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Posted by: dabcult ()
Date: August 17, 2013 02:41AM

I got kick out of this forum sometime ago for defending Swami guru G...aka Sharon

I I am presently in Florida where I film a 2 hours interview with Sharon

My new conclusion is that Sharon is a phoney baloney wantabe guru

I went to interview her with an open mind and an open heart ....

but when the interview turn to her appreciation of herself went downhill from there

She declare that she was totally enlighten....and was experiencing SAHAJ SAMADHI

I mention DEEPAK CHOPRA study that he quote often

that normal human have about 40,000 toughts a day .......She immediatly said "NOT ME I HAVE NO TOUGHT"

I said lets go get an MRI of your brain ....if we can prove that you do not think like a normal human being

I will give you $5,000 naturally she decline

here is a preview of what she said


if this is not the correct link

the name of the video is call SWAMI GURU G is DELUSIONAL and BORDERLINE EVIL !

I will be doing a series of videos to expose this insane ....pseudo guru her own words

she said yesterday THAT I COULD NOT USE THE FOOTAGE that I TOOK .....she can go fuck herself as far as I am concern...and get a lawyer

The saddest part of this is meeting SACHI .....that Sharon did not let me interview

I knew it was her ...because someone on this site sent me a picture of her

A good looking innocent brainwash lady that told me she had been with SHARON for 13 years

Now imagine ....Sharon demands that followers have no sex ...and eat lots of red meat

Satchi is keeping serving like a little dog serving her master......thinking that KUNDILINI will rise one day

that she will be enlighten one day ........instead of having a relatonship and maybee kids

Sharon is 63 ...she had lots of sex ....and 2 kids .....and her body at this point because of so much red meat is looking quite toxic

She as a grip on Satchi and a few others ....and are making waiste time and energies

chasing the KUNDILINI raising .....she is a quasi evil person ...the way she as twisted HINDUISM so she can eat steak .

I had no idea that it would turn up this way .....but more the interview progress more I realize how crasy she is manipulative she is

She told me that now she is a sanyas ....but she as no idea if she will have sex in the futur

wonder who would want to fuck that

old sagging full of tattoo toxic body ....but she said that kundilini can be awaken with sex

Did she read this ....or had sex with her guru .....or other so call indian TANTRIC ....I tend to beleive so .

I did a quick video this morning ....but will make more research and make many installement where in her own words

she just shows how freaking stupid .

Maybee I should apologise to some folks on this web site ......but I am a psychotherapist

and do not like empty accusations GURU G as many homes ...rolexes ext ext

I like more solid stuff .....and I got it meeting her in person .....THE BIKER GURU is a freak ...a big time deceiver

hopefully someone ...maybee famaly members and old friends should organise an intervention get Satchi to get out of Sharon grips

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Posted by: Icarus ()
Date: August 17, 2013 04:54AM

Very interesting and alarming video from Dabcult (Henry Jolicoeur) following his interview with Guru Swami G:

Jolicoeur has certainly changed his tune following this interview. Swami G followed up with a number of videos of her own, responding to the accusations. (Available on her website.)

Interesting developments.

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Posted by: marjo ()
Date: August 17, 2013 05:04AM

I just been watching this video. Thanks to this psychotherapist to reveal all the non sens of that women who use hinduism to propage her non sens. I saw few videos of that women on youtube, and her energy seem dark, with a lot of anger.

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Posted by: psyborgue ()
Date: August 17, 2013 06:02AM

I'm not sure all Dabcult's points are the best. Guru G is responding to him now because she *can* counter his arguments, such as those about eating meat and misc. beliefs and so forth. She's right in that it has nothing to do with whether she's running a cult. His points about double standards from the guru regarding celibacy and her "puppy dog" followers are interesting, but by mixing them in with weaker points, he's setting up a strawman for Guru G to knock down -- giving her a free "victory" where she can ignore the rest and pretend her critics have no valid points.

