Sincamper's cartoon chronicle of life in the BCC/ICC/ICOC cult
Posted by: sincamper ()
Date: September 13, 2010 12:11AM

Hello guys, I was in the Boston Church of Christ under Kip McKean since 1987 till about 2001. It was a hellish experience being in such a destructive and mind-controlling tyrannical cult. There were many people who were "converted" who had good hearts but the leaders were pressured everyday througn intense discipling chains to choke every last member to be "fruitful" and "multiply". In this kind of "church", the ends justify the means, so any ridiculous practice or sin is excused if it means more people and thus more money. All integrity was shot as nepotism and favoritism reigned and people who looked "good" were given leadership roles and trained to lord it over their people expecting all kinds of daily stats and interfering in every part of member's lives.

There was no safe haven for any aspect of your life. We had to reveal how much money we made at our jobs and then the "church" would tell us how much to give them every week and make us sign a document that basically said we were pledging this amount so that if we ran out of money, we "owed" the church our pledged amount. This was an amount they decided on, the member was powerless to say to no to this and thousands of other cray practices that destroyed faith and destroyed lives.

I was in this cult for 15 years and after I got out I decided to draw 1000 cartoons (actually 2000 but I stopped around 1000) showing exagerated examples of what it was like to be in this system. It was a nightmare. If you shared your doubts or criticism with anyone, you would be "found out" and reported on to the leaders and then take a chastizing and rebuking that would leave you a mockery to your peers. There really was no way to get out if you wanted to keep your marriage or stay in good relationships with other members. The only way out was to get them mad enough to kick you out and leave you alone. Eventually this is what I did and it saved my life.

For this thread, I will continually post a seemingly endless series of cartoons so that you can reminisce if you were ever a member or "studied" with Kip McKean's Kingdom or it will serve as a chronicle of experiences inside the cult if you have never been a part of it and want to know what it was like.

It actually still exists in a muddied down form that has no part in Kip McKean while another version of it is raging and growing at this time under Kip McKean with headquarters in Los Angeles. Those in mcKeans latest "church" will notice that my comics seem to be exactly what they are going through, since the ruthless tyranny they are under is even more intense than when Kip began the Boston "movement" of the Gainesville-based "discipling ministries" of the traditional Church of Christ. When my comics mention "the Old Kingdom" and "the New Kingdom" I am referring to Kip's old International Church of Christ versus his new more intense "movement" out of LA.

Sincamper 2010

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Re: Sincamper's cartoon chronicle of life in the BCC/ICC/ICOC cult
Posted by: sincamper ()
Date: September 13, 2010 11:48AM

Discipling logic in the ICC - see the cartoons attached.

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