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Re: Sharon Gans: New York Group
Posted by: mytruevoice ()
Date: August 31, 2010 10:43AM

Note to wassuphere?:
I'm wondering if you had the discussion with your family member and how things went? I'm not sure if this sort of method works or not, but I would imagine its worth trying. Many of the older students are so heavily under the spell of Sharon and Robert that they may refuse to listen to you. On the other hand, they may have formulated their own reasons to be suspicious of the group and just need a push from you to leave.

Did you find this page of questions on the Esoteric Freedom website? []

The questions on this webpage are perfectly tailored to address why someone would be initially attracted to this group and areas where they may have some doubts or concerns.

On a more general note, I stumbled across an old thread in this Forum for a group that seems remarkably similar to the Sharon Gans/Odyssey Study group, the Royal Way/Jacumba. Although the actual group is different, the methods, tactics and appeal are the same. It sounds like the Royal Way’s founder studied Gurdjieff at some point. I particularly appreciated Corboy’s informative and helpful comments.

The thread is long, but worthwhile reading in it’s entirety, especially if you’re a former student of Sharon Gans, Robert Klein, Fred Mindel, et al. []

Quoting Corboy:
“It appears you were recruited in a highly skillful manner. That’s scary.
1) Identify the issues in your life right at the time you were recruited. Recruitment usually succeeds when it coincides with a period of vulnerability. Feelings you put on hold as your involvement deepened may come back now that you no longer have the distraction of the group.
2) The hardest thing to give up is that shared sense of intensity, purpose, having soul mates, having a group of friends who shared that intensity and those values--perhaps even the shared sense of anxiety about following the rules was a source of bonding and purpose. Combat veterans suffer horribly in war, but often admit that when they return home, they miss the intensity of the battlefield and ordinary civilian life seems 'flat' and most civilians seem shallow, lacking the discipline of their brothers in arms. One veteran who returned for a second tour of combat duty in Vietnam told an army physician, 'Everything I do as a soldier is important. The way I tie my bootlaces can make the difference between surviving a patrol or getting killed because I trip on a dangling boot lace. But back home, everything felt so petty, so trivial. No one understood what it was like over here. And the ones who wanted to hear war stories had bad attitudes about it. I got so lonely that I signed on for a second tour of duty.'

So, you may be like that young soldier. You were in a game of marked cards that only Michael can win. But that game had an intensity, and it must have matched some of your deepest hopes and dreams, despite it being an ultimately unwinnable game.

You'll have to figure out what Buddhists call 'your deepest intention' and discover how to be faithful to that in daily life--and find a way to restore life outside the group to its full savor. That will take time, but unlike the Royal Way, its a game you can win.

You did not fail. You were recruited, and quite skillfully, by someone who abused friendship by turning you into an object to be manipulated. You did not fail. You were in good faith. Anyone who perverts friendship into a recruitment venue is the real loser.

These 'under the radar' groups that begin with psychotherapy or as esoteric communities usually do not attract a lot of attention, precisely because they recruit in an ultra-discreet manner and do so with tremendous patience--its a lot like being covertly recruited into an espionage operation. Because they are discreet they can go on for decades. “

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Re: Sharon Gans: New York Group
Posted by: wassuphere? ()
Date: September 08, 2010 01:07PM

Thanks for the follow up, but sadly, the answer is "No." Just a mentioning the group (I didn't even have the time to complete my sentence) brought on an emotionally violent response. My cousin just got up from the chair, shouted something I could not understand, and left. So, that went nowhere. The rest of the family now think I'm a negative pain in the keister who just won't stop bothering people. In fact, my sister doesn't see the harm of the group.

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Re: Sharon Gans: New York Group
Posted by: cochineal ()
Date: September 14, 2010 10:12AM

To Wassuphere:
Try contacting Ashiata Shiemash on the website.
He might be able to help you.

