Stuart Wilde, Ayahuasca, Morph delusions, magical light-pen scam,
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: March 09, 2010 04:18AM

Stuart Wilde...
...expensive seminars and retreats, selling thousand dollar rip-off magical light pens, exclusive clubs selling voyages for thousands, triggering traumas, expensive Redeemer's Club sworn to secrecy, use of drug Ayahuasca (south american hallucinogen), alternate reality called "Morph"?
...people getting ripped off for a seminar where he didn't even show up and people had to pay in advance, seminar robbery,

[Why I dislike like Stuart Wilde] []

/23/2009 5:06 AM Re: Why I dislike like Stuart Wilde. Quote

I was at the Sept. HOI with Stuart which was Aya Temple journeys prior to the November gig that had the 'hold up'.....I later went to a Columbia gig with HOI and my roommate told me of the Nov. terror she experienced with Stuart because she was there at the Aya event that was held up.

When she told me what happened, my heart sank and my mouth fell open. I could not believe the intrusion into the psyche at an Aya event could happen.

But what really freaked me was my remembering my time in Brazil with s.w.

On our third and last ceremony. I was sitting facing the fire while watching everyone mill around and lay down on their mats after they took their cup and were getting comfortable for their journey.

Stuart walked up and stood next to me and I heard him say, "like lambs to the slaughter." I sat still and the funny thing is that he REPEATED it. Stuart said again, "like lambs to the slaughter" and then walked away.

I thought how strange a viewpoint he was taking of the scenario of everyone trusting the ceremonial process we were following at the events of the week.

I also wondered why he repeated it but took it that he wanted to make sure I heard it. I never acknowledged that I did.

When I heard of the robbery -- firsthand form a participant -- my first thought was that Stuart had given me a warning in advance. I remembered what he said , "Like lambs to the slaughter."

Now, some would say that he has the capacity of a prediction or had a premonition about November as I also heard he had warned the HOI owner not to be there for that particular Brazil event because he had a vision of him being injured.

Anyway, my heart sank as the thought crossed my mind that maybe Stuart really masterminded the scene and as making a mockery of the people he often makes comments about -- those who feel they are on a high horse with their monetary and Ivory Tower selves.

Being held up would be a good blow to the ego and make you rethink your priorities == would it not ? Just the type of prank a scallywag lesson would entail.

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Re: Stuart Wilde, Ayahuasca, Morph delusions, magical light-pen scam,
Posted by: Sparky ()
Date: March 09, 2010 11:23PM

This is a great link to this lunatic's works. Read the story of the lizard-transformation...where a woman morphs slowly into a lizard in front of his eyes, tail and sharp teeth included. How can anyone give hard-earned money to jackasses like this?

Here is a telling quote from Wilde in the Lizard story canard:

"David Icke talks of humans that shape-shift into reptiles so I asked him if he had ever seen it happen and he said he had not. But it’s always been my policy to believe in everything until I can prove it wrong, so I believed Icke."

I love the line "But it has always been my policy to believe in everything until I can prove it wrong". What a brilliant scholar and intellect this cat must be!



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Ayahuasca, Morph, "like lambs to the slaughter" Stuart Wilde
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: March 10, 2010 09:00PM

Its very interesting how even though these various new age Gurus appear to be so "crazy", at the same time they are making huge amounts of money, are running many websites, publishing companies, cutting deals with publishers and media companies...

And on the Stuart Wilde website, there is PR material written clearly by him, and it sounds normal, and then right after that, he goes into the wacko stuff.

Here is a photo from Stuart Wilde about dematerialization, and its clearly a conscious fraud.

These Gurus must start out doing one thing, and the "crazier" they act the more pliable audience they attract, and the more money they can charge?
Combined that with addictively taking large amounts of hallucinogens that can cause hallucinations, paranoia and delusions...
Some followers seem to like their Gurus crazy, and the crazier the better.
And of course, trying to manufacture waking hallucinations is also a type of trance-induction.

But the "crazy" Guru act is very suspicious, especially when combined with fraud, and running quite large businesses selling anything they can get their hands on, like pulling a scam like selling $2 light-pens from China for $1,000.
The cynical Guru starts to have serious contempt for those who believe their when Stuart Wilde was saying...