Therefore, since I'm unable to post on Guru G's videos, and I know her followers read this forum, I would like to state publicly for the record that I do not agree with dabcult on this (or much of anything in the past if you've followed any of our prior exchanges). I do not feel eating meat, or wacky beliefs, have much at all to do with whether Guru G is running a cult. Furthermore, I have serious concerns about dabcult's ethics/qualifications as a therapist and in no way whatsoever endorse him. I feel it's necessary to state this explicitly as it's being implied by Guru G and her followers that everybody who posts here thinks the same way and holds the same views.

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Posted by: rrmoderator ()
Date: August 17, 2013 06:33PM

psyborgue and dabcult:

Please stop the bickering.

No personal attacks.

Stay on topic.

FYI -- What defines a destructive cult is the role of the leader and behavior not belief.

This can be seen fromt he structure and dynamics of the group.

See []

The nucleus for a definition of a destructive cult can be seen through three primary characteristics:

1.a charismatic leader who increasingly becomes an object of worship as the general principles that may have originally sustained the group lose their power;
2. a process I call coercive persuasion or thought reform;
3. economic, sexual, and other exploitation of group members by the leader and the ruling coterie.

The existence of "thought reform" or what is often called "brainwashing" can be seen by identifying at least six of the following eight criteria.

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Posted by: marjo ()
Date: August 17, 2013 06:37PM

What is the definition of a cult psyborge??? That women GG is definetely the head of a cult based on her personnality. Why does she have so much eager and violence in his words when she speaks about people who do not believe her non-sens and ask questions? I saw a number of videos of her on youtube and she act like she's the guru of a cult...a bad one!

Re: Guru Swami G
Posted by: psyborgue ()
Date: August 17, 2013 07:54PM


I never said Guru G was or was not a cult leader. All i'm saying about the video is dabcult provides no real evidence either way by focusing on beliefs rather than her practices, such as her handling of criticism and disclosure of private information. Although I feel there are exceptions, in general I agree with Rick Ross and other cult experts that behavior -- not belief -- is what matters. As for what is the definition of a cult, I tend to agree with Rick Ross's definition above, which is more or less identical to that of Margaret T. Singer. Power structure, Use of thought reform (Lifton's 8, Singer's 6, etc), and origin/purpose of the group. It's not just one or two things as Guru G likes to imply. A charismatic leader by itself, does not make a cult, for example.

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Posted by: rrmoderator ()
Date: August 17, 2013 08:51PM

Singer and Lifton agreed on the essential elements of a destructive cult.

The definition provided is by psychiatrist Robert Jay Lifton, which was published at Harvard.

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Posted by: dabcult ()
Date: August 17, 2013 11:24PM


1.a charismatic leader who increasingly becomes an object of worship as the general principles that may have originally sustained the group lose their power; SHARON CLAIM THE HIGHEST STATE OF ENLIGHTMENT ...SAHAJ NIRVAKALPA SAMADHI
SHE CLAIM TO BE SPECIAL ...ABOVE ALL THE REST OF HER FOLLOWERS ....AND ITS ONLY BY FOLLOWING HER WORDS AND INSTRUCTIONS THAT THE DISCIPLES.......MIGHT GET TO THAT STATE ......She might not be an object of worship ....but if you think that someone is your ticket to paradise
or awakening of YOUR kundilini ...........a submission automatically take place

2. a process I call coercive persuasion or thought reform; THIS CAN BE VERY SUBTLE IN REGARD TO SHARON.....You will get kundilini awakening if you
fallow me ..and as she as said before according to this tread might be doom ...if you leave her company after staring the process with her

3. economic, sexual, and other exploitation of group members by the leader and the ruling coterie.ITS NOT ON A GRAN SCALE IN SHARON CASE
A DISCIPLE IS THERE 8 HOURS A DAY .....FOR SURE NO PAY ..ITS SERVICE TO THE GURU ...HOW MUCH FREE SERVICE SHE ACCEPT FROM THIS ONE AND THAT ONE .........WHO KNOWS ? ITS A SMALL CULT .......Satchi her main disciple as been there 13 years ...she move from the west coast to Florida
to be with Sharon ........HOW MUCH SERVICE AND MONEY she gives who know?

