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James Ray - DEATH WAIVER- No record of permit at Sedona
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: October 14, 2009 02:36AM


No record of permit at Sedona sweat lodge where 2 died
Reported by: Nicole Beyer

FD: 21-minute response time getting to Sedona sweat lodge

VERDE VALLEY, AZ -- The Yavapai County safety office said Monday that the Sedona sweat lodge where two people died lacked the necessary building permit.

According to Yavapai County's building safety manager, there's no record of an application or permit for a temporary structure at the Angel Valley Retreat Center.

The Verde Valley Fire Chief, Jerry Doerksen, said it took 21 minutes to get to the property Thursday because the retreat was in a hard to access rural area.

Sedona Fire Department Spokesperson Gary Johnson said crews first responded to a call at the Angel Valley Retreat Center around 5 p.m. Thursday, when multiple people collapsed after exiting a sweat lodge on the property.

Once paramedics got to the scene, Doerksen said there were 40 patients that had to be assessed and most of the victims shared the same symptoms of heat stroke or carbon monoxide poisoning.

According to Doerksen, the sweat lodge started at 3 p.m. and his team got the 911 call at 5:19 p.m.

Doerksen said the victims could have been inside upwards of two hours.

Dwight D’Evelyn with the Yavapai County Sheriff's Office said deputies at the scene learned those injured had been part of a larger group housed in a “sweatbox” type structure on the property.

The structure is reportedly framed in a dome like shape and covered with tarps and blankets. Hot rocks are used with water to create steam in the enclosed environment.

Detectives learned that there were 64 people inside the “sweat dome” when several fell ill, according to YCSO.

Approximately 19 retreat participants were reportedly transported by air and ambulance to area hospitals including the Verde Valley and Flagstaff Medical Center.

Thursday night, two of those transported to the Verde Valley Medical Center were pronounced dead shortly after arrival, according to D’Evelyn.

Sheriff's deputies say autopsies were conducted on the deceased man and woman Friday, but the toxicology results could take weeks to come in.

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James Arthur Ray - Byron Katie - "DEATH WAIVERS"
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: October 14, 2009 03:13AM

What is sad and familiar about the James Ray Death Lodge is the fact that family members speaking out about those who died, are saying they were the sweetest and kindest people they knew.
This is because these seminars target and exploit people who are inexperienced and more than a bit naive about these types of LGAT seminars, and don't consider that there are Guru's who will lie and manipulate them, to extract their $10,000 for the weekend, to make their millions.

People who are critical thinkers and read threads like this, are not going to "fast" for 3 days without food or water because the Guru tells them to, as they know that "fasting" used in these LGAT seminars is LITERALLY a well-known brainwashing technique.
(especially since the Guru always sneaks food/water for themselves at these events to "keep up their strength").
Crticial thinkers also know that not drinking water for days can be lethal, and you can damage your internal organs for life.
Critical thinkers would not go into a plastic covered, over-heated, suffocation tent with some greedy Guru, promising an "out of body experience". That is also a brainwashing technique, a very dangerous one.

But unfortunately, its the people who are "too nice" and too trusting towards the Gurus, due to their lack of experience in studying how these LGAT seminars work, they are the one's who pay the price, in health damage, financial damage, and even with their life.

The Guru's are not naive or stupid.
They are "smart" enough not to answer police questions on the scene, as they know police are trained to gather evidence.
The Guru's force their followers to sign massive waivers, which detail how they are going to be hurt, abused, and even die. And they even say if the Guru or their volunteers/staff screws up, ITS YOUR FAULT.

James Ray International Waiver []

Already, James Ray's spokesman, is trying to blame the retreat for the sweatdome.
There have even been posts trying to blame the nurse.
The Guru is reported in the news, to have NOT answered the questions from the police, when everyone else on the scene cooperated.

Its the same pattern as seen the the Guru's disclaimers and their behavior.
Blame the victim.

On top of this, people get hurt, people die, and they say they are "shocked".
How can they be shocked, when they have specific "DEATH CLAUSES" and serious injury clauses in the waiver they FORCE everyone to sign before they attend the seminar?
Because they know in the past people have gotten hurt, people end up in emergency wards, and they hear about the suicides, and other serious problems.

So they are not "shocked" when people get hurt, or even when people die as a result of the extreme stress of these "seminars". They know extreme stress can trigger severe reactions in people, and some people go over the edge.
But usually, people don't die right in the seminar. When they start freaking out, these LGAT seminars just either kick them out of the seminar, or dump them at the Emergency ward, at best. Usually, they kick them out of the seminar when they see them starting to go over the edge.