..."like lambs to the slaughter"...

Re: Ayahuasca, Morph, "like lambs to the slaughter" Stuart Wilde
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: March 10, 2010 09:11PM

The link with the lizard stories reads like satire.
Stuart Wilde might have starting doing outrageous things as a joke, and then found people believed him, so he just kept going further and further.

What is very interesting, is that the INSTANT you start to read those weird fantasy Stories of shapeshifting human lizards and other bizarre fiction, you instantly go into a light Trance. Because the Stories are like a waking dream or nightmare, or like a horror story.

It would not be surprising to find that Stuart Wilde thinks of himself like Stephen King, and people lure themselves into that for morbid entertainment and recreational drug use, and then get scammed, or literally robbed like on that Stuart Wilde retreat.

Re: Stuart Wilde, Ayahuasca, Morph delusions, magical light-pen scam,
Posted by: Sparky ()
Date: March 10, 2010 11:26PM

The Anitcult, correct me on this, but perhaps the "Lizard stories" is more of an "easy money" scam.

There are websites out there with conspiracy theories about "Lizard people" who live disguised among us and control the world. (Aliens? From a Hollow Earth?). I don't know if these are all from Icke or not).

By telling these wild and insane stories he is attracting more followers who have this mythological-mindset already built in. He also claims that he can see the lizard people where others cannot. He is merely expanding on their paranoia/fears and can charge handsomely for the "solution" (books, amulets, whatever).

And here, the "Balloon Boy"'s father just wanted to warn us that Hillary Clinton is actually a "Lizard Person" (Includes video):


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Re: Stuart Wilde, Ayahuasca, Morph delusions, magical light-pen scam,
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: March 11, 2010 09:36AM

Icky does market the lizard stories, and they do seem to sell?
It seems that Stuart Wilde went from generic New Age books about making miracles, into more obscure content.
One gets the sense from Stuart Wilde that he is a cynic, and saw how some of the people eat that stuff up, and just kept pushing it farther, and they kept buying it.
The keys that its a scam though, are the deliberate fake photos, rip-off flashlights, and the rest of it.

On a more serious level, Stuart Wilde is also doing "Shamanic retreats", and there are reports of a lot drugs being used on those.
On one of those retreats, those attending were even robbed at gunpoint outside the country.
Going on a "shamanic retreat" outside of the country in the wilderness and doing drugs with some greedy conman, that is a horrendously bad idea.
Have there been any drug overdoses or deaths or injuries at these Stuart Wilde shamanic retreats?

Re: Stuart Wilde, Ayahuasca, Morph delusions, magical light-pen scam,
Posted by: Sparky ()
Date: March 11, 2010 10:22AM

The Anticult, you are the "go-to-guy" (apologies if you are a woman) with unaknowledged hypnotic techniques and it seems that Wilde may in fact be doing these as well. He claims to be a shaman afterall. As far as his "flock being fleeced" at gunpoint this shows a potential link between him and his drug dealers.

If anyone reading this is aware of drug overdoses or deaths/injuries at Wilde's retreats we need to know.

Re: Stuart Wilde, Ayahuasca, Morph delusions, magical light-pen scam,
Posted by: Sparky ()
Date: March 12, 2010 09:30AM

Apparently, many many people hate this miserable bastard Stuart Wilde.

Here is a site:


What a thief! $2594.83 (1900 euros) for a 2 buck Chinese imported "Magical Light Pen".

Where can I become a "guru" and destroy people's hopes and dreams? (I have no interest in entering "Politics" so let's rule that out at the get-go).

Re: Stuart Wilde, Ayahuasca, Morph delusions, magical light-pen scam,
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: March 12, 2010 10:45PM

Lizards in Literature

Probably a lot of people interested in so called 'shamanism' can be counted on to have read Carlos Castanedas famous early books.

Two lizards play an important role in one of the early Castaneda books and thus would enter the imagination of a person who has read those books, much the way various characters from Star Wars entered our imaginations and passed into metaphor.