The existence of "thought reform" or what is often called "brainwashing" can be seen by identifying at least six of the following eight criteria.

DOES RICK ROSS BELIEVE THAT GURU G RUN A CULT and as the criteria of a cult ?

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Posted by: Sopocko ()
Date: August 18, 2013 12:23PM

hello everyone... my name is Christine.

Hopefully i can add a bit different insight to this thread.. i have been reading this thread with interest the past month or so and i would like to share a different perspective of SwamiG . I have not spoken with or seen SwamiG in 7 years. No one has put me up to writing something here in favor of Swami G. I do not even know anyone she associates with. I do not have any agenda in coming here because my association with her was SO long ago, but in fairness i feel a need to share a side to her that i have not heard expressed here..... I feel a genuine need within my heart to share my story with all of you about my time with her.

i met Swami G in the spring of 2003. I met her on a then online forum. I was just beginning my spiritual journey and was very kundalini active. We spoke on the phone and i asked her if she would come out to Montana to see me, as i felt to fragile physically to go to her where she was residing at that time in Seattle WA.

She did not hesitate to come to my home. She never asked for money for gas to get here, nor money for services rendered. All the time i knew her she never asked me for a dime. I am a christian and not once did she try to push me away from my spiritual roots. She honored the path i was on, Christianity.. Not once did she ever try to convert me to her understanding..She helped me understand what i was going through and how to move through it..

She made her self readily available unconditionally.. She worked with me in the ways i would have understood at the time as i knew virtually nothing about kundalini, Hinduism or anything else spirituality that was outside the tradition i had been raised in. She never told me i had to follow her.. or ' do ' this or that 'or else'. She did give me mantra.s BUT they were mantra's using the name Jesus and the Holy Spirit.. she worked with me within a framework that i would understand and be able to accept.

Over the next three years she was only very good to me. She gave me her own clothes when i needed them. She let me use her car when i needed a car and even had it shipped out from Seattle to Montana where i live. When i drove the car back out to Seattle after using it several months on dirt roads, the car had a flat tire. We took the car in to a tire shop where we were informed that all the tires were bald and needed to be replaced. Initially hearing this news , i froze. I certainly did not have that kind of money at the time...SwamiG never once batted and eye .. she paid for all 4 tires and told me i could not have possibly been responsible for all the bald tires.. it was simply time to get new tires and she was glad i had made it back out to Seattle without a flat!

When i knew her she was hardly rolling in money. I always saw her behavior and motivations as impeccable. Not once did i see her ever take advantage of anyone. She never once asked or expected money from me or anyone... she spoke only of the honoring of the guru . i did not ever experience her as demanding or entitled.

I went to see her a couple times out in Seattle. In our work together she was firm with me when i needed it , but she was always fair and never abusive. i learned a great deal from her. She was always honest with me . Quite frankly , she was 'right on' in telling me the areas of my life that needed changing, that stood in the way if i was going to realize. For the record, she never encouraged me to leave anyone to advance along the path..... in hindsight, she was most correct in her assessments of what needed to be looked into and let go of I am eternally grateful for having known her.

she had a sense of humor... we had driven down to the coast to see my parents . It had been a while since i had been out to see them. We had been talking in the car and the next thing i knew i was down at the jetty.. i had missed my parents turn off by miles. .. She looked at me whith dry humor and said, " Well it HAS been a long time since you have been home!" LOL!

i could go on and on about SwamiG .. but instead, i would like to share a glimpse of who she IS via a personal conversation between SwamiG and myself that took place back in the Fall of 2006. I see the following e-mail exchange as offering much more insight and is much more revealing than anything i could say about her...

at the time I had hit a wall so to speak in my spiritual walk back then....I was absolutely terrified at the time of this conversation... i was facing my greatest fear... fear of losing my teeth and having a lump diagnosed and removed from my jaw.. ... in truth , it was my fear of death of self...