Its just the cost of doing business for them, its collateral damage.

You can even see some of their supporters on blogs, making comments like..."hey people die everyday"...they really don't care.
Those who have a mental breakdown from the extreme stress, they BLAME them for being weak.

The patterns with these LGAT seminar Guru's are virtually identical.

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Re: James Arthur Ray - Byron Katie -"DEATH RELEASE" form
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: October 14, 2009 04:46AM

Its terribly unfortunate that the media hasn't picked up on the James Ray release form. []
How can a person say they are "shocked" about what happened, when they describe what will happen in their release everyone must sign?

They even said at point 2), people may have been seriously injured doing the activities, and the medical attention may be required, but none will be given.

In it, they say that people might be injured or result in death relating to the event.
People may suffer injuries of many types. (physical, emotional, psychological, financial or otherwise)
People will be isolated outdoors, and there will be "loud music".
More than 16 hr days, with few breaks, with extreme changes in temperature.
People may have been seriously injured in the past doing these activities, and may require medical attention.
No medical "advice" will be given.

- injury to the undersigned’s person (whether physical, emotional, psychological, financial or otherwise) or property or resulting in death, whether caused by the negligence of the Releasees or otherwise, relating to the Event, whether sustained during the Event or not

- participate in physical, emotional and other activities during the Event, some of which
may take place outdoors and/or require the participants to be isolated from one another and/or include very loud music.

- I am fully aware that I may suffer physical, emotional, financial or other injury during any of the Activities and there is and can be no assurance or guarantee regarding my health or safety in connection with my participation in the Activities

- I understand that
(1) there are inherent risks in the Activities;
(2) people may have been seriously injured by participating in the Activities; and
(3) if I voluntarily choose to participate in the Activities, there is a risk that I may receive injuries requiring medical attention.

- the Company does not purport to offer any medical, psychological, therapeutic, religious, or other professional advice at the Event

- I assume full responsibility for and risk of any injury sustained in connection with the Activities, whether caused by the negligence of Releasees or otherwise.

- I understand and acknowledge that breaks may occur at irregular and varying
times and that Event hours are long and may last from approximately 8:00 a.m. to
midnight or later

- I also understand and acknowledge that the temperature indoors and
outdoors may vary from very cool to balmy


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James Arthur Ray, The denial blame game officially under way.
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: October 14, 2009 05:00AM

Blame blame blame the victims.
Blame Angel Valley.
Leave the scene without being interviewed by the police.
Deny deny deny, and blame blame blame


Sweat Lodge Organizer Denies Building Structure
By James King Tue., Oct. 13 2009

The public blame game surrounding the death of two people at the "spiritual warrior" retreat near Sedona is officially under way.
Howard Bragman, a spokesman for James Arthur Ray, the self-help author who organized the retreat, says Ray and his staff were not responsible for building the structure at the Angel Valley site.

This is in contrast to the Yavapai County Sherriff's Office claim that Ray and his staff were the ones who built the tent where two people died last week.

Bragman tells the New York Times that it was not Ray who built the deadly structure but people at Angel Valley, who were contracted to "design and construct" the tent.

Angel Valley officials declined to comment and did not return phone calls this morning.

Ray left the Sedona area the night of the incident, without giving a police statement.

Tags: angel valley, death, james arthur ray, sedona arizona, spiritual warrior, sweat lodge

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James Ray - John Assaraf, The denial blame game officially under way
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: October 14, 2009 06:40AM

They call it a "A tragic and unexpected accident".
Was it?
Of course not, read the disclaimer, where they say DEATH could result from the activities of the seminar, never mind all sorts of other damages to people.
Its tragic, but its not an "unexpected accident".
It was an anticipated result, as proven by the disclaimer.

John Assaraf from The Secret is running some interference for James Ray now.

Owners of Sedona property where fatal retreat was held speak

"Investigators said they may pursue criminal negligence and/or endangerment charges.
To determine that, they said they're not only waiting for autopsy results, but they're also waiting for lab results for potentially hazardous fumes that may have come from a long list of items from the sweat lodge's framework including tarps, soil, blankets, boulders and the sandalwood incense....
But one of the victims families said if that's true, why has he not taken any responsibility for the retreat investigators said netted him $500,000".

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Re: James Ray - John Assaraf, The denial blame game officially under way
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: October 14, 2009 07:04AM

even worse, not only was there no building permit, the structure where people died was not inspected AFTER the deaths, according to this article.

