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Re: Ramana Trust
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: January 15, 2011 07:05AM

Sai Baba has a very bad history--lies about miracles predation on boys and young men, money

Many of his most loyal devotees have repudiated him and those who spoke out have been hounded by cruel vitipuration.

Brian Steele helped write literature for Sai Baba and later in conscience felt obligated to educate others.


Kevin Shepherd


Sathya Sai and Wikipedia


Shirdi Sai Baba was a Sufi dervish very possibly of the Chisti order. He ate meat, said the Muslim prayers himself, and wore a beard. He counselled both Hindus and Muslims and tailored instructions to the needs of each devotee.

Though Shirdi Sai could and did use references and terms from Hinduism and Hindu literature he did so to counsel Hindus--this did NOT mean he himself was Hindu. After his death, the population in Shirdi shifted to a Hindu majority and only then was the dead dervishes tomb (Mazar) changed and decorated and a statue added to make it seem Shirdi Sai had been Hindu all along.

By contrast in areas once Hindu that were take over by Islam, previous Hindu shrines were turned into mosques and often Sufi dervishes took up residence as Lal Shah Baz did at Sewan, a city dedicated to Shiva in what is now Sindh in Pakistan.

Shirdi Sai who lived as a poor man all his life would have probably considered it obscene for a Hindu to create a corrupt tinsel empire and associate it with his career as a poor Sufi--by tradition the best of the Sufis made a point of fleeing the courts of emperors and kings.

Robert Priddy--former devotee of Sai Baba


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Re: Ramana Trust, now 'The Water Project'
Posted by: candyscent ()
Date: May 03, 2011 05:31AM

dandelion blossom
Thanks for your comments Mathilda, I appreciate the advice.

The Ramana Trust have closed down their website now, probably because of the negative reviews on the internet. They have now set up 'The Water Project' (see website - they are doing competitions, workshops and voluntary work with young Asian men in the Burnley area (Lancashire), the homeless in Manchester and others...

I expect they are now fundraising for this organisation. It sounds like a legitimate charity because there are many other charities with the same name and they put the following at the bottom of the page on the website:

© The water Project 2010- All right reserved. A Charitable Organisation. Registered PO Box Number 306. Rossendale, BB4 0FR. Telephone 07528014983

I don't know whether its legitimate to call yourself a charitable organisation, but the way they have worded it, with 'Registered' after makes it sound like its a registered charity. It is not however and nor was The Ramana Trust (which is a registered company with companies house).

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Re: Ramana Trust, now 'The Water Project'
Posted by: Quantumrose1 ()
Date: February 20, 2019 03:13AM


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Re: Ramana Trust, now 'The Water Project'
Posted by: Quantumrose1 ()
Date: February 20, 2019 03:35AM

It seems this has now shelved it's title of water project to prasad project or ekah foundation
This organisation had managed to obtain a food van which was used for the homeless but that was quickly shelved that idea once obtaining a huge donation in the region of 21000 then selling the same van at a profit for less than a year ..
This has now been replaced with obtaining a large building and named Vidya Matha
Which is a so called religious school in rawtenstall
Which again asks for donations in many forms even local and famous entrepreneurs have been seen at meetings
It is very worrying that children are being targeted to attend and the weak that they prey on the vulnerable in search of rich benefactors
The organisation is obviously getting bigger and had another offspring in the ekah foundation ...formed ...some are mysteriously voted off the board and new members take their place
With devotees scouring for money from local businesses in the rawtenstall area and from other places up n dpwn the country
The organisation is on companies house
And makes no attempts to hide itself
You have to ask yourself why so many name changes and premises closing and opening
All of the members who have posted on the website are devotees in some form
Who have become shishas
In return for nothing but happiness this is the norm so im told
Whilst the owners get richer and live off there substantial 30 acre sited and gated farm
What will the next venture be and how long will it be before this company is investigated properly
The organisation encourage devotees to drop all material and possessions and even partners in some cases
But there seems to be double standards from the original people who set up this collective named organisation
Materlisim is abundant all around them and it's devotees carry on in spite of almost archaic conditions and monetary value

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Re: Ramana Trust
Posted by: Quantumrose1 ()
Date: February 21, 2019 12:29AM

Seriously needs looking at as they as a group continue to receive large amounts of money
A very hypocritical leader and co leader
Who want to control your life whilst they get richer tending to there 30 acre site and belittle their devotees shishas who have been brain washed into giving up their lives for these people
Do not trust shiva trust And it's offshoot companies can see that they are a scam outfit often changing theor name every year
Companies house registered
They prey on the weak minded hoping to receive donations to fund their lavish lifestyle..
Anyone who has family that goes to this organisation should get them out fast
Vidya matha ekah foundation all need investigating
I only hope soon enough that they are closed down the community in rawtenstall need to know what these peole are really up to
Please contact me if you have had any experiences with this dodgy organisation

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Re: Ramana Trust
Posted by: Quantumrose1 ()
Date: July 07, 2019 06:41AM

Latest follow up to this rogue organisation offices have moved once again dodging and changing names once again
The Landmark, School Lane, Burnley, Lancashire, England, BB11 1UF
This company under various names still continues warned

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Re: Ramana Trust, now 'The Water Project'
Date: March 14, 2023 10:01PM

Hello everyone,

I'm a freelance journalist with an interest in cults/high-control groups and I'm looking into Ramana Devi’s group and their activities in the Greater Manchester area, Rossendale, and around the North West.

If you have been involved in the group (or know of anyone), or have any information on the group, its history, practices, or the leader, I'd love to hear from you.

As this thread runs across quite a long timeline, I will repost this at a few intervals.

Thank you in advance, and I look forward to the prospect of speaking to some of you.

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Re: Ramana Trust
Date: March 14, 2023 10:19PM

Some harrowing stories here, and the more I read up on people's personal involvements with Ramana Devi, her practices, and the history of the group, it makes me believe that the label of cult is applicable here. Very concerning that she's exploiting vulnerable adults and that the group is targeting children. They seem to launder and hide their activities behind the title of a 'registered charity'.

And by the looks of the Rossendale community Facebook group, they seem to be quite active within the local community and have supporters in the town council.

I'm a freelance journalist with an interest in coercive control and cults, and I'm currently looking into Ramana Devi and the MANY incarnations of her group.

If you have any information or you would like to share your story, I'd love to hear from you.

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