Resignation Letter by Amy Hall to JRI after James Arthur Ray Killings
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Date: December 31, 2009 02:29AM

Another connection is Terry Hall @
His wife is Terry Hall, who used to work for James Ray.

Resignation Letter by Amy Hall to JRI after James Arthur Ray Killings
Amy Hall, former James Arthur Ray Employee
"Amy is my wife and one of the victims of James Arthur Ray’s obsession with death which has resulted in 4 people dead, many injuries and lost jobs...."

Its interesting that some JRI employees have been sending Amy Hall some very nasty messages.
There have been other comments like that appearing on some blogs, for awhile the JRI employees were going after Cassandra Yorgey [] in the comments on []
That is their method, if someone speaks up, the go after them viciously to try and silence them.

James Ray did not invent that one, most sects use that exact method. If anyone speaks out, they berate and attack them viciously to silence them.
Even Jim Jones used that one, as a matter of fact, the day before the Jonestown massacre, many of the Jonestown people were saying everything was ok, simply because they were too scared to speak out.

There have been a few people close to the James Ray situation, who have hinted or said that James Ray has an obsession with death, and was acting that out using other people as pawns, and getting off on his "God" power. That is what happened with Colleen Conaway.

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Re: Resignation Letter by Amy Hall to JRI after James Arthur Ray Killings
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Date: December 31, 2009 02:42AM

SaltyDroid posted a letter from Bill Harris. []

This letter shows how this system works, they simply threaten people with losing $150K.
And they are able to silence almost all criticism, except of course when that speech is protected as free speech, as in forums like this one, and others.
Werner Erhard, SGI, SCcentology, and every LGAT guru and cult since has used that approach. Attack the small guy with threats to silence all criticism.

Bill Harris is another one of Oprah's buddies from The Secret book/movie that she promoted on her TV show.
The gang from The Secret has without exception turned out to be a group of scam-artists and crooks.
Thanks again to Oprah and Oprah producers, for unleashing the biggest orgy of rip-offs and scams in many decades.

The costs of such a suit will be huge, both financially and also in terms of time and stress. Legal fees for such a lawsuit can be, at minimum, over $150,000, the time commitment will be extensive, and the stress will be enormous. It will change your life in a way I suspect you will not like.

... Such a legal action, however, is quite likely to consume your life and your bank account, and will be highly stressful.
...At this point you have a short time to decide what you want to do with the next several years of your life.

Bill Harris CEO, Centerpointe Research Institute, Inc.

Re: James Arthur Ray - 2 die at Arizona retreat's sweat lodge
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Date: December 31, 2009 08:55PM

I've just been looking through the police photo's of Death Ray's Sedona living quarters, taken after he had fled the scene, mainly because I was intrigued by the vast amount of questionable medication he was lugging about with him---Human Growth Hormone? Estrogen suppressors used by women suffering breast cancer? Stuff to prevent hair loss?---doesn't sound too much like a 'spiritual warrior facing death fearlessly' to me.

Anyway, I see that he fled in such haste that he left his passport behind for the investigators to find and photograph (as a seasoned traveller, discarding that document is an absolute no-no in any situation)
This gives me some hope that he won't be fleeing too far beyond the reach of the law, despite moving swiftly to liquidate his assets shortly after the story broke.

Re: James Arthur Ray - 2 die at Arizona retreat's sweat lodge
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Date: January 01, 2010 12:27AM

Discussion continuing at NAFPS forum


Lots of news links and URLs here.

Re: James Arthur Ray - 2 die at Arizona retreat's sweat lodge
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Date: January 01, 2010 05:05AM


Read the names.
Those are some fishy folks indeed. David Deida and Ken Wilber are no strangers to this board.

Oh, man. Yeah, I had a feeling that Roshi Glassman was going to pop up in this story at some point. As soon as I heard about James Arthur Ray and his "homeless for a day" program, I had a suspicion this might connect to Glassman in some way.

Glassman has some interesting friends... This is kind of a puff piece. For the record, I don't buy that this is just a "peace group". It's meant to suck in the gullible and use them for other purposes, in my opinion.


Then, two summers ago, after a period of some uncertainty about the future of the farm, its history took another turn. The original trustees of the farm sold the 34-acre property to an international multi-faith peace network led by a Zen Buddhist roshi who has made a name for himself by mixing meditation with social awareness. The new ownership, a group called Peacemaker Circle International, intends to refashion the farm from a hippie hangout into a "global hub" for its growing network of activist circles.

...Glassman and his wife, Eve Marko, who is vice president of the organization, travel a lot, Uberseder said. In fact, a couple of days after I visited, Glassman went to New York City to meet with Hollywood movie star Richard Gere about a possible peace event focused on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Gere is a high-profile Buddhist and his foundation has provided some funding to PCI.

