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Posted by: thekabbalahtruth ()
Date: January 25, 2010 02:29AM


I recently received a disturbing e-mail from a former member of the Kabbalah Centre. This person had been a member for several years. This members very close family member died. This persons teacher approached the member and explained that for a DONATION, he could pray for the elevation of this dead persons soul. $35,000.00 was asked of the member for the "PRAYER" and elevation of the dead persons soul. The same member was again hit up for a DONATION to have the dead family members name placed in a Kabbalah Centre's Publication. Again being told that this would "ELEVATE" the soul of the dead family member. This action would bring countless blessings, and would eliminate chaos in the the members life. The additional "DONATION" was for $10,000.00. This is all documented. And the member received a receipt for their "DONATION" to the Centre. I immediately suggested to this person, who has since left the Kabbalah Centre. To contact the local authorities. Specifically the fraud department. I relayed to this ex member that this is the same thing that Palm Readers, and and Spiritualist Scam artist do to get money out of their victims. And just because this was done by The Kabbalah Centre. Does not mean it it is legit. The ex member has receipts, and personal journal as evidence. The most disturbing part of this whole scenario. Is that this person was told if they did not pay for the ELEVATION of the dead persons soul. That all of these horrible thinsgs could happen to them, and the recently deceased. PLEASE,PLEASE,if anyone involved in the Kabbalah Centre. Has been approached by their teacher to make a donation for the "ELEVATION" of the deceased person soul,or any other request for money to eliminate a curse, or any other evil. Please document all the events. And contact your local legal authorities. This is ILLEGAL. And a scam. No one. Not any of the Tzadik's. EVER charged for a blessing, or removal of a curse. In fact Rav. Ashlag "FORBADE IT!" Read his personal letters to his SON, and his students. In fact he says when people came to him for these types of things. He would never take a cent that was offered. And would tell them, that they had the power to do these things. There was no need to come to him for a prayer or blessing. All was bestowed from above. Not from him. So once again the Kabbalah Centre feeding on the fears instilled by them on to their students for full obedience. And false teachings. Taking money for things that are forbidden to take money for.

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Posted by: thekabbalahtruth ()
Date: March 03, 2010 01:10PM

SFK which stood for "Spirituality for Kids". Now because of all the bad press SFK has had in Places like London. And the obvious "Religiousness" of SFK. Now SFK stands for "Success for Kids". How convenient. Presto, no more "Religious" connection. Don't be fooled folks. Still the same curriculum. And by the way. Just another "Financial" conduit for the Kabbalah Centre International. The amount that comes in. Is much more than the amount that is put out to the "Children" in the war torn inner cities. PAAAALLLLEEASE! You all know where the balance of the funds go folks. Are you still buying your Kabbalah water , and those exclusive Red strings? Your better off going to Costco for your water, and Yarn Barn for your red string. They do. And you'll save a bundle. Lets all get together and expose these people for who they are. Charlatans, and Snake oil sales people. And allot of expensive cliches. All ex-members and current students with any concerns. Please please post your comments here. For all to see. And please don't buy into the "Evil Speech" crap. As long as you speak the truth, it isn't "Evil Speech". Again just another self serving "Rule" to protect anyone from speaking about the leaders of the Kabbalah Centre. Infact, the Zohar, and many Kabbalistic books state, "to denounce those who deceive, and sell blessings, in the name of Hashem". If you don't, you are just as guilty as they are.

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Posted by: thekabbalahtruth ()
Date: May 25, 2010 11:24AM

Well folks. A bit of information for those new to the Kabbalah Centre. Or for those that have been there for a while. Please open your eyes. That is why you are searching here for information on the Kabbalah Centre. I just had an email from a former student who after spending over $35K at his local Kabbalah Centre. He now realizes the Center was more interested in the stae of his wallet. And not the state of his soul. More and more. People are realizing that the Centre is a very expensive club. And that your status is based on your volunteering. Oh and before I forget. Seems that recently certain students were on a Zohar spreading mission. Posting on local social networks. Getting raves from other students on how many Zohars had been distributed. And how hard they worked at it,blah, blah,.. So NO EGO there,,huh. I am so sad when people I know, that are still involved coment how much they have changed. And how spiritual they have become,,,..People, if you reads the book from the real Kabbalist Rav Ashlag. He says you never share your spiritual accomplishments. It means you are doing it for recognition. And therefore has NO energy, and or light for anyone. You'd be better off staying at home. Please people,,,scrutinize your teachers. Do research on the leaders of this cult. And you will see that there is NO evidence to claims of continuing the teachings of Kabbalah by Berg. NON what soever. If you find any factual evidence, as to his appointment, or being given the lineage of the center. Post it here.

