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Posted by: greg hamond ()
Date: September 22, 2009 11:19AM

I am going to start a thread on this group.
I would like those who were there to post THE TRUTH here, now.
I was part of the previous group...which was called the Orphalese Foundation I believe...circa 1975 to 1977. Queens NY.

Since so many bad things happened there I dont expect people to use their legal names.

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Posted by: greg hamond ()
Date: September 23, 2009 06:03AM


RICHARD ALPERT / RAM DAS ...long time drug advocate and former protegee of the dreaded Tim Leary
Roy Bonney / Krishna das
[terrible] Tara / legal name unknown

Nora Oswald / animal Ammal / Mukti
Bagavan das / and no he didnt grow up in Laguna Beach

as well as a number of others...100s or 1000s of others
Paul Silbey / Ramana das
Vishwa Karma
Rameshwar das

and on and on

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Posted by: greg hamond ()
Date: September 24, 2009 02:05AM

Richard Rosenkranz:
I knew him as Brama das.
Richard Rosenkranz is the founder of the Interfaith Call for Religious Freedom and Human Rights, and president of the World Tibet Day Foundation. He is a former resident of the Kashi Ashram.


The claims by jaya that there never was any violence there is a bold lie but a lie none the less! I know this because I was punched when i went to Montauk Long island by her attendant , I was there in NYC when jaya told a student to slap the Indian Sihk, i was there the night in NYC when Siva naga was punched around and ' where theres fire there may be more fire'.
Bhagavan das in his book claims he was beaten by ' the flunkies' round Jaya.

Perhaps this blog will help others to share their memories. Lets talk Large Group Awareness Training. Lets talk sleep deprivation. Lets talk food deprivation.
Nora Oswald [ammal/mukti] Do you remeber the summer retreats on Long Island 1976 and 1977?
Krishna das, Mukti heres your chance to eat humble pie.

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Posted by: greg hamond ()
Date: September 25, 2009 02:16AM

Nora Oswald:
Pushing yourself and yr agendas on people backfired.And after years there you left joya and her odious movement.
You sat on a cozy couch while we sat on the floor. THE BIGGER THEY ARE THE HARDER THEY FALL.
The erosion technique was being used on people. deprive them of sleep and food and '' work on their resistance'
I recall you and yr sidekick ]terrible] tara as 2 pathetic figures living in joyas shadows and ' reflected glory'!
You ran around Montauk with bells on yr ankles acting like a hysterical princess.

At one point you asked someone whod gone to ONE class with joya to share their secrets. as I recall the words you used were:
Ken is there anything you could say now THAT WOULD CURDLE YOUR BLOOD?
The time is now. you have the chance at this late date to tell the truth.

Here are some things you said:
Joya would kill to ' get someone to god'

She took her mahasamadi on yr stairs at the hanuman house sometime in 1974 or 75.

I was told by joya to go in the middle of the night and kick an old man who lived with us..he was to pack and hit the i did! [ gawd what a flunkie you were]
[ yelling] Viswakarma sit up!
[ken] curdle yr blood
Joya bedeck herself in gold...24 carat!

hilda was interviewed in NA Journal...' shes eating humble pie'......HERES A BIG DOSE OF HUMBLE PIE... Tara NORA...EAT UP
trishula oswald...Prason Oswald...anything you want to add?

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Posted by: greg hamond ()
Date: September 25, 2009 02:31AM

Here are a few other things!

Lily D. said there was child abuse there. She told this to kashi-ites. SHE CLAIMS THEY BEAT HER UP!

Krishna das and his womanizing. Will maybe go into that later!

Tara at one point said...[hahahahaha]
I was there when Joya called and talked tantra. She was fierce. She said Tantra has zip to do with the body and everything to do with going into god.....well with ram das and joay saying a affair
THERES A HUMBLE PIE FOR TARA TO up bitch.....I recall you as the epitome of a NY jewish battle axe!
Loud rude and demanding....yelling at paul silbey/ramana das....interrupting his teaching Sufi dancing.

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Posted by: greg hamond ()
Date: September 25, 2009 08:01AM

large group awareness trainings.
This is from this site elsdewhere:

So lets keep the facts straight.
Someone posted on Guruphiliac that their family member ended up in a psychiatic hospital, after attending Byron Katie's extreme and dangerous LGAT seminar called The School. That kind of damage happens to people ALL THE TIME at these types of LGAT seminars.

Yes and at Joyas people were deprived of food and sleep for days on end on the ' long island retreats'.