In December, PCI announced plans for an ambitious event to highlight the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. In partnership with Gere, PCI plans to produce a series of events featuring performing artists and spiritual leaders it is calling "Middle East Live: 2005," intending to focus international attention to the plight and concerns of ordinary people on both sides of the conflict. This summer, PCI established a regional hub in Amman, Jordan, and has been working with circles in Israel and Palestine. The group has also sponsored two trips by Gere to the Middle East -- in June and December -- where the actor visited communities in Israel and the West Bank.


A pro-peace group is hoping that a potent mix of Hollywood glamour and religion will motivate Palestinians to vote in next week's presidential elections -- and their star attraction is actor Richard Gere. The only problem is that Gere's co-stars are on record as supporting suicide bombing, anti-Jewish genocide, and eradication of Israel.

Gere, together with an Islamic cleric and a Greek Orthodox Church official, recorded a public service announcement calling on the Palestinians to vote in the Jan. 9 election to replace Yasser Arafat. "Hi, I'm Richard Gere and I'm speaking for the entire world. We're with you during this election time. It's really important: Get out and vote," Gere said, according to a transcript of the announcement obtained by The Associated Press.

...Joining Gere in the announcement are Sheik Taissir Tamimi, the head of the Islamic court in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, and Atallah Hanna, the spokesman of the Greek Orthodox Church in Jerusalem.

...Even though he evidently is not familiar with Hollywood superstars, Hanna has his own heroes, according to the Jerusalem Post, which quoted him as praising suicide bombers: 'These martyrdom freedom fighters are the heroes of the people and we are proud of them. We categorically reject suspicious attempts to cast suspicion on their deeds. They are not suicidal, as some are claiming. Nor are they terrorists, as others are claiming. They are resisting the occupation.' According to the report, he also called for the liberation of Palestine 'from the [Mediterranean] sea to the [Jordan] river.'

Gere's other co-star, Sheikh Tamimi, was quoted in 1994 as saying: "the Jews are destined to be persecuted, humiliated and tortured forever,and it is a Muslim duty to see to it that they reap their due. No petty arguments must be allowed to divide us.Where Hitler failed, we must suceed."

NOTE: This story breaks down what Glassman is about and how similar his program sounds to the James Arthur Ray program in San Diego. Wonder where the money is coming from, doubt the Circles stuff raises this much.


But the farm I discovered on my arrival was a far cry from my expectations. Because before I got there, Bernie Glassman had arrived at the old hippie commune with a cigar in his hand, and everything changed. As he walked around the farm, he ordered a nineteenth-century dairy barn torn down, and rebuilt. He installed, after successfully raising two-million dollars, a new campus center, a “barndo” with high-speed Internet lines, a humidor, and circular windows designed to catch “the light of the rising sun.”

When I got to there, I was surprised at what I found, but still I considered living there–to write about life on the newest New Age farm. However, I felt uncomfortable about Glassman’s expansive offices and the expensive programs that guided students into playing at poverty. One program director told me the organization led “plunges” where students begged for change. Peacemaker students went from riches to rags in search of inner and world peace. They humbly begged for coins, and the resulting revenue was donated to an anti-poverty organization that Glassman had founded in Yonkers. At journey’s end, students returned home to watch TV, eat spaghetti, and walk their dogs.

As unnerved as I was by this–feeling that short-term street retreats brought attention to homelessness and then laughed in its face–I remained curious. In March, I asked to go on one of Glassman’s street retreats, and I received an invitation from Grover Gauntt for a weekend in the city.

“Participants will live on the streets of New York,” he wrote, “experiencing homelessness first-hand, having to beg for money, find places to get food, shelter, to use the bathroom, etc. By bearing witness to homelessness, we begin to see our prejudices directly, to recognize our common humanness.”

I admit that I liked the idea of myself unshaven, dressed in old clothes, and armed with plastic bags to collect food. I was excited about “Bearing Witness” to suffering in society not merely by observing the homeless, but by becoming one of their number.

Then I read the small print– total cost of the three days down and out? Three hundred dollars. I couldn’t afford to be homeless.

...My attempt to cover an educated, middle-class descent into poverty was nothing new. From Agee and Ehrenreich to hippie communards and New Left journalists, the downwardly mobile–writers, bohemians, and postmodern Buddhists–have never really exposed much more than personal desire, often a desire to become classless. Who needs a retreat to experience poverty? After all, the streets have always been full of the poor. It’s nearly impossible to walk around without bearing witness to homelessness, class difference, and poverty.

That knowledge carries a burden of guilt, and an experience like a street retreat actually relieves it.