So the New Wage LGAT seminar, can even kill people at the seminar, and nothing is done about it?
Even if people die right at the seminar, then no one goes to jail?

What about regulating the LGAT seminar for psychological damage which wrecks lives?
They won't even regulate them for deaths, and appear to have not inspected the structure which killed people?

And the LGAT gurus continue to live in their 4 million dollar homes made from LGAT seminar profits.
That is reality.
If no one goes to jail after people actually dying while attending an LGAT seminar, then all bets are off.
That would prove they can do anything they want, including causes people's deaths, and get away with it.

"Yavapai County building-safety manager Jack Judd said there was no record of an application or permit for a temporary structure at the Angel Valley Retreat Center near Sedona.
Judd said no inspection of the structure was conducted before it was dismantled."

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Re: James Ray - John Assaraf, The denial blame game officially under way
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: October 14, 2009 08:00AM

Unfortunately, even though Guruphiliac [] is posting about James Ray, they seem to imply a type of suicide?

QUOTE: [] "That's an expensive way to go, especially when most bridges are free to jump from."

Any type of victim blaming, displays an ignorance of the INCREDIBLY advanced techniques being used on people by Guru's these days, and the fact that LGAT seminar leaders TARGET idealistic "too trusting spiritual people" who are inexperienced in these areas, and who don't read releases of liability.
They VERY CAREFULLY target those people as customers.
To simply attack the victims, is pathetic, and some blog comments have said horrible things about those who were hurt.

The advanced Guru knows how to get their "advanced students" to do crazy things. The question is, HOW DO THEY DO THIS? What are the techniques being used on people?

A better response is to point out the EXACT TECHNIQUES and methods being used by the guru on their target demographic.
Those seminar attendees don't know anything about these seminars. Ask people at an LGAT seminar, if they have ever heard of that term, and what it means. They don't know how it works, or anything about it.
They just take it at face value.

James Ray was exposed in these threads almost 3 years ago in 2007.

James Ray: who is a new Werner Erhard type, very slick and sleazy, and who is a Tony Robbins clone, repeating Robbins exact words verbatim, over and over.
He said there is World Peace in HIS world, because he ignores the world.
Oprah just crowned this sleazy salesman James Ray the new Werner Erhard. There were some horrible complaints about this guy on the Oprah boards, people getting ripped off 10K, and lots of people burning their feet in his "fire-walk" and not being allowed to go to the hospital. This guy is very bad.

"The Science Of Success" by James Arthur Ray. James Ray, the greasy salesman pitchman guy from The Secret. []

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James Ray - exhibited a "godlike complex", sweat lodge deaths, coma,
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: October 14, 2009 11:59AM

And the facts begin to come out, as predicted.

James Ray "exhibited a "godlike complex" at his seminars.

In 2005 someone else went unconscious.
QUOTE: "Verde Valley Fire Chief Jerry Doerksen said his department responded to a 911 call in October 2005 about a person who was unconscious after being in a sweat lodge.
Angel Valley resort owner Amayra Hamilton confirmed that Ray was leading the sweat ceremony during the 2005 event. Ray's spokesman declined to comment."

And there is still one person in a coma with damage to multiple organs, and 2 others still in the hospital.
What about the organ damage others sustained who have been released from hospital?

This was not an "accident" and those who lead the retreat are not "shocked".
That is a flagrant and blatant PR lie, saying what their PR expert has coached them to say.
They knew people were risking their lives.
They are just saying its a "shocking accident" to try and cover their own ass and assets.

The reality is their response is going to be to the families and those who got hurt...READ THE RELEASE OF LIABILITY and especially the DEATH CLAUSE. []
That is reality, not the bullshit PR statements they are trying to feed people.

And these retreats, are about putting people into extreme situations of mental breakdown, as a part of their LGAT seminar "brainwashing" system.
Are they going to get away with it?


Family seek details in Ariz sweat lodge deaths

SEDONA, Ariz. — A spokesman for the family of one of two people who died after being overcome in an Arizona sweat lodge demanded more accountability Tuesday from the man in charge of the spiritual retreat that led to the deaths.

Self-help expert and author James Arthur Ray led a group of more than 50 people last week through a five-day program intended to push people beyond their limits. The course included a Thursday sweat lodge ceremony, which ended tragically in the deaths of Kirby Brown, 38, of Westtown, N.Y., and 40-year-old James Shore of Milwaukee.

Nineteen other people were hurt, and one remains in critical condition.

