The Living Spirit Foundation
Posted by: Kurt Michaels ()
Date: January 26, 2003 01:31PM

In the last year my wife, who suffers from several disabling physical ailments, has come under the increasing influence of a woman named Solomae who appears to be bringing people in need to her feet (primarily women) for spiritual enlightenment. I believe her connection with Solomae began through the well-meaning suggestions of people she came into contact with through legitimate Internet-based self-help groups.

Solomae is the main attraction behind the a group which bills itself in this manner:

"Living Spirit Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)(3) spiritual organization and church dedicated to sharing the Truth of peace, love and unity for all beings. We share and distribute the teachings of Solomae Sananda, a Self-realized Spiritual Teacher, who shares the message of Divine union through spiritual teachings and energetic transmission."

The website is []

My wife is moderately religious but claims to be increasing her spiritual side through her association with a new group of people (again, primarily women) who meet twice a month in something called a satsang (it's described on the living spirit website). These meetings are augmented, either formally or informally by another set of bi-monthly events.

At first I thought these were harmless but she is becoming increasingly influenced by Solomae and her teachings. We now have an entire spare bedroom turned into a "Meditation Room" in which a ritual meditation that she practices nightly requires so much freedom from external noises that she asks me not to use a bathroom which shares an adjoining wall, as she can hear the floor squeak.

To see how Solomae is the central "bigger than life" character please review the attachment, in which she is described as a presence who has recently completed transcended human form. In the words of the writer, "it is through this form, Solomae, that God reaches out and guides." I don't know the author, but it is someone within Solomae's circle who is helping Solomae to build an ethereal image among her followers.

My wife sees nothing ominous in any of this, and her failure to comprehend the bigger picture behind "Solomae" concerns me greatly. Solomae appears to live in a rural area just south of the town of Placerville, about an hour east of Lake Tahoe. So far, I don't find her or her organization listed as an acknowledged flim-flam, but this may be a developing movement which hasn't yet appeared on the radar screen of cult watchers.

Financially, she is taking home a comfortable income through her $50/meeting events, and appears to host additional money makers in the form of periodic "retreats." As compared to a normal religion, self-help group or club, her fees are not inexpensive, but so far she's not asking us to sign our home over to her. Hers is a "nonprofit" association, meaning she can pretty much collect whatever the traffic will bear. I suspect costs will rise accordingly if her group can attract and hold enough people.

Your comments and suggestions would be gratefully appreciated.

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The Living Spirit Foundation
Posted by: framer ()
Date: January 04, 2004 09:55AM

I see you post is a year old. I would like to talk to re. Salomae. If interested please post and we can make arrangements.

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Re: The Living Spirit Foundation
Posted by: Csnyoung6 ()
Date: March 12, 2021 12:52AM

hello- I am a cold case researcher and I am looking for information on The Living Spirit Foundation and/or Linda Ann Mauer/Clyde Stoycoff. Thank you so much

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