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Date: July 12, 2014 10:13PM


(quote)Archived Story
Local chiropractor presents research on Captiol Hill
Published 4:22pm Friday, June 22, 2012
Dr. Winn Sams, a chiropractor at Adawehi Institute, was a recent presenter on the latest research findings

Dr. Winn Samsrelated to children carrying heavy backpacks and book bags.
In meetings with federal officials and legislative aides, Sams followed up on planning sessions she first hosted in 2009 with Jackie Woods, founder and director of Adawehi Institute, and former Representative David Guice (R-NC).

Sams was joined on Capitol Hill by Richard W. Culatta from the Department of Education’s Office of Educational Technology Dr. George L. Askew, a pediatrician and chief medical officer of the administration for children and families of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. These two officials helped anchor the first discussions on Capitol Hill.

Studies show that the weight of children’s backpacks has doubled in the last 10 years, Sams said. Research published in April involving more than 1,400 students in Spain concludes that children should not carry more than 10 percent of their body weight and that weights exceeding 15 percent of a child’s body weight can be damaging to young spines.

For more information, visit

Dr. Sams’ chiropractic office is located at Adawehi Institute off Fox Mountain Road in Columbus. She may be reached at 828-817-4544. Read more about Dr. Sams at
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Date: October 10, 2017 09:14PM

I was once a member here. If you have family here- do not give up on them. It is very difficult to leave as they believe their soul will die if they leave. The brainwashing is so intense. The point of most of the exercises is to re-trigger past traumas. These past traumas are used to control members. Separating parents from children is also a main method of control. Along with using traumas to control, with the required tithing, onsite grocery store, multiple required 'sessions', and events all of your money goes to the founder. Many of the members work for the founders husband's business and so if they left they would not have jobs. It is difficult to leave when you have no savings and you have been made to cut yourself off from anyone outside the community.

The only good news is that even though they try very hard to recruit new members, they have been unsuccessful. The community has become so shut off from the world, that most people who still have their own thought process understand that something is off and still have enough freewill to choose to not be there. If your family member is there, make sure they know that you are there for them always. Also know, that if you directly disapprove you will be shut out. If they have hurt you, please know- it comes from a brainwashed state. Even if your family member were to have a thought against the norm here, if it is found out by anyone else- your family member will be reported on and have consequences for that.

I am grateful to be out and hope that others will find support if they choose to leave.

Re: Adawehi & Jackie Woods
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Date: January 11, 2023 11:29AM

My hope is that this message will reach others. I have deep insight into this cult. The leader and her son display narcissistic and coercive behaviors. The members of the community worship the leaders. I witnessed the dismantling of your own intuition. High control and manipulation stripping away autonomy. The cult leaders take your vulnerability against you. At first, love "bombing" takes place then shaming then the leaders and group members begin alienating when you resist the norm or challenge in any way. People are adored then shamed or accused by the leader of not being loyal or committed enough to the so-called mission. I saw adults having lost their sense of "adult competence" witnessed child-like behaviors from adults- who are highly intelligent people. The leader herself shames people in the community when they become sick or get hurt. The followers their have zero social life as all the various community events and classes keep the group where she wants them to be. If you do not go to a class or event you are shamed by her and passively by the "group." Some of them work 90 hours of "service" to the community per month and tithing is 25%, group sessions with several people ranging from 3-8 or more people charging them each $150.00 per person. One on One sessions with the leader (as she claims to have special knowledge from her angel guides) $150, her workshops $150.00, then CDs, energetic classes, the list goes on. Money making scheme. She has her followers convinced she has special knowledge from Arc Angel Michael. Classic signs of CULT. Her son has been inappropriate during massage sessions. There is no accountability for her nor for him. So many people in the past have left for the same reasons. The same 30 people are still there from the opening of the institute. No new members and I wonder why. Schedules are very rigid, isolating and she expects you to commit fully to her as your spiritual teacher. Control is maintained by shaming, emotional and psychology abuse as well as love and praise to keep all the members in line. The leader calls herself a counselor but has no degree in counseling- this is very dangerous. When a student leaves the cult, there is backlash by speaking poorly about previous members. Of course, it is your fault as to why you left. If her son was inappropriate during a massage, then it is your perception and imagination/your past wounds. A complete brainwashing. Excusing bad behaviors by putting back onto the victim. They also teach you are not a victim. This is pounded into the members heads. For the leaders is a like a life insurance policy to keep abusing people. She the leader of the institute, requires/demands her students to listen to her CDs every day and they are held accountable. She controls every part of their lives.