I think this email conversation between her and I speaks volumes of the integrity and character and the Grace of SwamiG . i had not seen nor spoken for a few years at that time of this email interaction I was very upset at the time and had reached out to her... she took the time to respond to me immediately in my distress, sharing wisdom and truth.

Here is the e-mail unedited.. For the record she has no idea i am posting here , as noted above, I have not spoken to her in years nor do i know anyone she is associated with today...

It is my hope that with all the differing opinions here concerning her, that this e-mail ma shed light on who this woman IS, through her words and wisdom given in this email..... it is my hope these emails will not be minimized with biased mind, but rather received with open hearts.

to make this readings easier to follow...
the Asterisk * is my writing......... 'G' is swamiG writing...

G.....Namaste and Maha Shanti OM

* this is the hardest email i have ever written....
* i want to die... to step across the threshold and let go in complete
abandon for love of God... and equally.. i want to cling for all it ' I' ,
(ego) is worth. I am truly at a threshold.. confronting long held fears..
possibly , in my mind anyway, confronting real death.. i am a coward. ONLY
Grace will see me thru and i weep as i type this.

G.well this is a juncture in the path which many face - it is the paradox
- wanting Liberation
and yet fearing to let go and Surrender 100%.

*Last night i wept so hard in anguish my side hurts today. Like the
jig is up.. either face myself or live a shriveled meager impoverished life.

G... again this is common to the Mystics path - coming up to the Door -
wanting to knock -
but when we hear someone approach - running in the other direction. we cry
- weep -
suffering the pain of anguish wanting to move ahead but then we wind up
being our
own worst enemy. And the only way to the other side is Through.

* "Then he said to them all: "If anyone would come after me, he must
deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow me. For whoever wants to
save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for me will save it.
What good is it for a man to gain the whole world, and yet lose or forfeit
his very self? If anyone is ashamed of me and my words, the Son of Man will
be ashamed of him when he comes in his glory and in the glory of the Father
and of the holy angels. I tell you the truth, some who are standing here
will not taste death before they see the kingdom of God."

* SO...... one only has to die.. to ..... live.

G Yes this is the Truth of the path - He showed the way - it is up to
us to willingly
walk the path and lay down our own lives in order to pick them up.

* I am loaded in ego. Imagination runs wild unless i forceably bring
the attention back to the breath. My greatest fears...... are in my face. Issues of
control, worthiness, up for transmutation, that is, if i live thru it.... but then
i tell myself.. " Ok, so what if you don't live thru it?". Then my fears come
up even more, as i doubt my worth in Christ when in this fear based state of mind..
I need to ' trust'.. yet this trust, as much as i consider God
constantly in my thoughts and heart, feels distant, and out of reach. I
feel like i am in a dark hole being sucked down in.. and yet I am being
called to let go even more deeply in order to get thru to the other
side...if there is another side. My fear is i will live in this state of
permanent darkness as i have missed the mark and not held true to my
original roots, Catholicism. Cast out, damned for all time.... yet His face
is ever before me , and your face at my side. I am at peace when i focus on
Grace ... this is the one thing that helps me...

G... this is why there is the writing of the Chandi Path - when Durga would
cut the head off of
one demon (thought ) blood would pour and each drom that would hit the
ground would then
create 10 more of the same . What was the solution ? Kali came and the
minute the head
was cut off Kali would open wide her mouth and catch all the blood (negative
impulses - thoughts )
and would swallow them all so they could not re-root and spread. In other
words the way is
to not entertain the thoughts but to stop them cold by doing the mantra -
cut the head off the
offending actions or intentions and then don't put it back into motion.
What did Christ say
your sins are forgiven now go and sin no more - It is Forgiven - turn your
back on it - Let
it go - Then Surrender and Trust God to pull you through - after all what
choice is there ?

