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Re: Guy Finley - non-profit = NO TAXES for Guy Finley
Posted by: leadgoose ()
Date: April 21, 2011 01:53PM

Anti Cult Im not sure I have ever read anything that guy finley has written about getting rid of the type of "healthy" fear you are talking about. Healthy Fear to me is don't stand in front of a charging bull or step on a rattlesnake that kind of fear being healthy is a given. I find some of his stuff relevant and useful. I have also never paid a dime to access this information. He gives plenty of useful stuff for free. I think he has a right to earn a living as a teacher of his own philosophy or religion. Let the IRS decide what status it deserves.

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Re: Guy Finley - non-profit = NO TAXES for Guy Finley
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: April 22, 2011 01:34AM

The self-centeredness of followers of various New Wage gurus is without limit. Is it always about you? Is it possible to look beyond your own self?

Guy Finley constantly talks about lowering your fear triggers, just like Byron Katie. []
They don't do this to help you, they do this to make people feel more "safe" around the Guru, so they ignore their doubts about the Guru.

Why talk about rattlesnakes, when the real metaphor is about human snakes selling spiritual snake-oil, who don't shake a rattle, but disguise themselves as a sheep to lure people in and make them feel safe, and then take a bite out of them?

More about the "free" nonsense.
Byron Katie uses the "free" BS salespitch too, so does Ching Hai. []
Ching Hai also works off donations, even though she pretends to not accept them.
Whenever a multimillionare Guru starts talking about "free" is when you should hear a snake-rattle.

Free is like the fisherman giving a worm on a hook for free to the fish. The free worm is to hook you, and reel you in. Anyone with basic common sense can see Guy Finley does that in spades.

These groups all abuse the tax-free status under the Church exemption. If anyone sees problems, they should report it to the IRS.

Guy Finley does not deserve one dollar in donations, or purchases, ever.
He has no accountability, and is a slick operator.
He wants to lower people's healthy fear or doubt triggers about Guy Finley, some spiritual snake-oil salesman from the internet, running a huge business.

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Guy Finley - scam, The Road To Good Fortune scam
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: April 22, 2011 04:00AM

Guy Finley has set up even more websites, they are all over the place.

And the "free" stuff. Its not free. Advertising is not free, it has a purpose.
Guy Finley is weaving a web on the web. A spiders web with shiny promises to lure you in is not free.

All this content put out by Guy Finley has a purpose, to bring people into Guy Finley's spell. Then later, those who get lured in, start buying the content, and going to the retreats, and making massive donations eventually. That is how it works.

Below is a post by a person who has no clue of the techniques that Guy Finley is using to lure people in. But he knows a SCAM when he sees it.
Meant to confuse you, and lure you in. He equates it to Robert Kiyosaki, which is quite accurate. Lure people in with big promises, and then be vague, and keep upselling them stuff forever.

Guy Finley is very good at confusion people, that is the Confusion Technique. Then once you are confused, and in a light trance state, Guy Finley upsells you to his other programs, then to more programs, and it never ends.
Its a LIFE-LONG process with Guy Finley, he will never stop upselling you his programs.
Its an empty sham, a scam.
This guy below admits he got scammed by Guy Finley with the 1 program, and smartly he's admitted he got scammed, and closed the door on Guy Finley.
Guy Finley is a very slick internet salesman and promoter of Guy Finley.
Search Google for:

"Guy Finley"

And you see a massive string of interlinked multimedia websites, all cross-promoting Guy Finley, using every technique in the book, in a fairly soft-sell way, which is often the most effective selling technique in the New Wage marketplace, when looking for soft-targets.

------------quote message archived below------
Guy Finley - The Road To Good Fortune

If somebody were to ask me what "The Road to Good Fortune" is about, I would have to say, "I don't know."

This audio program is made by "best-selling self-development author" Guy Finley. Apparently Mr. Finley thinks he has many secrets that the rest of us don't know about.

In fact, Finley himself claims that this material contains "some of the greatest psychological and spiritual secrets ever revealed."

So what exactly are these secrets?

In his speeches, he says things like:

"Christ said, 'Resist not evil.'"

"Real growth, real wealth comes on the other side of a risk."

"The weight of any trouble in your life is determined by how much you fear it."

"Stop letting fear change you into what it wants to make you."

"You become what you love."

This program also comes with a workbook that is filled with quotes from his other books.

Here are some of the quotes in the workbook:

"Allow the Truth to awaken in you the remembrance that you are not here to remain you."

"The Way is what unfolds as you begin seeking it."

"Our first responsibility in not to win over this world but to raise ourselves above it."

"Each newly aroused need to be Awake is the next step in your Awakening."

"Awareness of any fearful disturbance must precede your freedom from it: This is the one True Order upon which self rescue is founded."

"False life is exhausting; Real Life is inexhaustible."

"Persist at all costs with your studies of the Truth, because within Its World everything you learn you earn."

"At the end of every road in life is shown the truth of its beginning, which means that any first step reveals the last step if you know how to see."

"When we seek this world we win its gifts that are fashioned in time, but when we seek the Celestial we find ourselves and that we've something within us which made the stars."

Some of you are probably saying, "Huh?"

If you're wondering what these quotes mean, you're not alone. I don't understand them either.

And that's the problem. Finley seems to think that saying things that we don't understand somehow makes him look wise.

It doesn't. It just makes him a poor communicator.

A good communicator makes sure that his audience understands what he's saying. Finley doesn't seem to understand this. Or maybe he doesn't care.