I haven’t heard back from Grover Gauntt about his retreat, but I think I missed the point. Maybe street retreats were not intended to reveal poverty at all, but actually to alleviate the shame of being middle-class, socially aware, and culpable. Not quite what was I was looking for.

One photograph of Bernie Glassman in the Bowery shows him wearing suspenders and a smile. He reclines on a wall under some scaffolding, a lit cigar resting on his knee. A wandering street dweller. One hundred dollars a night.

Re: James Arthur Ray - 2 die at Arizona retreat's sweat lodge
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Date: January 01, 2010 05:20AM

Anyone have info about "Mercury Aviation, LLC", Bill Harris' supposed airplane business? The only mention I find online is in his own bios.

Re: James Arthur Ray - 2 die at Arizona retreat's sweat lodge
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Date: January 02, 2010 09:57PM

I don't really want to pull this off at a tangent from the JAR/Bill Harris, Wilber, Genpo Roshi mutual puffing, but I am still intigued that this Death Ray indulged in such copious self-medication for the natural process of aging while attempting to sell the dream (at an enormous and sometimes fatal price) of a perfect life to his customers.
The following article goes into some detail on the medications and their possible uses that he left behind when he fled so swiftly from the death scene.

Cassandra Yorgey article

Back to the manipulations in use by these shysters, the same writer has posted details of the scripts used by the JAR organisation to deal with prospective customers for the events. These are eye-opening as they detail the trigger words (read hope/ideals) and obstacles (read weaknesses/vulnerabilities) to be used by the telesales person to manipulate the caller into a sale.

JAR telesales scripts

"I’m basically going to go in the order of the sheet, because it’s simpler that way. It just so happens that the order on the sheet has a pretty sweet dramatic tension all on its own. The sheet has six columns: Event, Location, Who is most attracted to this event and why, critical learnings/takeaways, Trigger Words, and Obstacles. I’m particularly fond of the way they come right out and label them “Trigger Words” because I’ve been going on about that since I spoke to the first witnesses and snuck onto that secret conference call James Ray made to survivors. Ahem, moving along.

I’m sure you all know about Colleen Conaway by now, she is the fake-suicide that James Ray and staff covered up at the Creating Absolute Wealth seminar.
The Event Matrix describes CAW as “San Diego Indoor/outdoor 50/50 Downtown 3 days” and what kind of people is it “attracting”? "Those who have a desire to learn how to live in abundance in a physical/material sense" This of course, was achieved by stripping them of everything and dropping them off in an unknown and unfamiliar place after two days of grueling mental and emotional abuse. The Trigger Words associated with CAW are “Wealth, wealth-building, money, prosperous, affluent, resourcefulness, results”. The obstacles category is where we find James Ray’s real thoughts on his followers. What labels did he use to manipulate people into buying packages? CAW participants are likely to be struggle with these issues "debt, spoiled, snobby, unresourceful, fear of being alone". There’s two different parts of suck here; first James Ray calls them spoiled and snobby, which is insulting, but then if you think about it… He takes people he’s identified as being unresourceful and afraid of being alone and then he strips them of all their resources and drops them off someplace they feel completely alone and isolated.

If you think about it further, the general populace is trained to overlook the homeless. I see it every time I go to NYC, people begging and reaching out to hundreds, thousands even, of people only to have everyone act as if they don’t exist. Worse, many of these homeless people that are begging for food or what not are also spouting crazy. What if Colleen Conaway tried to reach out for help? What if she pleaded with strangers, trying to overcome that fixed population attitude, begging “Please, some madman has stripped me of all I own, my money, my cell phone, my clothes, help me! Please, he’s hurting people!” Who would listen to that? It sounds crazy and it’s coming from someone that initial first impressions indicate might spout crazy.

Quantum Leap in Vegas is listed next. Am I the only one who is completely incapable of seeing the words Quantum Leap and not thinking of that 80’s sci-fi show? I mean, it’s kind of a weird thing to name your seminar after, a series about a man who can never get back to his own life, tortured to roam from body to body helping people but never really getting what he wants. Anyway, the worksheet describes Quantum Leap as “Indoors (release work)” and the Trigger Words are "Freedom, release work, forgiveness, quantum physics, letting go, unconscious, meditation, The Matrix, self confidence, negative emotions". The “obstacles” make me shake my head more than usual – “debt, anger, sadness, guilt, fear". Debt seems to be a recurring theme, which seems strange when the seminar prices are so high, but it’s the others that are really the jaw droppers. “Anger, sadness, guilt, fear” yeah, welcome to being human. Those are like, nearly universal invariants of humanity. Of course everyone calling in identifies with those things. That’s life. If someone doesn’t feel stuff you should probably, you know, check to make sure they aren’t a Pod Person or something.