Episode of the Two Lizards
from Castaneda's Journey, by Richard deMille. pp. 41-42

About six o'clock that Sunday morning Carlos returned to the place where for three years he had been privately cultivating a Jimson weed. Attending closely to instructions written into his field notes eighteen months earlier, he spent most of the day preparing the potion and the paste. Late in the afternoon he wasted an hour and a half, from five to six-thirty, trying to catch two lizards for his ritual. By the time he caught them, "it was almost dark."

In the failing dusk, directed only by don Juan's transcribed discourse on the subject, he accomplished a delicate task he had neither practiced before nor seen demonstrated. Having put each lizard into a separate bag, he drew one out, apologized for hurting her, then using the fiber of a century plant for thread and the thorn of a prickly pear as a needle sewed up her mouth, drawing the stitches tight. Taking the other lizard out, he apologized to her also, then sewed up her eyelids, so that deprived of sight she might be more inclined to talk to him about what the muted lizard was seeing.

Letting the muted lizard go, he tied the blinded lizard to his right shoulder with a string, so as not to "lose or injure her." It was important to keep both lizards alive. If the muted lizard had died, Carlos would have had to give up the Devil's weed for the next two years. (As things turned out, he gave it up forever, so perhaps that lizard did die.) If the blinded lizard had died also, Carlos might have gone mad. At least he would have had a very bad trip.

You who have passed a steel needle and a polished thread in a bright light through a piece of inert but paper-thin leather about as wide as a newborn baby's little fingernail without ripping it will, I am sure, appreciate Carlos's skill in passing a perforated cholla thorn trailing an agave fiber in the darkling twilight through the tiny fragile blinking membranes that shield a living lizard's eyes, without tearing them, never having tried it before, and never having seen anyone else do it. "The sewing of the mouth and eyes," Castaneda wrote, "was the most difficult task." No doubt. One would have to be a sorcerer to do such a trick. But this was no sorcery. It was not even hallucination, since Carlos had been without drugs for fifteen weeks. This was an ordinary exercise like collecting plants on a hillside or grinding seeds in a mortar. Ordinary, but incredible.



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Re: Stuart Wilde, Ayahuasca, Morph delusions, magical light-pen scam,
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: March 13, 2010 03:46AM

Also, every kid loves dinosuars, which are big intelligent lizards.
And Godzilla was very popular, and dragons have always been in mythological literature.
So there is something in the human psyche that is attracted to that material, perhaps the part of the human brain known as the R-complex? (The Reptilian Complex) []

One of the functions of the R-complex in the human brain is establishing social dominance, and other primitive impulses.
So these cult leaders would know about that.

Stuart Wilde got carried away with his social power and greed, and apparent constant drug usage, and wants to keep that money coming in with those outrageous rip-offs.
Every scammy cultish leader has something like that for sale, some sell the Q-link [] another worthless piece of junk they sell for hundreds and thousands.
Nothing makes money like selling worthless junk for the price of diamonds.

And Stuart Wilde shows how clever he is, to try to avoid making it sound like a MEDICAL device, as you can get in trouble for that. Just make it sound like a New Age Aura cleaner, and that appears to be legal fraud?
Or maybe Stuart Wilde is making illegal claims about his magical light-pen? He seems to enjoy visiting S&M clubs and shooting galleries for drug addicts, and drug gangs?


"I have a high-tech torch that looks like a pen that comes from Germany.* It is a bio-resonance light-pen that re-phrases water making it more slippery. We drink that to clear cluster in our bodies but you can also use it to re-phase a room. So I'll shine the light in an elevator and leave it feeling like a waterfall rather than the stressed-out, tired energy, elevators often have. I re-phase crowds, buildings, street corners, whatever. Sometime I drive round deserted cities at night and re-phase ten city blocks of downtown. Shining the light on buildings, windows, shops, trash cans, as I go along. I go up and down the streets for an hour or two until the whole area is fixed up to a new level.

If a place is particularly putrid like a S&M club, or a shooting gallery for addicts, I walk in and give it extra attention; sometimes I talk to the people if they are up for it. Corners where street gangs operate drugs businesses are a bit tricky as they are dangerous so I am not suggesting that for you, but you can usually get in and out of loads of places if you are silent and not abrasive."

Why woo-woo wins, Q-Ray bracelet []

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