There is also a Facebook site about Phillip Berg. And people will start to post all the information that is out on this individual. In the USA it is against the law to lie about having served in the armed forces. It demeans, and undermines those who fought and gave their lives for this country. Here you have someone that is preaching he has been given the most important lineage, to continue the teachings of Kabbalah. And there is nothing that has been proven. When confronted, the response is that its secret, or that they suffered so much to bring this knowledge to the world. And that the families of Ashlag, and Brandwien, are not being truthful. Folks I challenge all of you to demand this information, if you are still on the fence, or have any doubts about the center. And post your results here.

I wish you all peace, and Enlightenment!

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Date: December 23, 2010 02:02AM

It would be nice if it could be proven because I -for one- have suffered so much as a result of my involvement with the Kabbalah Centre and I'm still trying to figure out if this suffering is "a test," but -I mean- how long do you have to suffer and how do you know if you are suffering because it is a test of faith or if you are suffering because this spiritual study, the way they teach it, is either a jinx or ... just a spiritual "tourist trap"?

What I was wondering this morning -at a time of serious doubt- was that if -as I have been told- you can be disingenuous if it is to "trick Satan," the way biblical Jacob did, then is that what they do at the Centre, when people before they "sign up" think all these wonderful things are awaiting them, and then when these wonderful things don't happen, they tell them that it's either their fault (the fault of the people who are awaiting such things, either because they had "expectations" or because they didn't "transform" or "share"), or they tell them that redemption is coming, or that it is a test, etc.?

And they don't even have to try that hard because the "taking responsibility" and the fear and the questioning of yourself does reach such heights -which if you haven't participated in this can not imagine- that they don't even have to try so hard and all they have to do is tell you one little thing here and there (or not tell you anything, which can make you self-doubt even more), and then the lectures and the emails and the postings and you do the rest because you are trying to figure out why -in spite of your efforts- such things keep happening to you and you are not getting all these wonderful things you were expecting (if you're lucky because it could be worse than just not seeing "miracles"), and so you think, of course, it must be your fault, and you are too afraid to question because you don't want to fall into "victim consciousness" and maybe you don't appreciate the miracles that happened which you didn't notice and maybe you don't appreciate what's on your plate right now ... And maybe you're the "mixed multitude" for questioning and being "impatient"! ...

This is really painful, the not knowing, the questioning of yourself and of people who don't agree with what the Kabbalah Centre says, while -at the same time- you do want to please your teachers, but they do "inspire" you to want to please them because they tell you that they (the teachers) are "channels," and so if they are your "channels to the Light," then you think that -of course- you want to please them (because that is who "writes the checks" after all, I mean if you think that they are your "channels" to God who is the One who is giving you everything, and taking it back, then you want to please them, you're too frightened not to listen or please), and you want to listen to what they tell you because they have a "message" for you, and if you don't listen, then ... the chaos that can ensue, you think! And if you don't listen, and then chaos does happen, then forget it!

But I mean, wouldn't God want to give you some room to figure things out on your own (thus allowing you to use the all-important "free will"), especially if you are trying so hard to "transform," or would He really want to strong-arm you into submitting to the "ways of the Light"? Or maybe you're evil and you deserve all of the chaos!!!

If that is truly what they believe in, that Satan must be tricked and that the end justifies the means because -after all- this is helping "correct the original sin," even if people have to suffer (and I suppose that you would quite possibly have to suffer because it would be a "cleansing" process), and so they can talk to you about all the wonderful things that are awaiting you if you study Kabbalah and donate and/or volunteer, about all the protection from chaos if you are "spreading the Light," which ... I don't know, I've seen people "spread the Light" and who still have a lot of chaos in their lives, but then I suppose it is a "test," and all of this is a "paradox" because "truth lies in contradiction," and when you have chaos, you have to ask the Light to "give you more" (chaos) because you become stronger, "closer to the Light," etc.