Or perhaps this is his way of covering up the fact that he is not saying anything useful.

While listening to him talk, most of the time I was wondering what his point was.

In one part his speech, Finley said, "In case you're wondering if some human being is good or strong or wiser than you are, there's no such thing. What a relief."

I thought that was a strange thing to say. Doesn't Finley think that he's wiser than us because he is the "knower" of secrets?

(And yes, I do know that there are people who are stronger and wiser than I am. Trying to deny this won't change that fact.)

In another part, he said, "Trying to make yourself happy by making a lot of money is an absolute waste of time."

LOL . . . isn't that what he's trying to do? Why else did he sell me this?

In the workbook, he also mentions that he has other books and material that you can buy from him.

That annoyed me. If he has other secrets, why didn't he put them in this program?

Couldn't he just put everything in one book and sell that to people?

Since he has nothing important to say in this program, I don't think his other material is any different. So I won't buy any of his other books. I already wasted my money on this.

Finley reminds me of Robert Kiyosaki. They both like talking on and on for hours, acting like they're very smart and thinking that their ideas are important and useful.

But they're not.

Listening to Guy Finley will leave you scratching your head and saying, "WTF?"

So on a scale of 1 through 10 (with 1 being worthless and 10 being extremely useful/valuable), I rate "The Road to Good Fortune" as a 1.


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Re: Guy Finley - non-profit = NO TAXES for Guy Finley
Posted by: leadgoose ()
Date: April 23, 2011 12:21AM

Hi Anti cult, most if not all of what you say about Guy Finley you can apply to larger more mainstream religions!! Many pass the offering plate during the service afterwords you can stop by the bookstore and purchase all types of religious texts. They don't give them away for free. (some do but they rely on donations from somewhere to run the machine. There are bible book stores which sell bibles, they have bills to pay and are profit driven. ( You say Finley and Robert Kiyoski " both like talking on and on for hours, acting like they're very smart and thinking that their ideas are important and useful." "but they're not.") you are certainly entitled to your opinion but but obviously some people would disagree, they continue to buy books. you say "Listening to Guy Finley will leave you scratching your head and saying, "WTF?" Just because you find it confusing doesn't mean that it doesn't make perfect sense to someone else.

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Re: Guy Finley LIFE OF LEARNING FOUNDATION INC, financial disclosure
Posted by: Almost ()
Date: February 03, 2020 08:33PM

Christine A Roberts. This is actually Christine Amen. Not sure if Roberts is her married name. She is divorced now. She is a wealthy woman with her own Leer jet, which is used to ferry Guy Finley around. The organisation really does hide their financial records. I know this from personal experience. Chris Amen runs the whole show. Her brother is Dr. Danial Amen, considered a quack by his peers.
Chris Amen repeatedly told me on numerous occasions, “I am not a nice person.
Her father is also very wealthy. Owns a chain of supermarkets and extensive orange groves in CA.
People are paid a wage. Admin and marketing. Sales. All paid wages. All controlled by Chris Amen. The ‘students’ who attend regularly call her ‘the General’.
Having looked into it and spent time there I can say the ‘teaching’ is regurgitated Fourth Way nonsense. “This is the only school in the world where you will hear the truth.” Making it appear exclusive. Which is also a sigh of a cult.
Guy is the only true teacher. No one else has it or can give you what he does.
If you question, especially ask questions of Guy Finley himself, you are slapped down immediately with, “That is your lower nature.”
He actually gets quite emotional if questioned.
There is no way to see the books. Probably stashed in the secret bunkers the Foundation have, to protect Guy in case of a war.
Guy Finley comes across as a grumpy old man. Dare question him and see his ‘Lower nature’. It is a con, a sophisticated scam.
Always wondered why they need donations when a multi millionaire, Chris Amen runs the place. Also there are members who have been following the teaching foe nigh on forty years, and they are no more advanced ‘spirituality’ than a newbie.
No one ever graduates from this school. Beware. A total scam.

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Re: Guy Finley LIFE OF LEARNING FOUNDATION INC, financial disclosure
Posted by: Almost ()
Date: February 04, 2020 02:04AM

One other aspect that is disturbing.
If a member of the school leaves, other members are ordered by Guy to never speak with them ever again. Even if you were friends with them previously.
Also he votes for Trump.

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Re: Guy Finley, Life of Learning Foundation, EIN number 931113013.
Posted by: Almost ()
Date: December 12, 2020 03:24PM

Christine Amen Roberts, an extremely wealthy woman. Made her money with her husband selling how to get rich courses. Total scam.
She has been friends with Guy Finley for more than thirty-five years, they met through Vernon Howard. The Life of Learning Foundation is totally in her name.
She also financed the purchase of the property in Merlin, Oregon. As well as the building of their “church” building.
I spent three months there and was asking to apply for a green card, through the Foundation. When it emerged that as part of the application process the NSA would perhaps want to see the accounts, the books, Guy Finley and Chris Amen shut the whole thing down. No way where they going to grant permission to have the books examined. Big red flag for me.
Dr. Amen, who promotes books by Guy Finley, is a brother of Chris Amen. She also goes by the name Chris A Roberts, her marriage name. She is divorced now, hence the Amen surname.
The whole thing is a con. Enabling both Guy Finley and Chris Amen take in money and get richer. A scam and a con from start to finish.

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Re: Guy Finley, Christine A Roberts, Life of Learning Foundation 931113013
Posted by: Almost ()
Date: December 12, 2020 03:26PM

She is Chris Amen.

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