The Template Foundation / Emin / Leo Armin
Posted by: one_skeptikal ()
Date: March 09, 2005 06:13AM

Hi, I'm looking for any information on "The Template Foundation / Emin / Leo Armin".

I've done the google thing to death - Also searched on this site.

I have researched all websites pertaining to this/these groups . From the outside it all looks good.

However, I have also read the chapter 'Leo's Maze' from the Book ' Spying in Guruland' which outlines an esoteric and potentially mind controlling group. In addition to former member statements (not good, but not evil).

I have also read a book written by Leo Armin (major mumbo jumbo).

Any additional info would be appreceiated.


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The Template Foundation / Emin / Leo Armin
Posted by: wayland ()
Date: November 16, 2005 08:56PM

Someone from the Emin Society added a page to Wikipedia about Emin. Their original version was written in Emin "codings" as they call their kind of newspeak. I've been rewriting the page for a while now, adding useful information about Emin. There are lots of links to Emin groups such as Template, Topaz, Feminenza, Blue Rose Wellness, Rubycare etc.

I know lots about the Emin because I was brainwashed by them for six and a half years in the 1970s. I got away from their influence in 1980 and have had a happy life since then, getting older and further away from Emin programming. Nevertheless I still remember how it felt to believe all the rubbish they filled my young head with in those days.

I was brainwashed into some things which were completely out of character for me, such as homophobia. Now, when you consider I had been a David Bowie fan before joining the Emin and then to be made homophobic for over six years it shows you the sort of hypnotic power these cults can have!

Anyway, the information I've accumulated I'm putting onto Wikipedia and you can find it at:


Don't take any wooden nickels! :roll:

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Re: The Template Foundation / Emin / Leo Armin
Posted by: ELO ()
Date: November 10, 2012 02:42AM

The Emin managed to keep below the radar, most likely because they lived in the large shadow that Gurdjieff cast. Their founder Leo appropriated a bunch of Gurdjieff's teachings and attitudes. He also had a very high opinion of himself and played a double game. Members were invited to check some harmless things out for themselves, and on the strength of that bought into a totally unverifiable Worldview of aliens interbreeding with earth women, pre-sand Egypt being destroyed by 'nuclear' like explosions in pyramids and the mankind being deliberately coarsened to provide electro magnetic 'food' for the moon. Gurdjieff spotters will recognise this story, but did GIG get as far as the earth's rotation slowing and the waters lifting up in the air in the future, or his skull melting to produce an obedience ray? In a nutshell, according to the Emin the majority of the human race are coarse , unfit and are polluting this sector of the galaxy. A high electromagnetic force has been issued from the arch maintainers of the galaxy to prepare Emin people for what they call The Event. this signifies a time when those who are unfit will not survive the highly increased emanations of force from outside the Earth. Emin members are obsessed with being fit for future events, when they will be the ones who will guide and help the few survive.

I wouldn't like to bet on it.

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Re: The Template Foundation / Emin / Leo Armin
Posted by: Lindén-Coll ()
Date: April 28, 2019 10:41AM

I'm Kristina Lindén and Lindén-Coll is our informal band name.

Recently we dug out some old taped recordings we'd made after leaving the Emin and tidied them up a bit with a few additions here and there.

Beguiled for a While is the title track and mainly refers to those heady fantasy filled days of the mid-seventies as we experienced them.

It was too surreal.
Like we were living in a sci-fi movie
with FizzMandu and his melting skull.
His head he said, would pop,
his brain would expand and an obedience ray
- no less - would commence transmission.

You can listen or download for free here.

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