* I go back to the promise given to me in 1996 when i saw Him. That
experience of divine bliss when i was caught up and beheld that little boy
who sat on my lap as i beheld him as a 'divine being'.. That momentary
taste of God was so intense i remember thinking on some level i was going
to drop the body right then and there. Then, when the little boy a couple
days later after this intense experience was used by God to show me who i
was when he grabbed my hands and said , " Jesus hands " and then pointed
to my eyes and said , "Jesus eyes".. and then a month later beholding the
glory of the Lord Jesus when He appeared in that hospital room to take
that little boy home who trusted Him. ..good lord, what more assurance do
i need to make the leap? and yet these stubborn fears is
difficult not to judge oneself with this kind of grace has been given..I feel like
the young man in the parable when Jesus confronted him with the one thing
that stood in his way to following him.. and that young man turned away. he turned
because he could not lay down his riches, is life.... My god, this is my worst
nightmare to reject out of fear .. God.......... to be a slave to fear
versus one who stands solidly in the light of love....

G the slaves have been freed - while it is difficult to Surrender 100%
in the midst of this -
what may only be said again and again is the way into the Holy of Holies is
Through the
watch gates - How much do you want Truth ? How much do you want to Know
God ?
Is it enough to lay the ego self on the altar - like Abraham laid Issac on
the altar in total
trust ? One cannot go in through a back door - in this case we Must when
called be willing
to Offer up Ego in all Sincerity and then step back - without coverings -
without armor -
like the lamb for slaughter - and what takes place is One momentary All
Engulfing Fear and
then there is fear No More - it is Over - Completed - Resurrection.

* ...there IS no other way.. none other than to let go. Even these
remembrances that stirmy heart for love of God.. to become completely
bare... with no certainty of any particular outcome... none... just go into
the cloud of unknowing. It beckons me.. and i am pulled between letting go
and clinging.

G yes this is the Only way. One Must take the jump without reservation.

* after the experience i had10 years ago.. initially , i could have walked
across snake pits and not flinched.. so intense was the drive to love God.
All consuming, all encompassing... my heart , driven by Sheer Heart. I
pledged my life to God for love of God.. wanting to serve the people of the
earth more than i wanted breath. So on fire for love of God.. no words..and
here i am now.. standing at the ocean edge, afraid to get my feet wet.

G you had a taste then - now it is time to jump and become fully

* today i feel barren and dry..neither dynamic or confident.

G of course - are you coming because all is great and it has been
goodies all
along the road ? or are you coming out of a Sincere Heart to Know the Truth
We are tested - How much do you Really want this ? Can you pay the price ?
Like Christ said are you able to drink of the cup i am about to drink of ?
Are you able ? Do you have the conviction ? Do you want God or Truth MORE
than what you *think* you have in the world ?

* Quite frankly, these days i am more annoyed by all he antics in what
people ' do' to themselves and each other in this consciousness.. in short ,
zip compassion. Please hear me, i am fully aware i am no different.. even a
heightened awareness that ' all these folks' who i find so annoying '
mirror' me to a tee. I am just a bit more cunning about letting myself be
exposed... they all think i am a loving awesome person, which leads me to
another truth.. i just now remembered so i will write it here.. last night i
wept because i let no one in.. not really. i am not one who wants a lot of
entanglement in my personal life.. and i am a bit confused as to how one
loves without all this entanglement.. what i know intuitively is i cannot
know this until deep changes occur within me.

G Get your eyes within - what care you for What the world is doing ?
Your focus should be Solely
on Christ - or God - or Guru - or Truth . What others do they do - that is
all. This is not about
letting others *in* this is about Transcending the ignorance of the world
and the ignorance of
ego's illusion. The letting in comes after - then there is no other to let
*in*. There is only that
Singular Essence without a Second.