Next on the list is Practical Mysticism at Lake Tahoe which is described as “Outdoors/Woods 5 days”. Anyone up in that area of Lake Tahoe might want to grab a shovel and do some digging. I’m just saying. There are also reports that this retreat is held as an indoor event in other locations. The sheet describes this retreat: “Create rapport with others for influence and connection" and "How to instantly read, understand an[d] connect with others" as well as "Profound altered state experience". The Trigger Words are listed as "Purpose, values, meaning, connection, path, power, results, rapport, mysticism". What does James Ray really think of the participants of Practical Mysticism? “Relationship issues, not a team player, no purpose, not connected, lost".
James Ray’s cure for these things of course is to walk around zombie-like for several hours pretending that other people don’t exist. Helpful, right? I mean, if participants want human-connectedness and altered states maybe they could save themselves some money and just go to the bar. Sure, there are dangers at the bar also, but they tend to be more easily recognizable as dangers than James Ray. Of course, at this point I have to mention that when dealing with either bars or James Ray one should always remember that sleazy oops-where’d-my-pants-go-James-Ray types at bars are also likely to have herpes.

I know you’ve all been anxiously awaiting what this handy dandy little matrix has to say about the Spiritual Warrior retreat in Sedona. It’s described as “Outdoors/Desert 5 days” and seems to be aimed to target the weaknesses of “Those with a deep need to heal themselves, and in most cases a traumatic experienced that occurred" and "Those who want to work as closely with James as possible". If you recall the worksheet he handed out to participants with all the horrible things they were supposed to be focusing on, this becomes even more suspicious.

The Trigger Words for the death lodge retreat are listed as "Release work, strength, uniqueness, Samurai living, adventure, forgiveness, letting go, power, honor". Of course, those are almost completely negated by the “obstacles” listed – “Abuse, hatred, fear of being alone, victim”. How does James Ray treat these people? Well, you know already. He abuses them, drops them off alone in the desert, and then hurts and kills them. Of course, never mind that the very techniques that James Ray uses are what cause people to feel like abused, powerless, and victimized. Never mind that these people are educated and intelligent and in all probability were psychologically stable and healthy when they showed up. I mean, after a few of James Ray’s seminars who wouldn’t feel like a victim?

Last on the list is “Modern Magick: Dreamer and the Dreamed” which is described as “Indoors (with shorter days) Beach resort 5 days”. What is this snake-handling adventure supposed to teach people? “Esoteric teachings translated for tangible use today”. Notice how the alliteration makes it more fun to say? The Trigger Words are “Mystical, altered states, sex, lucid dreaming, shamanism, esoteric”. What does James Ray think of the Modern Magick participants? “Out of control, victim, not responsible, head in the clouds”. And what does James Ray think you should give irresponsible, out of control people? Mind altering substances, obviously."

Manipulation 101, obviously, but it is good to see this method so clearly out in the open to show that this is not accidental or anything other than a cynical attempt to relieve people of their moneyby playing on the natural fears and doubts that all humans have with no consideration at all for the consequences this manipulation might have.

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Re: James Arthur Ray - target your WOUND
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Date: January 03, 2010 03:29AM

Stoic, thx for posting that, its very important.
That is EXACTLY how these LGAT salespeople exploit their customers.

They all do it, Tony Robbins salespeople do it, James Ray salespeople do it, Byron Katie, all of them,

What they do is they target your WOUND.
That is the term they use...your WOUNDS.

They find them, like debt, low-self worth, trauma...

They literally, their words, find the WOUND, and then put a KNIFE into the wound and TURN IT.
Then they con you into thinking their seminar can heal that wound.
But they just make the wound worse.

So they target your WOUNDS and make them worse, and exploit your wounds, to make money. That's it.
All those 100% commission salespeople care about is MONEY. They want a nice house, cars, and fancy watches, like their Guru.
They will lie, they will find your worst wound, and use it against you, to try and make as much money as possible.

That is why Colleen Conaway and others, put everything on their credit cards. They target people, and they exploit them.
That is the reality of the business, and those LGAT salespeople are the worst, the worst, they will say and do anything.
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Date: January 03, 2010 04:44AM

A James Arthur Ray twitter group called
JamesRay Fans []
Location: Global
Bio: Fans and Friends of James Arthur Ray who have only the best to say about our Friend, Mentor and Life Experiences with him....All Great !!!

Re: CindySanDiego
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Date: January 04, 2010 03:15AM

JamesRayFans are gone, moved to San Diego.
That is where Colleen Conaway died during a James Ray seminar. Someone should Twitter CindySanDiego about Colleen.

CindySanDiego []

Name Cindy SanDiego
Location Global
Bio: James Arthur Ray is our friend, and we are fans & friends of James Arthur Ray who have only the best to say about our the TRUTH.

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