from the other realms, causing humans to forget why they are here and blocking the natural flow of divine energies and communication with the soul. This disconnection results in a profound sense of hopelessness, which then causes mental imbalance, depression, addictions, and disease. Now, the opening of Heaven’s Cross, a literal physics event that changes the electromagnetics of Earth, brings access to the other realms, Christ Consciousness, sovereignty, and grace.


Crimson Circle facebook:

Their Youtube channel:

Just look at those links and then tell me this isn't a cult. And if you read everything else there is to find about them online... Meanwhile, this man has got almost 17.000 people following him on facebook, 25.000 or more on Youtube, and over 8000 people in a private group on facebook.

It's sinister and I hope it gets examined by someone who can see through the polished polite outside layer. This Hoppe character feels as though he'd take this thing all the way to scientology levels if he could.

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Re: Crimson Circle?
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Date: November 18, 2022 09:18AM

Their most recent video about something called the Heaven's Cross Opening says it all:


Scary stuff!

Re: Crimson Circle?
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Date: January 03, 2023 01:19AM

Hi, lostmywife, I feel for you, that must feel terrible - to depart with your partner in such a way.

You mentioned previously that you had screenshots of conversations with your wife and also with the cult leader.
That would be truly interesting to see - what he had to say to you personally in this situation.

lostmywife Wrote:
> I can post screenshots of all the text messages
> she sent me over the months if you want to see
> them but I’ll do so later because I’m too agitated
> at the moment. I’ve also got texts directly from
> him in which he basically admits all of this and
> thinks it’s all very funny that my wife is with
> him now.

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