* as i write this, plumes of energy move up my spine taking away the
fear.. one minute i am in a mild bliss then.. incredible fear. It is like
everything i feel is blown out of proportion...i need a lot of quiet and few
demands right now or i will become unhinged. i am doing as you say..
focusing on the spiritual truth i feel like i am in labor, all i
want t do is breathe and be quiet... i want no outside stimulation where
others are concerned. Matthew is honoring this and respecting this. i can
give nothing to anyone right now.. all i can do is be still or i feel i will
teeter off the deep end.

G don't teeter - Dive - Jump - See what is really in that deep end. Quit
trying to save yourself -
Jump and let Christ save you. Or was the veil rent in two to the Holy of
Holies for nothing ?
The Way is Open - Jump .

* As a last ditch effort to feel safe these past few months, i have
created webs of trying to fit in.. and then recognizing it and not wanting
to be unkind and then end up ending the situations.. one was with the Mormon
missionaries. Lovely young women full of zeal.. and i got into this because
of their zeal.. to be around people who love God so much. This morning i got
up my nerve when they called and told them the truth.. i am not going to
become a Mormon. Going back to the catholic church... and going to an online
catholic forum... well that didnt last to long...i became critical of their
need for the ' box' and they were suspicious of me because i cannot in my
heart believe in the Magesterium of some church... Going down to the soup
kitchen to hang out with fundamentalist Christians.. who love me very much..
but think i am spaced out because i speak of heat and vibration... more to
this than what i am sharing.. it is a nitch i have attempted to create so i
feel i have ' purpose'.. stacking cans and organizing... instead of facing

G yes - am glad that the truth of this has come to light. Now let these
things go and Jump.
Say Father i AM ready - may i live or die it is in Your hands Alone -
WHOOSH - blade poised
egoic head severed - Freedom. Jumping into the dark void - one moment of
utter blackness
darker than any imagination and then the Light beyond all lights - 0 -
Absolute - the
Liberation which was always possible is Known to be Truth.

* last night when i was so upset in the back bedroom i cried out to
God. All i could manage was a ' help'.. and the words came into my
consciousness, ' it is then when i carried you'.. i couldn't remember very
well where the words came from.. it was later i remembered it was a poem
called ' footprints'....

G yes - so be carried again ALL THE WAY - OM Yeshua OM Namaha may the
rivers of Living
waters flow Swaha - you are the offering -

* there is only one way thru and that is to confront my worst fears (
which you know has to do with dentists and teeth and some jaw issues) and go
under the knife and face my fears of my own mortality .. whether it be real
or not.. and let go.. once and for all. in short confronting fears of
disfigurement, ( having my face ripped off so to speak.. ie. no identity.)
fears of being unlovely, left, abandoned, a helpless drooling mess...left
because of ugliness. Having people look at me with the ' oh poor thing'..
feeling utterly helpless and wondering if things do go wrong if i didn't
hear the voice of God right and could end up in the astral level eternally.
The more my teeth click and my jaw aches the more i am reminded it is time
to take a leap. and so into the abyss i go even though i already feel i am
in living hell at times.. as with every click of the wobbling teeth, comes
the possibility of mind stuff taking over...truly hell is self

G Jump - the only way to go beyond the fears is to go through them -
pass Through them -
don't stop along the way to wallow in them. Surrender - Surrender -
Surrender - and that
which is Ever Present within ( That Pure Undefiled Self ) will emerge as the
shell is broken
and stepped out of - the shell of fears is a shadow - that is all. As
Christ said FEAR NOT.
There was a reason for His words. Fear NOT. Shadows give way once
Surrender is
complete as that which is Absolute will rush forward to FILL that Space
which remains
when ego shatters.