Hard to believe a place like this is still allowed to exist. You only really see the truth when you are in it. This is my first cult experience. I could no longer be silent. I feel for the members there. They are completely brainwashed. They believe the leaders can do no wrong and 100% support them and this false narrative. Many of them have given up all they have financially to her. She expects them give to her. She expects gratitude gifting given to her and it is never enough.

All the signs are there pointing to a cult.

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Date: January 16, 2023 11:14AM

Dear Rising Woman-

I am so sorry this happened to you. I was a member there for many years and experienced many things you experienced. If you haven’t already, I would report your experience to the NC board of massage therapist. You can make a complaint here: []

Healing takes time, but it does happen. I’m glad you are out of that hell hole.

Re: Adawehi & Jackie Woods
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Date: January 21, 2023 11:27AM

Thank you

Re: Adawehi & Jackie Woods
Posted by: RisingWoman@2023 ()
Date: February 26, 2023 10:55AM

Several women have left as a result of her son who is the main massage therapist. There are several members who have been a follower of her the founder and leader of the institute for 24 years and are aware of the son's predatory behaviors towards certain women. Several members know of 6 women that have left because of inappropriate behaviors during massages... and many others have left as a result of realizing her the cult leader emotional and psychological abuse.

I could not understand why when I came out about my experience of him being inappropriate with me during massage as well as 3 other women who had told me similar experiences during their massages by him that I was not believed by the founder of the institute and several of the members. I realized after I had left what was taking place in the minds of the members who are brainwashed.

He has been allowed to continue with these predatory sexual behaviors for so long as his mother protects him. The members that are fully aware of this behavior are in a state of COGNITIVE DISSONANCE- when reality doesn't meet your belief system. 9x out of 10 you're going to retain your thinking with the Belief system rather than change your reality. This is safer for the cult members who stay. They are too fearful to leave to co-dependent and attached to the doctrine and cult leaders.

People who stay when there is a crisis moment such as this usually become more fervent in the belief system they are being indoctrinated with/more fervent for the cult leaders.

Cults are about CONFORMITY and COMPLIANCE. The cult breaks you down. They have to reframe your IDENTITY EMOTIONALLY and PYSCOLOGICALLY. They have to start taking you apart and then rebuilding you in their image, All a part of the indoctrination.

By the time you're so far in and you have so internalized the belief system, you believe this is what you NEED to do to reach whatever that level is they are promising you in order to respect you and revere the leader.

The following is an email from her the cult leader in reference to me and o2 other women coming forward about her son inappropriate sexual behaviors during massage.

Dear students,

The First Sunday in Jan. I have written a class on power. And of course, any time I teach a class on power, our lessons around sexuality come up. And this time our lessons have come up big, because we have finally claimed enough light to heal our sexual wounds.

Everyone has received ego programming around their sexuality. And frequently that programming neglected to claim the sex drive as a desire to unite our Divine Female and Divine Male in physical action. Instead, sexuality is usually seen as a desire to attract the opposite sex. By using sex this way, we forgo real power.

Getting through this lesson to the truth of who we are requires forgiveness. Forgiveness for those who have brought this lesson up for us as well as forgiveness for not claiming our divinity. By forgiving our sexual fears and aggressions, we can forgive others theirs.
This can be a destructive time or a time of great healing. The choice is yours.
Then she signs it- In Forgiveness,

The cult leader is using her articulation of words, playing on emotions to manipulate and control her students, to keep them right where she wants them.

Really disturbing email and even more disturbing that not one student their standing up for women but instead conforming to the indoctrination of this email.

One of the women who had been giving her time to the institute to help with several projects on the property/volunteering time, was told she could not participate in the service work. She is no longer allowed to be there as she was told that her energy was toxic to the other students.

They just Re-victimized the victims as if her son did nothing wrong to these women. The cult leader basically saying it is our fault and we brought this to us. Of course, he denies any wrongdoing. Why wound he incriminate himself.

Besides, they believe there is no such thing as right or wrong, good or bad.

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