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Re: Beware of Rick Wiles, Trunews so called Christian radio show
Posted by: alan mass ()
Date: November 14, 2019 10:44PM

It looks like Wiles and his many online mignons, mostly Russian bots, are doing it again. Just look at dontbdcvd who calls himself Greg Stockton. It is self exposing.
I agree on the fact that we should discuss religious matters and related falsehoods on this blog. However I do not see any reason not to link financial frauds to the formers. They seem to go hand in hand; money is the reason for individuals like Rick Wiles to do what they do.
These con artists, self-professed priests who show incredible ignorance in their knowledge of the religious scriptures of interest, haven`t never bothered to read them in their original language and versions, and possibly not even the King James` in its entirety. I have caught mr. Wiles at fault many many times during his shows, over and over again. Contradiction after contradiction. Made him and his audience aware via comments posted on his channel and .. got ghosted, removed and disappeared, over, and over, and over again.
What the man does is using the bible for his own personal return, a monetary one of course. He is admittedly, he said it on air during his shows, a financial speculator and a real estate speculator, who receives tips and dips on how to `bet` on the market from.. guess whom?.. God himself via the Holy Spirit. Imagine that.
Jesus is the figure that professed love over riches and taught humanity the importance of a life based on poverty and on rejecting accumulation of wealth, he threw the money changers out of the temple, and this man, mr. Wiles, is using His name in vain.
He is a selfish con man, and a pathological liar.
Unfortunately, whatever content is linked now to this man and what he says on his multi-million platform of internet and tv shows, gets consequently tainted. Think about what he denounces about Zionism, Israeli cyber technology operations, and on the Internationalists, Jewish banking system and so on and so forth - all mostly correct and right on the mark by the way, ..he is using info he collects (steals or plagiarizes) from other sources on the net, which he never cares to mention afterwards, to push this or that popular ALT Media discourse in order to promote his channel, nothing more than that - and how he is never legally prosecuted, investigated, or even just blocked or censored by the great controlling machine that drives public opinion in the US and worldwide in and out the Net. Nope. He is still live broadcasting from his half billion property in Florida.

I made comments once saying so on his Youtube channel and here he goes, fakery again, 12 hours later the channel gets suspended. Coincidence? .. right.
Again today, after rebutting one of his statement, here he goes again, and, 10 h later (GMT time diff I guess), .. the comments are disabled on the channel, forever he says.


Well, it took me sometime to get it.
You see, he is using the fact that Youtube censors content, of course they do, to push the newly acquired audience gathered from his free channel to his soon-to-be paying subscribers only, not so popular yet heavily invested on, website.

It`s like fishing, and this con man has learned all the tricks.

He is a thief, a common street criminal who runs an operation that has attracted many relevant players now, with funds and donations. Just think about the way he sides with Russia and China on so many issues .. flip-flopping here and there as they pay him to do so, he is with Trump, now against him, now `it is all a farce`... now it is a Jacobin revolution, tomorrow Judgement day.

He belongs in jail.

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Re: Beware of Rick Wiles, Trunews so called Christian radio show
Posted by: oldpreacher ()
Date: May 08, 2022 08:45AM

Your assessment is more on the mark than you could imagine. He rides the "crisis of the day" and pretends he's ahead of the curve with special divine insight. He hopes you will forget the missed predictions and questionable guests that have also made false prophecies or gave bad financial advice. He preys on your end time fear and willing heart. Question him and he will threaten you with legal action. He's called himself a Pastor, Presbyter, and even Bishop, however, he has no recognized ministerial credentials. Many great people have come and gone from his "ministry" as they are fired for seeing through him, or simply leave in disgust.

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