So there are some similarities in the structure of ' how to get someone to trust'

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Posted by: greg hamond ()
Date: September 26, 2009 02:32AM

There was a woman who lived at the Hanuman house, with her hubby and 2 small children. Her name was Maureen R.
She left the group. Before she did she wrote Joya a letter.
In it she stated that she ' didnt like the way joyas ' inner circle ' treated her' ! The reason I know this is because she was told to stand up at a meeting in front of 100 or 300? people as joya said ' my servants are good people'

Also there was the ever present issue of MONEY.....for krishna das it was woman. Maybe i'll write of his alleged womanizing soon ther.
MONEY......people being asked to give their inheiritances or some of them to the group, which was broke and joya owed 30,000$ in 1975 $ to the phone company for her phone bill!
[pun intended] the price of teaching us!

Joya tore thru Matagiris inheiritance. I recall the nite Nora sat on the couch higher than us and said
' mary and joe, bless them but they wouldnt turn some of their $ over to joya'

Nora one time said ' my hubby was going to go back to school but we decided no, GOD OR BUST'
So im wondering what happened, now 33 years later. Perhaps this is one more case of ' the bigger they are the harder they fall'!!!!!

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Posted by: greg hamond ()
Date: September 27, 2009 12:52AM

LGATS use tech niques to get people to ' open up'

'share your secrets' i.e. .................BOND WITH US!

The pressure at Kashi to

1. believe
2. conform
3. join
4. ' make a contribution'..of time and money

Long counseling sessions at Kashi often run by Tara and Nora oswald , neither of whom was licensed as a psycholgist!
What Nora told me in august 1976 was to ' sit up, open sitting for open talking' and [ yelling at vishwa] SIT UPI STRAIGHT!...Nora you knew how to yell orders.
Open talking...well 33 years later heres an open discussion board for mind control discussion by an X Joyboy!

There on the retreats were super long conseling sessions where Miki was told ' college is a piece of cake' Nora. miki was attending penn state. Later alone Nora told me she also had gone to penn state for 5 years but hadnt graduated.hahhahahahahahah.....NORA WHY DIDNT YOU TELL THAT TO THE GROUP WHILE TELLING MIKI THAT COLLEGE WAS A PIECE OF CAKE.
Remember you also said that sivanaga wasnt going back to was ' god or bust' what happened?

There was a letter that nora wtrote to joya in was the only letter to joya she read to us.
Something about ' ma i found that someone in the group doesnt like me....and with that the sweetness of the earth enveloped me......I KNOW THAT VERY SOON I WILL BE IN GOD.....and who was visnu to sit in luxury while siva sat in the graveyeard? or something like that....
SOMEONE IN A GROUP OF 100+ PEOPLE DISLIKED YOU...well there may have been several..especially in hindsight!

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Posted by: greg hamond ()
Date: October 05, 2009 05:47AM

Ram das , Krishna das. Tara, Nora = THE FOUR FLUNKIES!!!!
I AM GLAD I SAW THRU KASHI AND LEFT. When I was there it wasn’t called Kashi but the ‘Orphalese foundation’. The involvement took some much time and I went on a retreat thinking I was going to spend time with Joya and ended up spending time with rude inept student teachers!
Or as Vishwa from Texas asked…shocked…’wheres Joya’ and tara said ‘ in florida’…he had traveled in from Texas thinking a ‘ Joya retreat’ included Joya!!!!
In other words we were spending a week with the staff. KD and the other rude flunkies who considered themselves to be teachers.
Krishna das is now rich and famous in the new age circles. I hear he was womanizing with Joyas consent while he was on staff. Kd an ersatz Bagavan das.

Joyas claim there has never been any violence there is a bold lie! I was there the night Sivanag got punched around.
What she confided in me once was………………………………………… [kid] I TELL LIES ALL THE TIME!
One Maureen [anutara] wrote Joya a letter before Maureen left saying she didn’t like the way staff behaved. Joya criticized Maureen rather than the staff over this!!!!
I am hoping others who were there will post at this blog......Paul Silbey,Paravat etc!!!!!!!!!!!

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Posted by: greg hamond ()
Date: November 17, 2009 06:44AM

for those who were there 1974 to update on some of the people there:

SURYA BABA..............killed himself!
HANUMAN GIRI...........dead
BILLY BYROM..............dead

KRISHNA famous
RAMESHWAR DAS.......on long island?

LAXMAN or LAXMAN calls himself SWAMI LAXMAN or laxman das and teaches in LA.

AMMAL aka MUKTI RAM......................pennsylvania...gee why did she leave
TERRIBLE TARA....................................what happened to you ?
SARASWATI.....ramana das thinks shes dead...he ehasnt heard from her
RAMANA northern cal

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