* So, whether it be starring into a mirror with a toothless grin or
ending up in pitch blackness eternally, because i denied Christ in the form
i have been told is the ' only way' is time for change. a crisis in
consciousness or divine grace..? with demons showing up ( literally) in the
wee morning hours to hassle me when i am half asleep doing their best to
convince me there is no hope.. that i am one of them and try as i might , i
am .. doomed . To be specific, they attempt to enter my consciousness as
kinda like an overlay with strong mental imagery of my face twisted and
distorted... to suggest i am that. Also they use my vocal cords to make
horrid noises.. or the more obvious, simply appear in wretched forms to
suggest they are waiting for me for when i let go....

G you are not the form - what is this attention and worry about a vehicle
? Let go - move forward -
find out what is WITHIN THE TEMPLE - quit getting stuck at the exterior.
What message of
Wisdom ever came from without looking at any temple exterior ? You ONLY get
the Truth
when you cross the threshold in humility. Open the Door -

* i noticed today when i was reading the gospel passage i quoted
above.. that right the after the passage abut dying to self is the
transfiguration of Jesus the Christ...

G do you not yet get the message ?

* " As he was praying, the appearance of his face changed, and his
clothes became as bright as a flash of lightning. Two men, Moses and Elijah,
appeared in glorious splendor, talking with Jesus.......While he was
speaking, a cloud appeared and enveloped them, and they were afraid as they
entered the cloud. A voice came from the cloud, saying, "This is my Son,
whom I have chosen; listen to him."

G and Christ also had fear - He sweated Blood in the garden - BUT He
faced his demons
and fears - Not MY Will but My Fathers Will Be Done. He Surrendered and
opened not his
mouth - do you think there was no fear - Father why hast Thou Forsaken Me
? then the
illusion of Death was entered and broken - Resurrection - 3 days preaching
in Hell and
Hell could not hold Him. WHY because the Consciousness had Transcended and
Freedom remained.

* today i am going to spend in silence... listening to the still small
voice within. There are no accidents. It is time for change.. and this i
have made up my mind to do. it is the only way to truth, to freedom.

G listen ? or Jump - better to Surrender in the midst of fear.

* I wanted you to know. You are my example of one who broke free of
the bonds of death and who stand in love and authenticity....for you , i
hold the utmost respect. I do not know if guru's pray.. but please hold me
in the light so i too can become one with God in the inmost recesses of the
heart , surcharged with divine illumination. That i too , as given to me by
Jesus so long ago the promise in psalm 121 , " to watch my coming and
goings now and forever more..." where one can go to the Highest and then
come down to the earth-consciousness to manifest... for love of God and His
creation.... whether here on earth or live in Christ every
moment of life...

G Go Beyond becoming one With God - Go into the Door to find out that it
is ONLY Absolute
which has been here ALL Along.

Peace be with You

* my heart yearns to let go.. to love to love and love again... full
weight SwamiG.. full weight.. no compromise. even if it cost me my physical
life, that which is within me is bigger than my fears.. yet i fear... pray
for me that i die.. really die to self.. no messing around.. this has been a
difficult e-mail to type.. as i feel raw and exposed... but everything i
have written i sincerely have felt. this is a first step....

G When the opportunity comes for True Sacrifice - Jump upon the Altar and
then do not pull
back - God WILL pull through that which has always been within the Holy of
Holies - the
rest falls away and is no more. it is the Death of all Death and the Life
of ALL Life - and then
you will for the first time truly Live - White as snow .

sincerely, from the heart,

minati ( Christine )

Maha Shanti OM
God Is With you

i am ever indebted to SwamiG for faithfulness and commitment to Truth...

thank you all of you who have taken the time to read this long post. To be clear, I am not at all inclined in trying to have others see as i see.. it is as it IS and we see as we see.:)... i am grateful for the opportunity to share here with all of you about my time and experience with Swami G.

warm regard to all...


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