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Re: A Mindful Choice Movie (2016)
Posted by: Happycynic ()
Date: February 12, 2019 03:21AM

Thanks corboy

Yes I have seen the film. And it’s quite obvious that the good reviews are probably put there by devotees of this group rather than people who have just stumbled on it. The negative comments are probably pretty much what I thought. There is no inbetween reviews which makes me think devotees are hyping it.

My concern is that even in this thread there are people regurgitating a party line about this group. The same things are said about it’s a mechanical technique not religious and not a cult. I have no doubt that it has many cultic characteristics which need to be hilighted. But their defense and promotion is good. And it’s hard to find any evidence for this from anybody’s personal experience. I just wondered if anyone had left with a negative experience.

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Re: the bright path
Posted by: Mystical-lady ()
Date: February 20, 2020 10:56PM

Hi there

First I want to offer my condolences to the family who lost their son. My prayers go out to you .

I have attended several courses and an intensive retreat with the ishaya monks.

I would find some of my local churches defineately more cult like than this group .

I have been a new age seeker for a very long time and have attended multiple courses with other people .

I met this group in the summer if 1998 in M

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