Extropy & Transhumanism are the Intellectual Brainchild of Scientology
Posted by: prffsrx ()
Date: July 21, 2009 11:14PM

Many people are not aware that Transhumanism and Extropy is Scientology in disguise. They have their hands in world government affairs, over world banks (where much of their funding comes from) as well as seek to influence the United Nations.

Extropy Institute has teamed up with Friends of the United Nations to talk about global issues. Who are the Friends of the United Nations?

Here is what they are about.
Through our expansive network of resources, we help the UN distribute its message and keep critical issues in focus by:

* Organizing briefings about the UN activities for opinion-makers and helping UN agencies develop outreach programs. (They influence the many of the talking heads you see in the media.)

* Informing and educating the general public about UN programs and initiatives. (While playing down the reality of Christian Persecution throughout the world and playing up their population control methods, admittedly some measures are a bit more covert as the public becomes aware of new catastrophic disease plaguing parts of the world.)

* Connecting individuals and non-govemmental organizations (NGOs) with the United Nations (Those staff members who are networked with masonic connected leaders who are there to form a more cohesive team of collusion so that unelected UN members can influence the public affairs over Americans and the unaware voters throughout the world.)

* Supporting the UN's International Day of Tolerance on the 16th of November annually (tolerance for everything accept for Christians)

* Developing curriculum materials for high schools and universities (to control the young minds of future generations to love and obey the dictates of the UN. Such as materials and cartoons like "Captain Planet")

* Developing a relationship between the media and the entertainment industries to circulate the Secretary-General's and other UN messages out to a wider audience. (These are the people who are inventing and promoting TV and print media that will weaken and challenge parental authority in order to create just enough chaos within homes to foster dysfunctions that will require future dependence on Big Government services and secular humanist programs.)

* Organizing programs and activities in support of the United Nations International Decade for the Culture of Peace and Non-violence for the Children of the World (The Carrot or the Bait)

* Helping other organizations develop UN support programs (which is a power grabbing attempt by the UN to move private and public organizations to conform toward the elitists agenda.)

* Produce information about United Nations accomplishments (they are marketing team of the United Nations and a large part of the money governments send to the United Nations gets funneled into the hands of Eranshumanists and Extropians thus Scientologists.)

* Organize annual Tolerance and Human Rights Awards ceremonies at the United Nations (in order make them appear publicly positive)

* Creating support and participation in UN global conferences (This group is responsible for rounding up new members by using paid "wordsmiths" to create blogs like the huffingtonpost in order to drum up and manufacture public support for a globalist agenda)

Extropy Institute is affiliated with UNICEF- Africa.
Tanya Accone
Deputy Chief Internet, Broadcasting, Interactivity
Division of Communication
This was copied off their website: [www.extropy.org]

These Elitists employ Scientology mind control techniques over the masses into accepting a global currency once the world banks and socialist leaders of the world have finished economically crippling democratic governments of the world. You should not be surprised even in America just how connected to how and who is selected to be the next candidates for president. But that is another issue.

You will be surprised just how interconnected Scientologists are in Hollywood. ie. T_m Cr__se

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Re: Extropy & Transhumanism are the Intellectual Brainchild of Scientology
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: July 22, 2009 05:11AM

Transhumanism and Extropy actually started many years after Scientology.
Extropy got going in the 1980's, and then pretty much died out.

Transhumanism has many strains, there are some real thinkers and scientists, and some cranks and nutbars, also some crooks out for cash, of course.

There is no evidence there they are connected with Scientology.

That pretty much reads as a PCT. [www.skepdic.com]

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