Tom McFeeley, Brown's cousin and family spokesman, called on Ray to assure that the participants "were not mistreated and not put in a reckless situation.

"He was someone people believed in, people paid good money to get his advice," McFeeley said. "It's a person we all wanted to believe had our best interest in mind. Quite simply, that didn't happen."

McFeeley also said he is concerned that Ray exhibited a "godlike complex" during the event that might have kept people from opting out of activities Ray acknowledged could cause "physical, emotional, financial or other injuries."

"We need to look at this way beyond the sweat lodge," McFeeley said. "If we could understand minute by minute what happened this week, I think we'll get a much greater view on what kind of event this was and the level of danger that existed."

Fire department reports released Tuesday show the incident wasn't the first involving a sweat lodge ceremony at the resort. Verde Valley Fire Chief Jerry Doerksen said his department responded to a 911 call in October 2005 about a person who was unconscious after being in a sweat lodge.

Angel Valley resort owner Amayra Hamilton confirmed that Ray was leading the sweat ceremony during the 2005 event. Ray's spokesman declined to comment.

No other details about the 2005 incident were immediately available.

Meanwhile, the Yavapai County Sheriff's Office continued to investigate last week's ceremony to determine if criminal negligence played a role in the deaths or illnesses. Authorities said Ray has refused to speak with authorities. No charges have been filed.

The participants had fasted for 36 hours as part of a personal and spiritual quest in the wilderness, then ate a breakfast buffet before entering the sweat lodge around 3 p.m. A 911 call two hours later said two people, who authorities said were Shore and Brown, had no pulse and weren't breathing.
A statement released by the family of Liz Neuman, who remains in critical condition at the Flagstaff Medical Center, said she is in a coma and doctors are working to stabilize damage to multiple organs.

"Liz is fighting hard and her family asks for everyone to keep her in their thoughts and prayers," the statement said.

Two others remained hospitalized. Fire officials say the victims exhibited symptoms ranging from dehydration to kidney failure after sitting in the sweat lodge.

Officials say the sweat lodge, built specifically for the five-day retreat, lacked the necessary building permit.

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Re: James Ray - exhibited a "godlike complex", sweat lodge deaths, coma,
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: October 14, 2009 12:10PM

James Ray is still conducting his LGAT seminars, days after the deaths.
What a crock of bullshit.
Why doesn't someone in the media, or at a seminar, stand up and read him his own OUTRAGEOUS release of liability, which describes the precise life-threatening danger of his own seminars?

Looking for answers?
About what?
About how to avoid jail and being responsible?
About how to shift the blame?
If he gets away with this, LGAT gurus will have learned they can get away with anything at their seminars.
This is basically as bad as it gets.

Retreat leader speaks out over sweat lodge deaths
LOS ANGELES — The man in charge of a spiritual retreat in Arizona where two people died after being overcome in a sweat lodge says he's facing a difficult time and is "being tested" by the tragedy.
Self-help expert and author James Arthur Ray spoke to about 200 people at a seminar Tuesday night at a Marina del Rey hotel. He said it's the most difficult time he's ever faced and he doesn't know how to deal with it.
Ray said: "We're looking for answers, I'm as frustrated and confused as other people are."

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Sedona issue, Calling campaign – Stop James Ray from plagiarizing
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: October 14, 2009 01:48PM

NDN News & Native American Issues and Causes is calling for campaign against James Ray.

Sedona issue, Calling campaign – Stop James Ray from plagiarizing ceremonies before he kills anyone else

Here is James Ray’s contact info:

James Ray International
5927 Balfour Ct Ste 104
Carlsbad, CA 92008
Phone: 800-###
Fax: ###

Here are two of his upcoming events. Let’s start a campaign to bombard these locations with calls, alert them of what this greedy scam artist has done. Shut all of his events down. He is responsible for killing two people and injuring 19 others due to his plagiarizing ceremony. Hopefully this guy goes to jail for what he has done. I see on his website that he has participants sign a release waiver for any liability []

List of other “free events” a few of these are within the next couple of days.

[] & []

Upcoming paid events:

World Wealth Summit
San Diego, CA
Oct 16 – Oct 17, 2009
Hyatt-Regency La Jolla,
at 858.552.1234

Quantum Leap Las Vegas, NV
Nov 13 – Nov 15, 2009
Green Valley Ranch
2300 Paseo Verde Parkway
Henderson, NV 89052

The next events that concern his plagiarizing Native culture and ceremonies will be held
April 12-16th in Southern California for $5,695.00 (location not disclosed)

Quotes from his website:

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