But if things won't be quite what you imagined when you "signed up" for this and you keep waiting and nothing good happens, then doesn't that mean that you acted without your free will, which would defeat the purpose of the whole thing as -after all- this is what you are supposed to do (no?), use your free will, or is it still okay in their opinion to "trick Satan" because the Kabbalah Centre, which is -after all "spreading the Light" is now a few hundreds or thousands -or more- dollars richer?

Writing this -as you can maybe imagine- took quite a bit out of me.

I certainly hope that they are right because I have suffered too much and have invested too much in this!

Re: The Kabbalah Centre
Posted by: rrmoderator ()
Date: December 23, 2010 02:21AM

See []

This could be helpful in the process of sorting through your experience.

Re: The Kabbalah Centre
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: December 23, 2010 05:22AM

Word to the wise:

Run background checks if you want to purchase study materials, jewelry or ritual items for Jewish practice.

If you have decided that you do not want to support Kabbalah Centre, take care to structure your search and eliminate businesses or artists which have connection in any way with Kabbalah Centre.

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Posted by: corboy ()
Date: December 23, 2010 05:28AM

If you want to see the amount of ghastly superstition involved, do a google search with Kabbalah Centre in the exact phrase slot, and amulets in the all words slot.

This is all about superstition. And what are the states of mind that fuel and maintain superstion?

Fear and Greed

Real spirituality would free us from needing trickets, not fuel us into buying more and more of them.

Re: The Kabbalah Centre
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: December 23, 2010 05:40AM

Another google search:

Do one for Kabbalah Centre and astrology

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Date: December 24, 2010 11:46PM

You do end up thinking that they know best. It's really hard because you really do become fearful! I hope that they're not dangerous or anything, although if it is manipulation, I want to think that it would be plenty dangerous already! A teacher told me that I should manipulate my seventysomething mother into giving me money and tell her lies to get her to do it -because biblical Jacob did that, tricking Satan as the teacher said- so that I could give money to charity at the Centre, but I didn't do it and ... to tell you the truth, the donation would have been meant to "reveal Light" in my life which was, if you think, brought into darkness because of my involvement with the Kabbalah Centre, though that's a different story, and I wonder if that's what they do, just tell you that this will happen, that will happen, this is why this is happening, etc., and what I mean here is that it just doesn't make sense, that I would have all these problems as a result of my study of Kabbalah in the first place, and then I have to donate money to the Centre to remedy those problems, then what's the point, if this really is God who is orchestrating all of this and acting through the Kabbalah Centre people? For what? For me to "transform" by going through this pain or "cleanse"? I don't think that any of this "transformation" is genuine anyway because I'm basically transforming by being divinely manipulated (if that's what's happening, unless I'm naive), and so how can any spiritual transformation be real this way? It makes God sound like a mafioso! Or does He really love them so much and this manipulation, if manipulation is what this is, is divinely ordained and He "has their back"? The only way this would make sense on a spiritual level is if the suffering really is to cleanse my "transgressions" from prior incarnations, but -you know- this line of thinking does make the Kabbalah Centre students and teachers really insensitive and non-spontaneous in their thinking and behaving from my experience, which I personally've had a problem with because my feeling is that you can lose your heart this way.

Re: The Kabbalah Centre
Date: February 24, 2011 04:21AM

MAJOR TYPO ALERT (TO SAY THE LEAST)! I'd wanted to say that ... what happened here was bits and pieces of a loosely autobiographical (but not really autobiographical) short story I'd been writing (trying to write!) got mixed in with what I said as what I'd usually done (until now that is!) was cut-and-paste things from one document to the next (and then there were translations too! I really should go easy on the Coors!), but then I figured out that I could JUST go back in and alter my posts, though .., when I was told (or realized) that I couldn't do that, I ... just didn't know what to do anymore! This is just so embarrassing because so much fiction (mine!) got mixed in with my messages (No one who's in my life's told me to tell lies! Lying really is a short circuit [Think: sin!] according to Kabbalah!) that I certainly would recommend to all my readers on this message board to not take any of my messages about the Kabbalah Centre into any kind of consideration, although you guys here are doing one heck of a job, so ... HOLLAAAAA!

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