information on Silva Mind Control?
Posted by: Brynhild Tudor ()
Date: November 03, 2010 03:19PM

Hi all,
In researching the backgrounds of new-age authors in order to not take their channeled messages at face value, I sometimes have a lot of trouble finding information on their past or the organizations they trained under (unless of course it is to sing the authors, praises with glowing testimonials." One of these organizations is something called Silva Mind Control, and a particular new-age author got his training there and later came up with his own system. Has anyone here ever been involved in the Silva method, is it considered a cult (I don't much like the name mind-control), and can anyone give me more info on it?
Thanks! I'm finding just how rude so-called loving channeled spirits can be to humanity. I'm also noticing a huge new-age discrepency staring me in the face. It's as if humanity's at a lower level and spirits are at a higher level, and spirits have all the higher wisdom. I have never heard a channeled spirit say, "we have a lot we can learn from you humans, you have much to teach us." I have never heard these so-called channeled entities apologize for coming off as rude, or all-knowing, or humble, unless it's humility because they admire humanity for coming to uplift the planet. I have never seen a higher-wisdom being ask humanity questions, or want to learn from us. It's always a one-way street. Entities are amazing at recognizing faults of humanity and says humanity must change, but it's never the other way around.

Anyone else formerly involved in the new age movement seen this discrepency, and is this a psychological technique, a Silva method thing? Also, anyone have any info on NLP techniques? As usual, I can only find positive info about them through testimonials.

Thanks Corboy for an excellent "culture of Cults" article! It's helping me a lot.

Re: information on Silva Mind Control?
Posted by: objektivist ()
Date: November 04, 2010 10:06AM

I watched this over the summer, interesting & very telling :


For NLP, use the search function at the very top right hand corner of this page. I typed in neuro linguistic programming and selected all dates from the drop down. You'll have plenty to read. A word of caution as you're reading ....... don't do "the work" of byron katie. I did worksheets at home and it put me in the hospital about a year ago.

Hope this helps.

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Re: information on Silva Mind Control?
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: November 04, 2010 11:36PM

Silva Mind Control has been influential to other persons in the commercial guru field.

Here is this from pages 158-160 of W W Bartley's

[[i]Werner Erhard: Transformation of a Man[/i]

Bartley was a well regarded professor of philosophy who became an passionate devotee of both Werner Erhard and of est. So keep the devotional tone in mind if read the book, which is a quite interesting tour of the various modalities Erhard and his acolytes studied when incubating what later became est and in its current form, Landmark Education.

And this is based on what Werner Erhard chose to tell Bartley.

Turns out Silva Mind control was part of the pedigree.

"During his encounter with Scientology, Werner continued to prepare his own communications and training course. In order to discover how existing training courses were organized and advertised, he sent Peter Monk and Mike Maurer from one course to another to check attendence, promotion, effectiveness. In October 1970, Mike and Peter attended an introductory lecture for a two weekend course called 'Mind Dynamics".

Bartley writes of Mind Dynamics:

'It was indeed probably the most spectacular mind-expansion program ever staged. It featured extraordinary demonstrations and intensive training in memory feats, in enhancement of psychic powers, ESP precognition, and psychic diagnosis and healing. There was comparatively little philosophical theory in it, but a wide range of techniques, drawing on hypnosis and autohypnosis and on autogenic therapy, in addition to rather more exotic techiques cultivated by teh famous Texas "natural psyhic" Edgar Cayce and by Jose Silva, foudner of Silva Mind Control, as well as a number of colorful effets drawing from Rosicrucianism, Theosophy, and other disciplines. .."

Alexander Everett who founded Mind Dynamics reportedly told this to Bartley when interviewed "Cayce spoke of himself--I think correctly-- as a natural psychic..But I met the same old problem. Although Cayce reached these realms, the members of his group could not actually say how to do it....they didnt know how to teach you to get there too.

"Jose Silva, whom I met and worked with in Texas, was the first who could show people the way. He is a friendly Mexican, a beautiful guy. Learned from him techniques to get people into subjective states. But we also had some disagreements and eventually we parted. I set up my own the things I learned from Silva, I added what I knew from other disciplines....the basic objective of Mind Dynamics, as I set it up, was to get people to a higher dimension of mind, from which level their entire lives would be more effective.'

(The two were so impressed that they promptly endorsed it to Werner Erhard.
(pp 158-159)

Re: information on Silva Mind Control?
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: November 05, 2010 12:23AM

This is a quotation from a cached book on Silva Mind Control published decades ago.

Note the use of the term psychosis, with no attempt to identify subcatagories. The authors are also operating from unrestrained attribution bias. They went in loyal to Silva Mind Control and found what they wanted to find and would have been able to ingore what did not fit their expectations.


Anyone who is a devotee of Silva Method is basing their loyalties upon a literature grounded in assumptins untested by medical scientific protocol and whose author was not a trained health care provider and whose assumptions about mental illness would now be considered obsolete.

Back then, when safeguards were more lax, untrained persons were given access to institutionalized patients, in a manner that would not be permitted today.