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Re: Sharon Gans: New York Group
Posted by: mytruevoice ()
Date: September 30, 2010 11:49AM

Note to wassuphere?:

I'm so sorry to hear your cousin's reaction, but not surprised. The group has a very strong hold on many of its members. From my vantage point outside of the group, I find it all extremely sad and tragic. The degree of coercion, manipulation and bullying that goes on inside the group is amazing. Anyone displaying any independent thinking or free will is derided as being in "self will". The expectation is that you will submit to and follow the will of your teachers.

Coming from that sort of atmosphere, it's no wonder that your cousin would be closed to anything you had to say. I applaud you for trying and hope you’re not discouraged by your experience, or by the rest of your family. The attempt to reach out and inform your cousin was prudent,wise, and responsible. I'm certainly not an expert on this, but I would think it couldn't hurt to encourage him or her to come to you if they ever want to discuss any doubts or misgivings about the group. An open door never hurts, I believe. I also believe it’s helpful to pray that all students that are still enmeshed in this group wake up and find their true path, whatever it may be.

Best wishes to you and to all.

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Re: Sharon Gans: New York Group
Posted by: WTF ()
Date: December 19, 2010 01:03AM

Hey Coronoman
Where it all takes place:


New York City at 119 West 25th Street between 6th and 7th Avenues 4th floor Monday through Thursday 7pm- til the brainwashing and beat-downs are over ---- and at 133 West 19th Street, 2nd floor. (Formerly on Broadway between Franklin and Leonard Streets and at Musical Theater Workshop).
In the Boston area everyone now meets in North Billerica near the train station at the old Faulkner Mill. Also, formerly at the Lions Club in Belmont, MA and at the Griffin Museum of Photography in Winchester, MA .
In Copenhagen, Denmark with Jan Mogenson.

SO grateful for this site....I have been out a few months now from one of the NY groups. I had been thinking of leaving the for quite some time but hung around a little longer to see who I could get to come with me. I watched Gans, Koch and Mindel and the rest of the vampires from a different perspective after reading this website,, and What Freaks. It was great walking in there knowing what I knew about them all. Not only had I lost ALL respect for them I saw them for the sad and treacherous beings they really are. Scared, manipulative and predatory devils.....No wonder Fred and Greg cant sit still in front of the class ...twitching and jerking all the criminals.......

Like most of the student/victims I had such high hopes that this was an authentic group and a real school. What a disappointment....and I am embarrassed that I let these soul thieves toy with me for as long as they did. I sure hope I can control myself when I see one of the soul thieves on the street......I know that there are a lot of good people looking for a real teacher and a real way sitting in those rooms. I am going to "make it my aim" :) to let as many of the members OF GANS' FAKE SCHOOL know the truth; That


Only vampires with their clever little ploy of "the Work" as bait, waiting to sink their fangs into the bloodstream of those who are trying to better themselves and the world. Note to Gans and her Dementos: you have "students" in those rooms that you cannot control :) . YOUR WORST NIGHTMARE ----
I know this because me and many other ex-victims of your disgusting scam are talking to them everyday. They tell us what is happening and giving us all the information we desire. They read the websites mentioned above and are staying as I did, as long as they can to get other victims out. You may have to leave town soon.... I hear the weather in Montana's not all bad..3rd line might be a little tougher out there.....

Happy to say a few came with me already and many more are on their way out.

Any ex-student victims should make some effort to get these websites to any friends left in that cesspool. Phone calls are sometimes useful as well.

Thank You to all who contributed here..

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Re: Sharon Gans: New York Group
Posted by: mytruevoice ()
Date: December 23, 2010 11:35AM

Hats off to the previous poster for talking so much with the students still stuck in this fake School! The students left behind in the Boston and New York groups may appear loyal because they show up for class twice week, but I'm sure they have their doubts, too. The more they talk and question and speculate among themselves about whether it's a cult or not, the more likely current students will start to see through the sham. The doubts and questioning just needs to percolate a bit.

There's plenty of material to question, for instance: When I was still in School, I wondered why we needed to meet twice a week, every week, without fail, excect for the occasional holiday break. We were told this was so the work wouldn't grow cold. Now that I'm out I wonder if the real reason is that Sharon and Robert want to keep us students occupied so we couldn't develop any outside interests. Do you really get enough new material in every class to justify twice a week, every week of your time? When I was new the ideas seemed fresh and exciting, but how many times can you read the same text books and have the same conversations, over and over again? Is it really necessary to for classes to run past midnight every class, after class, after class?