Note the assumption voiced here that psychosis is engendered by abandonment during the first two years of life.

Today, a trained clinician or nurse or social worker would use a very different and more precise terminology.

Instead of speaking as this Silva Method book does, of the general condition of 'psychosis' care would be taken to classify according to the particular medical psychiatric condition, for today it is understood that some conditions are very heavily based on biochemical susceptiblity and that if treated properly, a person can be healthy and well functioning and not meet criteria for psychosis.

This is now considered quite out of date. It fits the catagory of borderline personality disorder, an Axis II disorder in which the growing self is wounded by repeated disruptions in the relationship between the tiny child and primary caregiver--usually between infancy and age 19 months.

By contrast, conditions such as schizophrenia and bipolar affective disorder

Re: information on Silva Mind Control?
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: November 05, 2010 07:05AM

There is a page of links here on Silva.

search for Silva Mind Control []

Re: information on Silva Mind Control?
Posted by: Brynhild Tudor ()
Date: November 05, 2010 09:04AM

Wow, this is scary stuff! There seems to be a huge corrolation between these Silva/LGAT methods and mental illness. Maybe if you mess with people's minds enough, they become mentally ill...

Would you all take a look at this site and give me your thoughts? This person was involved in Silva mind control and claims to have been a scientist so writes metaphysical articles and tried to use science as validation (this is what science says so why can't it be taken a step further? type thing). I'm not well-versed in science and was wondering if you could tell me whether this is bunk or not! You have to get past all the products and new age mumbo-jumbo, but the articles section supposedly has scientific stuff in there.

Have a poke around. Wish I'd done all this sooner! Well at least I'm doing it now.

Thanks a bunch! Brynhild

Re: information on Silva Mind Control?
Posted by: Stoic ()
Date: November 05, 2010 09:36AM

If you have to get past all the products then there's nothing worth reading there. The newage mumbo jumbo is only there to sell the products, selling the products is the entire point of the exercise, all the rest is window-dressing.

Re: information on Silva Mind Control?
Posted by: Stoic ()
Date: November 05, 2010 04:51PM


This is intended in the kindest possible way:

'Have a poke around. Wish I'd done all this sooner! Well at least I'm doing it now.'

Well, no actually, you're not. You're asking us to do it for you and then feed you the answers. Which is the same as expecting Tolle or any other 'authority' to feed you the answers.

You can only learn something worthwhile by beginning to come to grips with this yourself, and that means doing some heavy thinking and forming your own opinions. Your own, well-scrutinised opinions, whatever they are, are the best answer you can get.

How to scrutinise your own opinions (and a good intro to the scientific method):


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Re: information on Silva Mind Control?
Posted by: sunshine ()
Date: November 06, 2010 04:36AM

I'm embarrassed to admit that I took a Silva course several years ago. I can't remember much other than it being very long hours and taking up my entire weekend. We were told at the beginning that if we were not satisfied for any reason we could get a full refund. Part way through the course I was already thinking about asking for a refund because it was getting weirder and weirder. The only reason I didn't ask for my money back was because I hate dealing with confrontations. So I wasted time and money and later threw out all the course materials. (Hopefully, I've become smarter since then.)

There was one exercise in which we broke up into small groups and were expected to heal someone that a group member knew; we were to do this with our minds. While I believe that our minds are capable of doing all kinds of great things which we may not even realize, that exercise just didn't feel right. It felt like a game of "let's pretend." How was I supposed to help someone I didn't know anything about with my mind? It's also extremely invasive to attempt to "treat" anyone (human or animal) without first receiving permission. I like my privacy; I would imagine most people do.

Jose Silva, the creator of the Silva method, didn't teach the course I signed up for. I can't remember how many instructors were involved or anything about them, but I can remember that the mood was artificially cheerful. We were expected to be up. I don't like hanging out with negative people, but I loathe anything fake; same goes for anything forced. If someone was dealing with difficult situations like a death or break up, would they have been expected to pretend all was fine during the entire weekend?

Re: information on Silva Mind Control?
Posted by: sunshine ()
Date: November 06, 2010 04:40AM

There's a Silva book out called You the Healer. The last chapter is called "Affecting the Weather" and someone shares her story about getting rid of fog. Seriously, I'm not making this up. She claims to have gotten rid of fog so that her plane could take off.

In the same book there's a chapter called "Correcting Abnormal Behaviour." Some of the examples mentioned: stopping smoking, alcoholism, overeating, gambling and nail biting. People with an alcohol problem or eating disorder have more issues to deal with than simply abusing alcohol or food and are going to need help so that they don't merely stop abusing their drug of choice and then switch to something else like smoking or out of control spending. To deny this reality is irresponsible.

There's another chapter on eliminating kidney stones and gallstones. Someone could be enduring unnecessary pain by trying to eliminate stones without proper help and who needs the resulting complications if a stone gets stuck?

Imagine if the LOA or the the Silva method worked 100 percent of the time. Given how jealous, insecure and greedy some people are, the world would be an even crazier place than it already is!

At any rate, enough of my rant.

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