Do the teachers seem like bullies sometimes? Why do they act that way? Is this how an enlightened being might act? Maybe they're really not enlightened? Would you like to be more like them? Really? I didn't think the teachers were very happy individuals. What do you think? Do they look happier these days?

Why is there such an emphasis on bringing new students? Why don't they call third line of work "Recruiting"? That is what's really going on, why don't they call a spade a spade? Why would they want to decieve you as to the true nature of this work?

And what's with all the School rules and secrecy, anyway? If you're reading this post, you probably know this group has a lot they want to keep from you. Even if most of what you read on the web is truely the lies and slander they claim it is, don't you think there might be some kernels of truth to it? Why are so many former students so vocal in their criticism of School? Why aren't more students writing about what a positive experience they had?

Ask your friends in School these questions, maybe you can figure it out eventually.

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Re: Sharon Gans: New York Group
Posted by: dar3463 ()
Date: January 13, 2011 08:20AM

Part 1

My name is Don Raskopf. I post ALL of my personal information here & EF because I have NOTHING to fear from vampires & leeches. I use full names of those I have known personally for over 2 decades because LIGHT is a disinfectant - an antidote to secrecy & mind-control. I was recruited into this cult - THIS IS A CULT NOT A SCHOOL - by my then girlfriend Julie Hodson (co-founder of Taylor-Hodson). I was manipulated into paying thousands of dollars and thousands of hours of slave labor annually for years. I was seduced into building (with many friends)FOR FREE the following homes & businesses - many sold at huge profit to Gans (I have many photo's I would love to post - RR let me know how):

Taylor-Hodson's first office in Waterside Plaza

Fred Mindel's house in Lake Hopatcong

Terry Christgau's house near Mindel's

Fred Mindel & Minerva Taylor's illegally joined adjacent apartment's in Waterside Plaza

Mindel's "doctor's" office Suite 505, 133 East 58th Street

Gans & Horn's previous apartment 59 West 12th Street, Apt. 11A/G, New York, NY

Montana - Falls Creek Ranch, Kauffman Road, Condon, Montana

Ilsa (Gan's daughter) Kaye's brownstone - 6 East 10th Street, New York, New York

Pawling - see details under real estate link on Esoteric Freedom main page

dozens of other projects

Part 2

It is my opinion that the only way to kill a snake is to cut off it's head. Rick Ross has years of experience trying free cult members with very mixed results. No one will leave while hypnotized - we need to destroy the hypnotist.

This is spiritual rape and abuse - call it by it's real name. Gans has stolen millions and destroyed hundred's of lives. I will join anyone who wishes to prevent further enslavement by ANY non-violent means - pickets, lawsuits, publicity, civil disobedience, etc.

"I swore never to be silent whenever and wherever human beings endure suffering and humiliation. We must always take sides. Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim. Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented."

Elie Wiesel

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Re: Sharon Gans: New York Group
Posted by: WTF ()
Date: March 17, 2011 02:06PM has posted the original article from the 1973 San Francisco Chronicle.
You get a real idea of how and why Gans and her teachers are such punks. They had a violent start and obviously violence is all part of their "teaching,"

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Re: Sharon Gans: New York Group
Posted by: WTF ()
Date: March 17, 2011 02:07PM has posted the original article from the 1973 San Francisco Chronicle.
You get a real idea of how and why Gans and her "teachers" are such punks. They had a violent start and obviously violence is all part of their "teaching,"

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Re: Sharon Gans: New York Group
Posted by: cochineal ()
Date: March 13, 2012 06:45AM

I am wondering if anyone has any information on Alex Horn's "private" groups? I know that he had at least two groups of students that were separate from the "main school" that Sharon was running. I also believe Sharon had/has some "private" groups of her own that were not part of the main groups. By main groups, I mean the groups that met on Broadway between Franklin and Leonard, Taylor-Hodson (133 West 19th Street), 119 West 25th Street and now on 38th Street.

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